DIY Plywood Floor Mirror

by Kate on September 25, 2015

anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-2Mirrors are one of those home purchases that I am reluctant to make; they are often overpriced, and a lot of the designs I see are beautiful to be sure, but also a bit impractical. I love this simple floor mirror tutorial by Caitlin over at The Merry Thought because it’s attractive in an unfussy way, and super functional.

The full tutorial with images of the steps can be found on Home Free, and you can see more images of the finished design here. I’ve noticed Caitlin is an expert with simple wood projects, and am also a huge fan of her other floor mirror project and this simple daybed design. If you need inexpensive furniture pieces and like to do a bit of woodworking, she should definitely be added to your go-to list for inspiration.

anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-5anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-6anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-7{ All images and full project from The Merry Thought }

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Marmoreal Collection

by Kate on September 24, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-1I love it when designers not only create new furniture collections, but invent brand new materials as well. For this collection, Dzek collaborated with British designer Max Lamb to create “marmoreal“—a composite of four different types of Italian marble, mixed with polyester resin binders in two shades. The result is a brilliant re-purposing of marble cast-offs, and also highlights the natural beauty of these classic marbles in a fresh, contemporary way. 

I love seeing this material en masse in tile form; the color and patterning  is beautiful. Whether it’s covering an entire surface or just edging the sides of a minimalist light fixture, it is truly eye-catching and almost other-worldly. You can see more images and find details on the marmoreal collection here

anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-2anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-3anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-4anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-5anthologymag-blog-design-marmoreal-6{ All images via Dzek }


The Durham

by Anh-Minh on September 23, 2015

thedurham1Yesterday was a great mail day for me, with the latest issues of Garden & Gun and The Local Palate arriving. (If you’re not familiar with the magazines, they focus on Southern living and food culture.) I travel to South Carolina at least once a year—my in-laws live there—but my time in North Carolina has been limited to pretty much the Charlotte airport. G&G‘s article on the South’s most stylish new hotels and TLP‘s on “Gourmet Getaways” has me thinking I need to explore the Tar Heel State.

And I know exactly where to start: The Durham, a boutique hotel housed in a mid-century modern landmark building that dates back to the 1960s and was previously a Home Savings Bank. I became familiar with the property a couple of months ago (they stock Anthology in their newsstand) but the write-ups in TLP and G&G—the latter mentions that the on-site restaurant is run by James Beard Award-winning chef Andrea Reusing and the interiors are the work of Commune Design—has moved this North Carolina destination toward the top of my must-visit list.

Mmm … fried chicken on the rooftop lounge …

thedurham2 thedurham3 thedurham4

{ Photos via The Durham }


Small Gunns

by Nancy on September 22, 2015



anthologymag-blog-smallgunns-1I found out recently that my son learned out how to play chess at school, and we’ve been playing it every day at home for the past two weeks. I’ve had squares as well as straight and diagonal lines on my mind lately, and couldn’t stop thinking about these black-and-white ikat pillows by Small Gunns. (After an hour of sitting at the table with a chess board, my back longs for that lumbar pillow!)

Sister Michelle and Diana Stock started their home decor line in 2011, and are based in San Francisco. Their wool pillows in camel stripe and plaid are perfect for the fall and winter season, and the exposed gold zipper is a sharp detail that gives the designs a nice edge. Their table linens would be well suited for a modern or classic table setting. And I absolutely love their tea towels with a check pattern on one side and a fun dot pattern on the back.

anthologymag-blog-smallgunns-3anthologymag-blog-smallgunns-2anthologymag-blog-smallgunns-4anthologymag-blog-smallgunns-5{ All images by Small Gunns }



by Kate on September 21, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-botanique-planters-1There are certain plants in the world that are so bizarre looking, it’s hard to imagine they are from this planet. As a child, it took me a little while to grow accustomed to the prickly, rubbery, alien-like features of cacti and succulents, but now that I’ve come around I can’t stop admiring them in all of their strange glory.

I recently came across Botanique, a London-based boutique specializing in planters, terrariums, and other custom botanical designs for the home. The owner, Alyson Mowat, is passionate about elevating strange plants to the level of art. She carefully curates her selection of plants and the beautiful objects used to display them. I never would have thought to house a single succulent encased in a clear box as above, but the result is amazing, allowing us to enjoy the entire specimen from the root structure to the tiny thorns. You can see the full range of products she carries here.

anthologymag-blog-design-botanique-planters-2anthologymag-blog-design-botanique-planters-3anthologymag-blog-design-botanique-planters-4anthologymag-blog-design-botanique-planters-5{ All images via Botanique }