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5 important qualities of great interior design

Before deciding on any home décor, it’s important for you to be able to determine what a good interior design looks like. Once you have an idea of the qualities to look out for, you are much better placed to make important decisions about how you want your design project to look like.

We take a look at 5 important qualities of great interior design.

It must be stylish

The whole point of interior design is to make you space stand out and the only way it can stand out is if it’s stylish. The kind of material you choose to use whether it’s the furnishing, ceiling, floor, art pieces and so on need to be dazzling. It doesn’t have to be expensive just well finished, arranged and accessorized to make it appear stylish.

It must have symmetry

Any design work has to have symmetry and this is especially true for interior design. It must follow the rules of ensuring that there is a focal point in every room which are accentuated by other elements without drawing attention from the focal point. Symmetry basically ensures that each space appears well balanced.

It must have harmony

Harmony forms a very important part of interior design. You may have different ideas you want to incorporate in your space but what enables you decide what you can and can’t use is harmony. The different color shades you use must blend well with the furniture, finishing, art, and so on. Even if you are trying to go out of the norm and try bolder colors, you must still ensure that harmony is attained.

It must be well coordinated

Approach interior design as you would approach your dressing. Whatever shirt, tie, pants and shoes you wear must essentially be well coordinated in order for you to pull off a good look. The same applies to interior design whereby there needs to be an element of uniformity in how you fill up your space. This will include uniformity in the design and color of your seats, draperies and so on. Everything needs to be well coordinated so that they complement each other.

It needs to be playful

Design needs to be fun, captivating and playful and this is especially important depending on the context in which it’s being done. For instance, you don’t have to paint a room with a color considered to be fun for it to appear vibrant and playful, all you need are the right accessories that have fun colors such as draperies, pillows and so on to add a feeling of playfulness to your space.

In the vent you are planning to get an interior designer for your project, go through their portfolio and see how best they have incorporated these qualities and this will help you determine if they fit the bill.

Here are the world’s best travel destinations for arts and culture

One of the best ways to ensure that you have a fun and memorable vacation is picking a travel destination that gives you an opportunity to experience art and culture from different places. This is especially good for you if you are into design as you get to spark your creativity by getting new ideas that you can borrow from.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s best travel destinations for art and culture.

#1 The City of Florence in Italy

The city of Florence was one of the centers of the European renaissance period and this is still evident today. The architecture and art has been very well preserved making it possible for visitors to this beautiful city to get a full appreciation of its rich history and cultural heritage. In addition to the renaissance art and architecture, there is a perfect blend of more modern masterpieces which have clearly drawn inspiration from the old and this is a testament to the benefits a visit to Florence would have on your artistic creativity.

#2 The City of Rome in Italy

The city of Rome is the epitome of the Roman Empire which at its peak stretched across Europe, North of Africa and Asia Minor. To this day, there are still traces of Roman era architecture, art, cities and many more that date back as far as the 7th century BC yet has been very well preserved. Lovers of design who draw their inspiration from art, history and culture will definitely appreciate this city as it will do wonders to spark their creativity.

#3 The City of Paris in France

You can’t talk about travel destinations without including the city of Paris on your list. This is one of the world’s most visited destinations that have plenty of history and culture to offer thanks to its picturesque architecture, art, cuisines, and many more. Paris has also made a name for itself as a city of innovation and has created a perfect balance between the medieval and modern times. This is definitely a city you must purpose to visit.

#4 The City of Kyoto in Japan

You’ve probably heard the city of Kyoto being referred to as the city of ten thousand shrines. Well, this is actually not an exaggeration. Whereas it may not be possible to say exactly how many shrines are in the city, the fact of the matter is that they are many and have been well preserved and a proud part of the Japanese history and rich cultural heritage. The beauty about this city is that even without a guide book, you are still going to enjoy your time exploring it because literally everything you stumble upon is going to be memorable from the many Zen gardens to the sprawling temples. Be sure to purpose to visit this magnificent city.

There are of course plenty more travel destinations that offer great history and culture but we feel these are our top four which we encourage you to check out.

6 of the world’s top architectural cities

If you are a design enthusiast and are looking for travel destinations that will give you an opportunity to get to appreciate beautiful designs, architecture and many more, then you are at the right place. We are going to look at 6 of the world’s top architectural cities which you must purpose to visit.

The City of Dubai

The city of Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world which stands at 2,723-feet tall, and is truly an architectural marvel. Dubai also has other amazing architecture such as The World which is a group of artificial islands designed in the shape of the world as well as the Burj Al Arab which is the world’s third largest hotel which has been built on an artificial island.

The City of Berlin

One of the main amazing architectural attractions that put Berlin in this list is the Reichstag, a historical building which is home to the German parliament. In addition to this, there is the Altes Museum, the Potsdamer Platz’s Sony Center, and Das Rotes Rathaus. These are truly amazing architectural works that are worth a visit.

The City of Chicago

The city of Chicago attracts millions of tourists annually who flock here to admire the Sears Tower and the Cloud Gate which are really amazing architectural designs. When in this city, you can also get to learn more about one of the world’s renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and also get to have a tour of his amazing home, and architectural laboratory where his awesome ideas and design concepts were conceptualized.

New York City

One of the best architectural marvels in New York City is the Freedom Tower which is the tallest building in the city which has been awesomely designed. Other amazing architectural designs are the Empire State Building, the Highline, Rockefeller Center, Time Square, Central Park, and the Chrysler Building.

The City of Beijing

The city of Beijing is home to the Great Wall of China which began being built back in the 7th century as a way to protect the Chinese Empire, and it still stands to this day. This wall has attracted millions of tourists who visit here to get to appreciate this beautiful architectural marvel. Other beautiful architecture in Beijing includes the Forbidden City.

The City of Rome

The city of Rome is home to ancient Greek architecture that is really awesome and a site for sore eyes. The structure that stands out most is the beautiful Colosseum which was built back in 72 AD and is widely regarded as one of if not the greatest representation of Roman architecture and engineering. When in Rome you can also visit the Vatican, the Pantheon, Aqueducts, the Temple of Vesta, and the Baths of Caracalla.

Be sure to purpose to visit these cities and you will definitely be amazed at the amazing architectural designs that they have on offer.

These are the best places to travel for design inspiration

If you are a designer or simply a person who has a passion for creativity and design and you are looking for some inspiration for a design project that you are about to engage in, there are a couple of travel destinations that will help give you the best inspiration.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the places that will give you the best design inspiration.

The City of London, UK

London is a city that has a great history and cultural heritage, and this is evident in its beautiful architecture, picturesque sceneries and many more. This is one of the places that a designer is definitely going to get some design inspiration especially if they are looking to do cultural and historical design projects.

The City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city that gives designers inspiration especially because of its raw, edgy and mind blowing landscapes. From the architecture of the buildings, to the slums, to the beautiful beachs, and the fun loving people, this is a city that will inspire you creative juices.

The City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city that really flies under the radar when it comes to inspiring design and is therefore a place that you just have to see to believe. This is a city full of fun as the residents here are a fun loving bunch. There are also a number of antique shops and flea markets where you can find so many interesting antiquities, furniture and other items that will help inspire your creativity.

The City of Rome, Italy

If you want design inspiration then the amazing city of Rome must be part of your itinerary. This historic city which is one of the global centers of art, culture, architecture, and many more, mainly from the Roman era is truly an inspiring destination especially if you are looking for a project that is art, history and culture related.

The City of Mallorca, Spain

The city of Mallorca which is full of both medieval and modern architecture, awesome interiors, great cuisines, as well as picturesque sceneries overlooking the water provide some of the best inspiration for designers looking for creative projects. This is a city that is appreciated by many designers and one of their most popular travel destinations.

The Kingdom of Cambodia

One of the best kept secrets which have proven to provide great inspiration for designers is the Kingdom of Cambodia. This region is rich in history, culture and tradition, with the most popular being Khmer, lacquer, exquisite silk textiles, and wood carvings among many others. This is a truly magical environment that will help open up a designer’s mind to new possibilities.

These are just some of the popular destinations that have been shared by many designers as the best places to get some inspiration for their work. They are definitely worth checking out.

The 5 main qualities of a good interior designer

Before settling on an interior designer to take up your design project it’s very important to do your due diligence in order to figure out whether they are a good match for you. In many cases, people never really know what the screening process should entail especially in terms of qualities a potential client should be looking out for in an interior designer.

This article will look at the 5 main qualities of a good interior designer.

They must have a passion for design work

This is a no brainer. Any good interior designer must love what they do and have a strong passion for their work. It’s only a designer who has a passion for their work who will be able to do for you a great job. As you screen your potential service providers be sure to ask probing questions which will help you determine whether they are passionate about their work.

They must have a winning mentality

The reality about design work is that it’s not as easy as it sometimes sounds. Clients tend to have big expectations which may not be easy to satisfy therefore if you know you are such a client then you must look for a designer with a winning mentality. Such a designer will be able to take challenges despite how difficult they may appear and have the frame of mind to put their all in ensuring that the task at hand has been achieved. To be able to single out designers with a winning mentality, be sure ask probing questions on how well they respond to pressure.

They must be driven

Drive goes hand in hand with passion and winning mentality and this is a quality that every good interior designer must poses. Drive is the quality that will push the designer to go the extra mile to meet his/her client’s design requirements as well as overcome any challenges that may hinder them from meeting the client’s expectations. It’s possible to tell whether a designer is driven by how they will respond to you when you ask questions about how they usually approach their work.

They must be good listeners

One of the most important traits of a good designer is their ability to listen. This is because listening will enable them pay attention to what the client wants as well as be able to tell when a client is not pleased with what they are doing therefore enabling them to promptly adjust and do things the way the client wants it done. It’s very easy to tell a good listener during the screening process because they won’t keep interrupting you as you talk.

There are of course many other qualities you should look out for but these are the 5 main ones. Any designer who possesses these qualities will definitely deliver a good job for you.

4 tips on how to choose a good interior designer

When doing your home décor, it may at times be necessary to look for an interior designer to handle some of the more complicated design tasks that you know you won’t be able to handle on your own. However, before you settle on a designer, there are a couple of things you must first figure out in order to be able to get a good designer that will best actualize your vision for your home.

Here are 4 tips on how to choose a good interior designer.

Tip 1: You must be aware of your own personal style

It’s advisable that before you even decide on bringing in a designer to help out with your home décor project, you must first be fully aware about what it is you want to achieve design wise. This means that you must first be aware about your own sense of personal style which is mostly influenced by your personality. Once you have figured this out, the designer will simply help you actualize it.

Tip 2: Go through different portfolios

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the work of different designers before you decide to meet them for an in person interview. You can get to this by looking through their portfolios. This will give you a good opportunity to identify the designers whose work is as close to your own sense of style as well as get ideas that will help you explain to them exactly what it is you want.

Tip 3: Draw your budget

Regardless of what you want to achieve in terms of your design work, it’s your budget that will determine what you will and won’t be able to do. Therefore before you select an interior designer, you must have a budget in place so that as you engage them, they tell you what it is the can be able to achieve within your set budget.

Tip 4: Meet the interior designers in person

It’s usually highly advisable to meet the different potential interior designers who you may want to engage for your project in person so that you can get an opportunity for a one on one discussion and see whether their portfolios match their personalities. The fact of the matter is that a portfolio may not tell you everything about the designer’s personality therefore meeting them in person lets you know whether they have a personality that you can work with.

Once you have asked all the questions you want to ask and figured out which designer is the best fit, you can then go ahead and sign a contract where you will agree on all the deliverables and terms of service.

If you follow these simple tips, you are guaranteed to settle on a good interior designer who will help you actualize your vision for your home décor project.

How to decorate your home without spending extra money

Whenever you walk into a well decorated home, there is always an assumption that the home owner must have spent so much money in achieving this. We however want to let you know that you can do a good home décor without spending any extra money. With things already in your home, you can give your space a new look and feel and add some personality to it.

Here’s how you can go about it.

Use your pillows to make the room inviting

Everybody loves pillows because they are cozy and are a good way to fill up your space. With the pillows already in your house, you can arrange them either on your sofa or on the floor in a creative pattern by contrasting their colors, patterns and sizes in a way that they complement each other. You’ll be surprised by the new and amazing look your room will have,

Use your curtain to fake a high ceiling

We can all agree that low ceilings don’t look as good as high ceilings and will often limit your ability to make your room appear vibrant. Well, there is a workaround. The trick is using your curtain to fake a high ceiling through installing your curtain rod above your window frame, then installing curtains that go all the way to the floor. This will help your room appear taller than it actually is.

Move furniture from the wall

Most people will often place their furniture right next to the wall and this is often not a good idea. It’s actually advisable to place your furniture a couple of feet from the walls, ensuring that you place them in groupings. This will help make your room appear larger.

Let your room have a focal point

One thing about design is that it’s never random. There has to be a main section in your room that grabs the attention of your audience for instance your TV set, a fire place, a piece of art and so on, then have smaller pieces that complement your center of attention. All you need to do is move things around to achieve this.

These are simple home décor ideas that will not require you to spend any extra money as they mostly involve moving around furniture that you already have in place in your home.

Be sure to try them out.

Top 4 wall decor ideas to fill your space

When doing your home décor it’s always a challenge filing up certain spaces especially if you’re doing the design work yourself and you have no design experience that you can lean on. It’s more about trial and error until you find the best idea that works.

Well, you don’t have to worry any more about this because we have the top 4 décor ideas that will work in any space and add some life to it.

Here we go!

You can consider adding large-scale art

Any large painting, photograph or drawing that has been hung on your wall will command attention, set the tone and add some personality in your space. You either have the option of a black and white art piece or a colored one of course depending on the color scheme of your home. You must make sure any piece of art you include rhymes with your wall as well as furniture colors.

You can consider creating a wall gallery

Turning an unused space in your house into a wall gallery displaying a collection of your favorite art, photographs, wall hangings and any other art piece will not only add personality to your space but also make it vibrant. You just need to creatively layout your gallery with a good variation of different art pieces.

You can consider showcasing fabric

There are very good art pieces that have been done of fabric and these provide a really good option for filling up empty space in your house. Such tapestry will add personality, color and vibrancy to your space in addition to the fact that they are much easier to move about as opposed to paintings that are framed.

You can consider hanging mirrors

The beauty about mirrors is that they help in reflecting light therefore this will make spaces appear brighter and larger. You have the option of hanging one large mirror or having several small mirrors.

These are ideas that will work in any space whether large or small and will not only add beauty to your home but also help bring out your personality.