To give you a better sense of Anthology‘s content, we’ve put together an online preview for each issue of the print magazine. (Please note that the previews only include a sampling of pages.) Individual issues can be purchased from our stockists as well.

Issue No. 21, Fall 2015
Forward Thinking

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. Issue 21, “Forward Thinking,” is our final issue. Here’s a glimpse of the content:

  • From the refined interior of a yurt in Montana to a modern architectural gem in Miami to a small Portland, Oregon, apartment packed with charm, the homes featured represent a range of styles and design visions.
  • A local imparts her favorite art, shopping, and dining spots in Berlin, Germany’s dynamic capital city.
  • As a Los Angeles chef hosts friends for dinner and drinks, the porridge that she is known for highlights the menu.
  • We share gluten-free dessert recipes—a hazelnut pumpkin tart, mini pavlovas with persimmons, and a cranberry cake—that are a great way to end any meal.
  • Go behind the scenes at a Bay Area company whose range of furniture and accessories is comprised of recycled fire hoses.
  • We highlight three entrepreneurial women who are merging technology and design, yielding work that is both innovating and inspiring.
  • An Emmy-winning director takes time out to discuss his career arc, cinematic projects, and love of horses.

Issue No. 20, Summer 2015
Print and Pattern

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. Issue 20 focuses on print and pattern. Here’s a glimpse of the content:

  • We share stunning interiors from California to New York to Europe—where patterns and textures are on full display.
  • Along with their spouses and kids, a pair of friends and designers show us how easy entertaining can be.
  • In Lisbon, Old World charm and the avant-garde happily coexist, providing travelers a plethora of reasons to visit.
  • A San Francisco printmaker invites us into her studio and shares her block-printing process.
  • In British Columbia, an artist translates her original works into socks worth showing off.
  • Learn more about the (sometimes surprising) history of some of today’s most popular motifs.
  • A Bay Area designer reupholsters with unexpected textiles, giving several pieces of furniture dramatic new looks.

Issue No. 19, Spring 2015

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For Spring 2015, it’s all about inside-outside living. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 19:

  • We explore indoor/outdoor living in Miami, Brooklyn, the Bay Area, Mexico, British Columbia, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.
  • The chef and restaurateur behind L.A.’s popular Sqirl opens her home to friends for an alfresco dinner party.
  • Blending east and west, ancient and modern, an Istanbul local offers evidence that the Turkish city is a compelling study in contrasts.
  • We examine the process of a Bay Area artisan who uses fibers farmed and spun in the U.S. to hand-weave exceptional cloth.
  • A floral designer and entrepreneur imparts the trials and triumphs of operating a 107-acre farm in upstate New York.
  • A menu designed for portability is sure to impress at your next picnic, potluck, or barbecue.

Issue No. 18, Winter 2015
In Living Color

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. To kick off 2015, we’re focusing on color. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 18:

  • In our Conversation, we sit down with color consultant and decorative painter Shannon Kaye, whose home is—no surprise—bursting with color and pattern.
  • Also on the home front, we’re featuring a range of interiors—from neutral palettes to over-the-top hues—all over the country, as well as in Bali and Amsterdam.
  • Our travel dispatch shines the spotlight on Sayulita, Mexico.
  • Defying conventional notions, a colorblind artist has cultivated a successful and varied career, and he recounts his journey.
  • In Vancouver, a group of friends gather to celebrate the everyday with a menu that revolves around white (and wintry) dishes.
  • Kate Spade Saturday’s Theresa Canning Zast shares one of her most prized possessions.

Issue No. 17, Fall 2014
Design Matters

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. Issue No. 17 is focused on design: form and function, from objects to interiors. Here’s a glimpse of the content in our fall issue:

  • The interiors featured include homes from Los Angeles to New York—along with a couple of places in the Netherlands.
  • The hosts of the entertaining story are an interior designer and a chef, so the food and setting are equally amazing.
  • In time for the holidays, a New York-based chocolatier shares the recipes for a trio of delicious sweet treats.
  • An interior design editor and native of Manila provides an insider’s tour of the Philippine capital.
  • Go behind the scenes with two Bay Area designers: a letterer and a wood turner.
  • Find out what Andy Spade picked as his prized possession.

Issue No. 16, Summer 2014
It’s All Relative: The Family Issue

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. Issue No. 16 is devoted to family—including how we live with loved ones and how our upbringing continues to impact our dailiness. Here’s a glimpse of the content in our summer issue:

  • In our travel feature, we tag along as a Bay Area artist and designer takes us around her native Buenos Aires.
  • Siblings, parents, and children discuss their kin’s influences on their creative pursuits.
  • We visit with homeowners in Northern California, Southern California, and New York. In addition, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite children’s rooms.
  • Don’t miss the recipes in our entertaining story (a family reunion set in a Virginia vineyard)—as well as those shared by a photographer (that were part of her grandmother’s repertoire).
  • Speaking of grandmothers: We join a New Orleans entrepreneur on his trip to visit his Nonna in Italy; she’s the inspiration for his limoncello business.

Issue No. 15, Spring 2014
Style at Every Age

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For Issue No. 15, we take a look at Style at Every Age.

  • In our Conversation, we chat with Kristin Perers, the UK-based photographer behind the blog This Is 50.
  • The travel dispatch examines Venice Beach from the perspective of a native.
  • End any meal on a sweet note with a trio of desserts of varying degrees of complexity.
  • We visit with two sisters in Vancouver, as well as their mother who resides in Mexico; all three of their homes share an appreciation for the naturally beautiful.
  • The issue also includes the interiors of: a 20-something starting out in San Francisco; a young family living in Amsterdam; a filmmaker and stylist in his 40s who occupies a Chicago loft; and a Boston-area designer and shopkeeper in her mid-70s.
  • Meet the 70-year-old Italian gallerist considered by many to be a bellwether of cutting-edge design.
  • A New Orleans dinner party brings together artists at different stages in their careers and life.

Issue No. 14, Winter 2014
Welcome Changes

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. Issue No. 14 is all about changes and transformations—personally, professionally, and sometimes a bit of both.

  • The house tours span the country from Los Angeles to upstate New York. And don’t miss the bright and cheery Amsterdam residence in this issue—it’s the perfect visual antidote to a cold and dreary winter day!
  • Our entertaining and food features highlight cuisines to add to your culinary repertoire—including Afro-Asian dishes from a Bay Area couple.
  • We take a look at the unexpected career trajectory of the designer behind the removable wallpaper firm Timothy Sue.
  • Daniel Kanter of the popular blog Manhattan Nest shares his tale of rehabbing an old house.
  • The folks behind Juniper Ridge let us tag along as they forage for the ingredients that ultimately make up their scents and products.
  • In our travel dispatches, we examine two locales that have undergone some major changes: New Orleans and Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood.

See the trailer for Issue No. 14 here.

Issue No. 13, Fall 2013
The Sartorial Issue

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our thirteenth issue—lucky No. 13!—we turn our attention to the sartorial world.

  • We share residences all across the country—including California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We also hop across the pond to visit with homeowners in Paris and London.
  • A jewelry designer and writer discusses the centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship in Milan.
  • New York fashion designer Erin Fetherston hosts a dinner party to celebrate her latest collection, as well as her recent marriage.
  • We drop by the San Francisco headquarters of fashion site Cuyana, which takes a less is more approach to its business.
  • Give designer and shopkeeper Caitlin Mociun’s recipes a try, and you’ll see why she’s such a fan of sweet and savory tarts.
  • Tag along as Jenn Rogien—the costume designer for shows such as Girls and Orange Is the New Black—shows us some of her favorite Brooklyn spots.

See the trailer for Issue No. 13 here.

Issue No. 12, Summer 2013
Home Is Where the Art Is

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our twelfth issue, we focus on artists and art collectors.

  • We visit the homes and studios of artists and collectors in Boston, Dayton, Manhattan, Provo, Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, and Atlanta.
  • Check out The Thing, a unique quarterly that delivers periodicals in the form of objects.
  • Get to know Rio de Janeiro, and its burgeoning art scene.
  • Event designer David Stark fetes his staff and his latest book—turning mundane office supplies into amazing party decor.
  • San Francisco pastry chef Caitlin Freeman shares recipes for desserts inspired by her personal art collection.
  • Nashville painter Emily Leonard’s atelier is the perfect setting for a dinner that celebrates her new works.

See the trailer for Issue No. 12 here.

Issue No. 11, Spring 2013
Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our eleventh issue, we focus on food and drink—with plenty of recipes to try.

  • Tamar E. Adler, the author of An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, is the subject of our Conversation.
  • Our travel feature highlights Oakland, California—where the restaurant scene is flourishing.
  • And if that doesn’t give you a case of wanderlust, don’t miss our dispatch from Italy’s Cinque Terre.
  • Take a peek behind the scenes of an artisanal sea salt company.
  • Get tips on how to set up a great home bar from a Chicago-based expert.
  • In France, we visit with a mother and daughter who are living their dream and operating a cooking school in Beaune.
  • From California to New York, we visit with talented homeowners across the country with ties to the culinary world.
  • In our entertaining story, see how a chef at L.A.’s Gjelina celebrates her birthday.

See the trailer for Issue No. 11 here.

Issue No. 10, Winter 2013

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our tenth issue, we focus on the notion of Americana.

  • In our Conversation, we chat with Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men.
  • Our travel dispatch focuses on the historic and modern appeal of Philadelphia.
  • Warm up this winter with our cozy, skillet dishes.
  • An Anthropologie executive shares his hobby-turned-second career with us.
  • Learn about a trio of businesses that are still crafting their wares the old-fashioned way.
  • Homeowners in California, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts, open their doors to us.
  • A Brooklyn dinner party is a group effort—with each guest contributing their talents.

See the trailer for Issue No. 10 here.

Issue No. 9, Fall 2012
Rhythm & Hues

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our ninth issue, we examine music’s influence in our lives.

  • We hang out with singer/songwriter Brooke White, the subject of our Conversation.
  • In our travel piece, we head to Nashville (aka Music City).
  • Go behind the scenes with a ukulele maker in Hawaii.
  • One of our very own staffers shares her recipes for delicious Korean dishes.
  • In Los Angeles, we visit with a musician whose home doubles as a recording studio.
  • We take you inside some amazing interiors in California, Texas, New York, and Mississippi.
  • Find out how the husband-and-wife team behind Turntable Kitchen entertains.

See the trailer for Issue No. 9 here.

Issue No. 8, Summer 2012
It’s a Living

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our eighth issue, we highlight creative types whose personal and professional lives are closely intertwined.

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho assembles dozens of great pieces for the office.
  • In our Conversation, we visit with San Francisco ceramicist Lisa Neimeth.
  • We examine Singapore from the perspective of an illustrator who grew up there; a photographer on assignment; and a designer blogger who’s a part-time denizen of the island nation.
  • A young couple in West Texas shows us how they hand craft their bespoke boots.
  • We sit down for a Q&A with a trio of small business owners: Of A Kind, Clare Vivier, and MCMC Fragrances.
  • At a loss for lunch ideas? A freelancer shares a week’s worth of delicious midday meals.
  • A Berkeley fashion designer takes us into her gorgeous home and studio.
  • And there are many more interiors to cull ideas and inspiration from—including residences in Seattle, Boise, Los Angeles, and New York.

See the trailer for Issue No. 8 here.

Issue No. 7, Spring 2012
Wit & Whimsy

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our seventh issue, we’re highlighting “Wit & Whimsy”—a merging of a good sense of style and humor. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 7:

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho rounds up products that will hopefully bring a smile to your face.
  • Comedian Amy Sedaris shares her New York City apartment with us.
  • Our travel piece isn’t limited to one single destination! Tag along with a photographer and writer on their California road trip.
  • Go behind the scenes with a Bay Area furniture designer who mixes elements to fashion creative and cool pieces.
  • Our house tours take us all over the country—including California, Maine, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.
  • Don’t miss the “Anatomy of Ice Cream” spread, complete with delicious recipes!
  • We like Heirloom LA’s style: the catering firm throws a staff soiree with a “Breakfast for Dinner” menu.

See the trailer for Issue No. 7 here.


Issue No. 6, Winter 2012
Handmade at Home

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our sixth issue, we’re focused on the handmade at home. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 6:

  • We round up an assortment of beautiful handcrafted wares from some of our favorite artists and shops.
  • In our Conversation, we get to know Austin-based artist and designer Alyson Fox.
  • We offer a peek at homes in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and British Columbia.
  • We head to Amsterdam for our travel story, and to visit with the very talented Dutch artist Pieke Bergmans.
  • If you love the paper illustration on the cover of Issue No. 6, then don’t miss our chat with the artist behind it, Chloé Fleury.
  • Ashley English gives us the scoop on how she turned her homesteading efforts into a rewarding career. (She now has four books under her belt!)
  • Go behind the scenes at Sightglass, a San Francisco coffee roastery.
  • In the mood to make something? We’ve got a DIY for a tufted headboard, as well as recipes for a simple yet sure-to-satisfy three-course meal.

See the trailer for Issue No. 6 here.

Issue No. 5, Fall 2011
Going Global

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our fifth issue, we’re going global. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 5:

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho shares her must-have travel products.
  • In our Conversation, we hang out with Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson.
  • We take you inside homes in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Philadelphia, and Vancouver.
  • A Stockholm native gives us the inside scoop on things to do and places to go in the Scandinavian capital.
  • Photographers share images from their most life-changing trips.
  • Marvel at how a Berkeley artist creates her stunning surprise balls.
  • Get inspired to experience a locale in a new way, with a travel guide that can be used anywhere—anywhere!
  • We tag along with an entrepreneur who launched a traveling nanny service for creative types, as well as check in with another business that offers easy access to beautiful global goods.
  • Our entertaining story is set in Paris, with a menu that includes miniature foods.

Issue No. 4, Summer 2011
The Great Outdoors

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our fourth issue, we focus on on the great outdoors. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 4:

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho assembles goods that are ideal for creating an outdoor haven.
  • In our Conversation, we talk shop with Rosie Brown of Papa Stour.
  • We spend some time in the Hudson Valley with the couple behind Blackcreek Mercantile.
  • Additional house tours take you inside—and outside—residences in Northern California, Southern California, and Oregon.
  • Check out our writer’s travel dispatch from Marfa, Texas.
  • Read what happens when a San Francisco couple plans their infant son’s first camping excursion.
  • We visit with Fredericks & Mae, a creative duo in Brooklyn that handcrafts its unique wares.
  • If you’re experiencing triple-digit heat this summer, then you definitely don’t want to miss our tea-infused shaved ice recipe!
  • Speaking of recipes, our entertaining story features a picnic with food prepared by the chef/owner of San Francisco’s beloved Burma Superstar.

See the trailer for Issue No. 4 here.

Issue No. 3, Spring 2011
Life is a Party!

Each issue of Anthology explores a theme. For our third issue, we focus on the notion that life is a party. Here’s a glimpse of the content in Issue No. 3:

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho offers product picks that are ideal for any good party host to have on hand.
  • In our Conversation, we sit down with  graphic designer Sara Hicks Malone, whose website is dedicated to celebrations.
  • Learn more about the father and daughter behind Herriott Grace, and check out the process for creating their beautiful wood pieces.
  • We spend a laid-back weekend in Las Vegas—yes, such a thing is possible!
  • Photographer Thayer Allyson Gowdy tags along with a husband-and-wife DJ duo. Bonus: they’re offering up some recommended playlists!
  • A young couple in Brooklyn is crafting uniquely flavored beers. The best part? You can purchase their home kits and brew it yourself.
  • Event planner and letterpress stationer Jordan Ferney teams up with her photographer friend Aubrey Trinnaman to share some of their favorite ways to surprise loved ones on a special occasion.
  • Find plenty of ideas and inspirations from our featured homeowners—including a prop stylist in Los Angeles, a creative couple in the Vancouver area, a hair stylist to the stars, and siblings in San Francisco.
  • Don’t be late for this important date! Our entertaining story is an Alice in Wonderland-themed soiree.

See the trailer for Issue No. 3 here.

Issue No. 2, Winter 2011
Where the Past Meets the Present

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho rounds up products that prove that everything old is new again.
  • In our Conversation, we chat with Amsterdam-based designer Leslie Oschmann of Swarm.
  • Check out a San Francisco art gallery that specializes in forgotten artists.
  • Tag along as we eat, shop, and hang out in London with Kris Atomic.
  • Photographer Jen Siska creates a visual travelogue of Palm Springs, using lo-fi and hi-fi cameras.
  • We take you into the Heath Ceramics factory and showroom in Northern California.
  • New York City baker Mari Tuttle shares her favorite hot cocoa mixes, as well as a recipe for biscotti.
  • Get inspired by our featured homeowners—including a textile designer in Hollywood, a stylist in Brooklyn, and designer/shopkeeper in Berkeley.
  • Bust out the cocktail shaker! Stylist Kelley Lilien throws a party in her San Diego home.

See the trailer for Issue No. 2 here.

Issue No. 1, Fall 2010
The Slow Life

  • Market Editor Joy D. Cho rounds up her favorite products that are sure to not only stand the test of time, but actually improve over the years.
  • We love conversations—and for this issue, we sat down with blogger extraordinaire Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.
  • In our travel piece, check out a local’s picks in fabulous Park City, Utah.
  • Go behind the scenes with a Chicago furniture designer who handcrafts heirloom-quality pieces.
  • Unconventionality reigns supreme in interior designer Grant K. Gibson’s redesign of a client’s living room.
  • Learn how flowers can become an everyday luxury when you grow them at home.
  • See inspirational interiors—as well as read the stories behind them—in California, Louisiana, and New York.
  • Witness how a group of well-known San Francisco foodies entertain. You’ll be surprised by how easy a good gathering can be!

See the promotional film for Issue No. 1 here.

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