{Off Shoots} Kim Schipperheijn

by Anh-Minh on May 13, 2014

When it comes to decorating with bold colors and patterns, I’m rather timid. Most of the walls in my house are a creamy white, and I tend to adhere to the principle of buying big pieces in neutral hues and infusing a space with bits of brightness and prints here and there.

Which is why I’m that much more impressed by homeowners like Kim Schipperheijn who just go for it. Looking at her interior instantly brings a smile to my face—and makes me want to start rounding up new wallpaper, fabric, and paint samples! These photos, taken by Henny van Belkom, are some of the outtakes from our photo shoot with Kim. You can see more images of her Netherlands home in Issue No. 15/Spring 2014, which is now available for purchase through most of our stockists.

{ Photos by Henny van Belkom }

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