Nynne Rosenvinge

by Kate on July 23, 2015

anthologymag-blog-decor-nynnerosenvinge-1It’s become clear to me over the past couple of years that I’m much better equipped to handle face the stress of daily life when my home is set up to be a place of peace. This has meant paring things down significantly, organizing better, and thinking more consciously about the objects I collect. This is not to say that non-functional objects are not important; in fact they are some of the most emotionally beneficial things I own. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a few moments to gaze at this plant in a small ceramic bowl that sits on a shelf in my bedroom, and everything slows down a bit.

I was reminded of this when I discovered the work of Copenhagen-based artist and designer Nynne Rosenvinge. Her watery abstract paintings and are so beautiful, fluid, and simple, and I love her soothing, cosmic color palette. It’s not hard to imagine being relaxed in the dreamy environment of her designs. Rosenvinge has an Etsy shop where you can purchase some of her prints and wall stickers, but you can also see the full range of her work here.

anthologymag-blog-decor-nynnerosenvinge-3anthologymag-blog-decor-nynnerosenvinge-2anthologymag-blog-decor-nynnerosenvinge-5{ All images via Nynne Rosenvinge }



I love projects that combine the making of food and art; it’s an exciting creative realm that’s still relatively underrepresented and has many more avenues to explore. When I come across a really lovely combination of the two, I have to share. One of my favorite online boutiques for vintage and handmade goods is Everything Golden. Mariah, its founder and author, lives in Bozeman Montana and works with a range of makers to create beautiful goods, project tutorials, recipes and more.

For these beautiful wildflower cookies featured on Sugar and Charm, Mariah teamed up with Jasmine of Whipped to create a simple fondant recipe that created the blank culinary canvas for Mariah’s painting skills.  These are *almost* too pretty to eat, but I’m sure I could manage, as they also look delicious. The process of making these seems every bit as enjoyable as consuming them, and they would make such a lovely gift too. To check out the full tutorial including the fondant recipe, you can visit Sugar and Charm.



{Images via Everything Golden. Full recipe and tutorial featured on Sugar and Charm}



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Gopi Shah Ceramics

by Nancy on July 21, 2015


I have an addiction to buying ceramics and I’m not ashamed of it. I extend this obsession to purchasing ceramic gifts for my friends. Who doesn’t want a beautiful new ceramic vase, or tumbler, or planter?

I was introduced to Gopi Shah Ceramics when I was at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair last weekend, and her wares did not disappoint. Shah’s ceramic line launched last year after moving to Austin, Texas. She combines memories, nature, and modern elements in her designs. I love her hand-painted patterns, and was especially drawn to her clever Zodiac Lantern candle holders. Each piece represents a Zodiac sign with hand-drilled holes outlined in gold. When lit, the light shines through and reflects on nearby surfaces. A ceramic piece that can go from day to night? A perfect addition to any collection!





{All images from Gopi Shah Ceramics}



Fred Fowler

by Kate on July 20, 2015


Recently a friend of mine was telling me about his involvement in a series of psychological studies that track people’s eye movements as they look at images. The purpose of the studies is to see how variations in color, composition, pattern, etc. affect the speed of our thoughts, mood, and behavior. Can looking at an image filled with lots of small geometric red shapes for a few seconds cause us to be more alert? Perhaps…

I was reminded of this discussion when I came across these paintings by Melbourne-based contemporary artist Fred Fowler, because when I first saw them, I could sense my eyes quickly dancing over the image, jumping from shape to shape to shape. I love the creamy greens and blues, and each painting feels like its own strange universe, brimming with life. Definitely take a peek at his other work here. Also,  you can read an interview with Fred over at the Design Files to hear more about his life and work. 



anthologymag-blog-artwork-fredfowler-6{All images via Fred Fowler}


Honeycomb Pound Cake

by Kate on July 17, 2015

anthologymag-blog-food-honeycombcake-1Most people I know have a favorite childhood cereal; mine was Honeynut Cheerios. Even though the formal elements of cereal are surely deliberate, carefully designed not just for texture but also to delight us visually, this fact never really occurred to me until I came across this pound cake recipe that uses Honeycomb cereal. I was stopped dead in my tracks by how beautiful and appealing it looks.

Katie, the creator of Butterlust, wanted to make a very simple cake that allows the earthy, sweet flavors of the honey and honeycomb to shine. She has a penchant for baking with breakfast cereals, which I love. (You can see her recipe for Fruity Pebbles Funfetti cake here.) I think my very next afternoon tea will have to be accompanied by this lovely cake and several friends to help out.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal? Perhaps we can find a recipe just for you!

anthologymag-blog-food-honeycombcake-2anthologymag-blog-food-honeycombcake-3{ All images and recipe from Butterlust }