One of my favorite things to give (and get!) is jewelry. So when I saw the Myers Collective booth at West Coast Craft, I was so excited. At first glance, displayed on the table, the jewelry looked very structured. But once I picked them up, I was amazed by the delicate movement of each piece.

It turns out, Jenny Myers, the designer of these handmade creations, is also an architect. Her jewelry incorporates sleek, clean lines with elegance and femininity.


My favorite piece was Jenny’s necklace combo, Line 01A/01B/01C. Made with Japanese silk cord and brass, they come in three different sizes which you can wear separately or all together. I love how versatile they are, and that they can easily go from day to night.



anthology-mag-blog-meyers-collective2{ All images by Lisa Wong Jackson }



by Joanna on December 11, 2014


It’s that time of year again—gift-shopping season! I’m always on the lookout for gift-giving sources and my latest favorite is Hopscotch, a London-based online boutique. They believe in good design and have stocked the shop with some gorgeously hand-picked pieces. The mix is a curation of products from the U.K., along with works by international designers and vintage pieces from Europe. From yummy fragranced candles to linen pillows and pastel pens, they make for some truly unique gifts.

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 { Images via Hopscotch }



This past weekend, I attended the West Coast Craft show in San Francisco, and was lucky to meet with Paulina Nassar, one of the co-founders of the event. She explained that they take great care in choosing designers and shops, and that at least one hour goes into reviewing each and every application. While walking down the aisles, I realized that not one minute of curating this event was wasted—and I was totally blown away by the makers and their wares.

One of my favorite designers, was Devin Denman from Outlive the Bastards. After ditching city life, she now resides in Half Moon Bay, a coastal town between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Most of her current line is made from vintage Levi’s denim that is treated with beeswax that she sources from Pescadero. On her website, you can find a picture of Devin holding a big bolt of green vinyl that came from an old farm roof; she uses it as lining in her bags.


All of the items in Devin’s line are made by her in small batches. The Utility Pack and her clutches were among my favorites. There are only a few items in her Etsy shop, so I encourage you to inquire with her to get additional stockist information and, hopefully, check out more of her designs.




{ Images by Lisa Wong Jackson }



Kalon Studios

by Joanna on December 9, 2014


I am kind of always on the lookout for good furniture, to the point where my apartment sometimes feels like a revolving showroom. I’m in that phase of life where I’m finally starting to accumulate pieces that are meaningful, pieces I want to keep forever. Next on the list? Furniture from Kalon Studios, such as these adorable Stump stools or maybe even the Backcountry stool for all of my road-trip adventures.

With a devotion to sustainability, Kalon Studios uses renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and food-safe raw materials. In fact, being green is so important to them that they use a combination of both old and new manufacturing techniques to create their heirloom-quality furniture. For example, the Echo dresser is made with FSC-certified solid maple that is finished with non-toxic wood oil. It’s great when a firm is doing work that you can appreciate and admire on so many levels.

kalon-studio-2 kalon-studio-3 kalon-studio-4 kalon-studio-5


Jude Allman Pottery

by Joanna on December 8, 2014


This holiday season, I’m trying to focus on giving gifts that are handmade and unique. Among my favorite lines is Jude Allman Pottery over on Etsy; it’s full of beautiful, hand-thrown stoneware pieces. Allman’s aesthetic is simple and uncluttered, making his wares a seamless fit into any kitchen.

I especially love the dipped line, which is reminiscent of landscapes. From pitchers to bowls to vases, these functional works of art are definitely on my list to give (and receive).

anthology-mag-blog-jude-allman-pottery-1 anthology-mag-blog-jude-allman-pottery-2 anthology-mag-blog-jude-allman-pottery-3