Donut Time

by Kate on April 10, 2015


{ Warning: this is a propaganda piece about donuts. }

I can’t speak for my fellow editors, but for me there’s no better vehicle for decadent culinary pleasure than the donut. Donut versus cupcake? Donut. Donut versus pie? Donut. Ice cream? Waffles? Cake? Nachos? I choose donut, every time. Round, glossy, golden, puffy, colorful, textural … What’s not to love?

It only recently occurred to me that I could make my own donuts at home, and luckily there are so many great recipes online. The challenge is simply choosing which one. I’ve provided a variety of types here, as I know donut preferences may vary: cake or fluffy, baked or fried, creme-filled or sugared or glazed … You get the idea. There’s really no wrong option here, so pick one of these amazing recipes and make some donuts today.

{ Image above: ForYourArt’s 24-hour doughnut event at LACMA in 2012. Photo by David Gilbert }


 { Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts, via Broma Bakery }


 { Pistachio Baked Almond Donuts, via Gather & Dine }


 { Chocolate Hazelnut Long Johns, via O & O Eats }


 { Pink Strawberry Mini Donuts by Lexy Ward, via Proper }


 { 15-Minute Donuts from Scratch, via Cooking Classy }


 { Banana Chocolate Chip Baked Donuts with Caramel Pecan Glaze, via Twigg Studios }


 { Strawberry Glazed Brown Butter/Buttermilk Doughnuts, via The Kitchy Kitchen }


 { Passion Fruit Malasadas, via Use Real Butter }


 { Baked Donuts, via Design Love Fest }


 { Could donuts look more joyous than this? I doubt it.  Photo by David Paul Schmit }

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Since 2009, Eindhoven-based designers Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters have also played the role of exhibition designers and curators. They believe in “the poetry they find in nature, history, color, and landscape,” using this as a basis for all of their works.

A project which I am especially drawn is entitled Herbaria; it has existed since 2006. The design duo would collect vegetables from their own garden and flatten them. Each piece is made up of several layers: fabric, plants, then glass. Finally it’s fastened with a wooden clamp. The collection is widely exhibited around the world and available for purchase from Thomas Eyck.


{ Images via Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters and Thomas Eyck }



by Kate on April 8, 2015


In our minds, whatever print publications and hand-written letters may lack in digital instantaneousness, they more than make up for in their real-time, tactile, text-in-hand joy. So I hope it comes as no surprise that we here at Anthology are enthusiastic supporters of Write_On: a campaign to promote joy, creativity, and connection through hand-written correspondence.

Write_On was launched in April 2014, when Egg Press founder Tess Darrow teamed up with Eunice and Sabrina of Hello! Lucky to create correspondence kits and encourage their friends and family to write 30 letters in 30 days to celebrate National Letter-Writing Month.  The campaign was a huge success. They gave away more than 2,000 kits and received thousands of written letters, shoutouts, and images. 

This year, they’ve created a website hub for the campaign, where people can order letter-writing kits and find letter-writing ideas all year long. They’ve also partnered with great brands like Paper Source, Sakura, and independent boutiques nationwide. Click here to grab a kit, scout some inspiration, and get writing!  


anthologymag-blog-writeon-challenge-1{ Images via Write_On }



by Joanna on April 7, 2015


Dhurries are truly one of the most durable rugs out there, but I’ve often felt like they veer a bit too traditional for my taste. Then along came the dhurries by Oyyo. The brightly hued, graphically designed rugs are handcrafted in Rajasthan, India, of 100 percent organic cotton. And the vibrant colors are achieved with vegetable dyes derived from local plants.

Lina Zedig and Marcus Åhrén are the designers behind Stockholm-based Oyyo. They pull inspiration from “exploring the convergence of cultures, design, and fine craftsmanship.” The result? Rugs that are simple yet bold—and are on the wish list for my new loft.

anthology-mag-blog-oyyo-4 anthology-mag-blog-oyyo-2 anthology-mag-blog-oyyo-3

{ Images via Oyyo }


Monster Skin Rug

by Joanna on April 6, 2015


It takes something extra-special to capture my eye, particularly when it comes to Kickstarter these days. Perhaps that’s why I’m so blown away by the Monster Skin Rug by Joshua Ben Longo.

Longo’s inspiration is simple: He’s obsessed with monsters and has been since he was a boy. Now that he’s a full-fledged designer, he’s able to execute his dream in the way of super cute furry monster-creatures, like this rug. With a background that includes a bachelors degree in industrial design from Pratt, as well as several years of experience designing for the home decor industry, Longo has the talent to back up his love of monsters. All of this adds up to a rather interesting and informed rug design. In this video, he addresses how the rug is made, what the limitations are, and all the help that he needs to make his dream come true. I couldn’t help myself—I backed the monster rug and truly hope it is produced one day!

anthology-mag-blog-monster-skin-rug-2 anthology-mag-blog-monster-skin-rug-3anthology-mag-blog-monster-skin-rug-4

{ Images via Joshua Ben Longo }

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