Moving Mountains

by Joanna on August 20, 2014


Talk about furniture eye candy! Moving Mountains is a Brooklyn-based design studio started by Syrette Lew. Hailing from Hawaii, the name of Lew’s practice is a “tribute to the Hawaiian archipelago and its imperceptible movement northwestward.” While the studio produce bags and jewelry along with a furniture line, it’s the larger scale pieces that have captured my attention. Each piece is hand-crafted and made of materials such as fractured marble, veneered maple, and ash. The aesthetic is actually reminiscent of mountains themselves, in the pure angular geometry you’d expect of a range.

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{ Images via Moving Mountains }


Katakana NY Ceramics

by Joanna on August 19, 2014


Katakana NY derives inspiration from a range of concepts. First and foremost, “kata kana” means “shape,” and it is also the Japanese character set for transcribing Western and foreign language. This New York-based design and lifestyle collaboration project was formed in 2012 when Japanese ceramicists Shino Takeda and Romy Northover combined forces. The result are the restrained, yet emotive pieces you see here. The shapes are simple and clean, while the glazes are what make these pieces truly sing.

anthology-mag-blog-katakana-ceramics-2 anthology-mag-blog-katakana-ceramics-3 anthology-mag-blog-katakana-ceramics-4 anthology-mag-blog-katakana-ceramics-5 anthology-mag-blog-katakana-ceramics-6


Otis & Otto

by Joanna on August 11, 2014


Always on the lookout for great online boutiques, I was a bit blown away when I discovered Otis & Otto. The shop itself offers a beautiful selection of goods, from hand-formed ceramics and baby Alpaca wool scarves to natural fiber weavings and hand-stitched rope vessels. The curation of these pieces is really quite lovely and aimed at “supporting artisans who champion intuitive objects that resonate warmth, beauty, and functionality through slow and thoughtful handmade processes.” Whether you’re in search of a gift or something special for yourself, this is a shop you’ll want to bookmark.

anthology-mag-blog-otis-and-otto-1 anthology-mag-blog-otis-and-otto-2 anthology-mag-blog-otis-and-otto-3 anthology-mag-blog-otis-and-otto-5

{ Images via Otis & Otto }


Ceramics by Leah Goren

by Joanna on August 4, 2014


Best known for her quirky-cool illustrations and surface designs, Leah Goren is also trying her hand at ceramics. The Brooklyn-based artist’s fun patterns feature myriad motifs—I’m partial to the cat-inspired one above—and you can now find them on plates, vases, mugs, and cups. The ceramics are hand-built and therefore one of a kind.

anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-2 anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-3 anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-4 anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-5 anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-6 anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-by-leah-goren-7

{ Images via Leah Goren; found on Cool Hunting }


Textiles by Susan Connor

by Joanna on July 29, 2014


New York-based textile designer Susan Connor has long had a passion for what she calls “authentic luxuries.” The self-taught designer and artist debuted her collection of softly-hued and relaxed textiles in early 2014. The collection is made in limited quantities, which allows Connor to expand her creative repertoire by constantly creating new designs. Inspired by merging decorative arts with a casual simplicity, the pieces have a touch of Bohemia while also feeling modern. Connor uses linen for the pillows and throws, making the pieces durable, yet lightweight and luxurious. Lastly, the motifs that adorn each piece are hand-printed in Brooklyn, lending a natural variation to the artwork.

anthology-mag-blog-textiles-by-susan-connor-2 anthology-mag-blog-textiles-by-susan-connor-3 anthology-mag-blog-textiles-by-susan-connor-4 anthology-mag-blog-textiles-by-susan-connor-5

{ Images via Susan Connor }