Homemade Kombucha

by Kate on July 31, 2015

anthologymag-blog-drink-kombucha-1We’re about to head into the last half of summer, and I’m finally feeling ready to give into the extreme heat, soaking it up before the weather turns cold. My fluid intake probably quadruples in summer months, and I am constantly looking for tasty drinks to supplement the many glasses of water I consume.

This home-brewed kombucha recipe from Nourished Atelier was calling my name. It’s a great way to take advantage of the summer harvest of fruits but not arrive at something overly sweet: the effervescent complexity of the fermented flavor is the perfect companion to the fruit’s sugar. You can experiment with a variety of flavors: apple ginger, peach, mint, blueberry, and more. If you’re looking for a change of tune from plain old iced tea, I think this little drink is for you.

anthologymag-blog-drink-kombucha-2anthologymag-blog-drink-kombucha-3anthologymag-blog-drink-kombucha-4{ Images and recipe found via Nourish Atelier }


New Work from Snedker Studio

by Kate on July 30, 2015


A few years ago, we shared the work of designer Pernille Snedker Hansen here on the blog. And I often refer back to our archives to rediscover artists we love, and also to remind myself to check in on any new projects that are happening. It turns out that Snedker Hansen’s work has expanded, and she has created so many exciting projects since we last wrote about her—particularly in the area of her exploration into marbled wood—that I just had to share.

I think this is one of the most incredible cases of material transformation; the wood becomes something totally unexpected through Snedker Hansen’s treatment. I doubt this is a very easy process to recreate, but it inspires me to consider wood flooring, or any wood surface, as a potential blank canvas. You can watch a video about Snedker Hansen’s work here, and definitely check out the diverse range of projects on her personal site as well.




anthologymag-blog-design-snedkerstudio-6 { Images via Snedker Studio }


Drawn Home

by Nancy on July 29, 2015

Anthologymag-DrawnHome-1Earlier this month, my family drove six hours north to Jacksonville, Oregon. We picked an unbelievably scorching hot weekend to go, as temperatures were between 102-107 degrees and the evenings provided little relief. At the end of our stay, I longed for cool breezes, the rolling fog, and wrapping myself in a quilt at home. Specifically, Stacey Beach‘s collection caught my attention.

Beach is the designer behind Drawn Home, a textiles line that is handmade in Oakland, California. The summer-weight throws and quilts are made of all cotton, and light enough to be a perfection addition to a duvet. Beach pairs bright and muted colors effortlessly so that her designs have a calming and soothing feel to them. Even though we’re experiencing a heat wave right now, I know cooler nights are on the way. And cozying up in one of these throws outside with a drink sounds just about right.

Anthologymag-DrawnHome-2Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetAnthologymag-DrawnHome-3Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset{ Top two images by Lisa Wong Jackson; Bottom images from Drawn Home }


Lorien Stern

by Kate on July 28, 2015

anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-1It seems that exciting new ceramic artists are popping up everywhere these days! It’s wonderful to see such a diverse range of work in this age-old medium; from whimsical to organic to futuristic and everything in-between.

The loose, ebullient style of artist Lorien Stern’s work instantly grabbed me. Stern is not afraid of using bold colors and childlike simplicity to create her ceramic objects, yet these pieces are clearly for all ages. I can’t imagine not cracking a smile every time I passed by one of these objects hanging on my wall or sitting in my kitchen. Anything that can create such joy upon first glance is well worth paying attention to. You can shop her pieces and find more of her work here.

anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-2anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-3anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-4anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-5anthologymag-blog-ceramics-lorienstern-6{ All images via Lorien Stern, found via Miss Moss }


Issue20_Cover-loresWe’ve reached another milestone release here—the big 2-0! We’re busy getting Issue No. 20/Summer 2015 shipped out to subscribers and stores as quickly as possible. The theme for our latest edition is “Print & Pattern,” and it includes some stunning homes (like the one gracing the cover, shot by Laure Joliet), as well as an array of talented artists and designers. Oh, and you definitely don’t want to miss the travel story on Lisbon. We can’t stop daydreaming about the beautiful tiles found all over the capital city of Portugal.

This is just a sampling of the content we have in store for you with Issue No. 20. We hope you enjoy the magazine once it does land in your mailbox or on your local stockist’s shelves.