Eye candy alert! Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Judy Kaufmann recently unveiled her latest project, Hello Pattern. With a wide breadth of clients such as Levi’s and Tattly, Kaufmann recently decided to try something new: She encourages the buyer of her patterns to apply them however they wish—for example, on textiles, paper, and walls—by selling non-exclusive licenses for each motif. (After you purchase a pattern, you receive a PDF with the artwork.) I especially love these prints as wallpaper for a kid’s room or even a collection of wispy scarves.

anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-5 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-6 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-1 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-2 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-3

{ Images from Hello Pattern via Bright Bazaar }


Caroline Gomez

by Joanna on July 1, 2014


Soft and simple, these home decor pieces by Caroline Gomez are a tribute to craftsmanship and materials. Her work feels uniquely feminine, but in the best way possible. Maybe it’s her restrained, washed out color palette or gently curved shapes, but mostly I just love how sweet everything feels. In the spirit of Gomez’s creative spirit, each limited-edition piece is made by hand in France.

anthology-mag-blog-caroline-gomez-1 anthology-mag-blog-caroline-gomez-2 anthology-mag-blog-caroline-gomez-3

{ Images via Caroline Gomez }


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Rebel Walls

by Joanna on June 30, 2014


These days there are so many wallpaper options out there, usually in the form of repeating, all-over pattern. But when I came across the textural wallpapers and murals by Rebel Walls, they managed to stand out—for reasons that go beyond their beauty.

Founders Irene and Christopher share a deep love of wallpaper, and control the entire manufacturing process, from design to production. I especially love their line that’s based on materials and natural details. But my favorite things about the company? You can work with them to upload your own imagery for a custom wallpaper, and they donate a portion of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

anthology-mag-blog-rebel-wallpaper-2 anthology-mag-blog-rebel-wallpaper-3 anthology-mag-blog-rebel-wallpaper-4 anthology-mag-blog-rebel-wallpaper-5


{ Images from Rebel Walls via Trendland }


Anthology-Rossman-portrait-shop-platesAs soon as I read Joanna Rakoff’s article on Joanne Rossman, which is published in Issue No. 15, I wanted to meet her. I’m hoping that the next time I’m in the Boston area, I’ll have the pleasure of doing so, because she sounds amazing. And her Roslindale shop seems like the kind of place you could spend hours browsing in, wondering and inquiring about the provenance of the pieces Joanne stocks.

Issue No. 15 features images from Joanne’s home, taken by Seth Smoot. Often, when you have such a talented photographer capturing a beautiful interior, you end up with more pictures than you can fit on the print pages. So of course we had to share some of those additional, unpublished shots here on the blog. (Um, how great is her shoe collection?!)

Anthology-Rossman-bedAnthology-Rossman-shoe-collection Anthology-Rossman-umbrellas-glass-flowerAnthology-Rossman-cabinetAnd here’s a photo of her storefront, which will probably make you want to head to Roslindale right now. (Luckily, Joanne also has an online shop.)


{ All photos by Seth Smoot for Anthology Magazine }


New Friends for Anthropologie

Rugs … They certainly tie a room together, and these beauties from New Friends are no exception. Created in collaboration with Anthropologie, the Silvered Prisms collection features gorgeously woven wool rugs in a variety of bold hues and lush textures. In case you’re not familiar with New Friends: based in Brooklyn and founded in 2012, Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski design and create weavings, rugs, and textiles. With a focus on “combining the rich history of textiles and contemporary visual culture,” New Friends uses a wide range of materials, such as metallic threads and locally sourced wools colored with plant-based dyes. 

New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie anthology-mag-blog-new-friends-for-anthropologie-7

{ Images from New Friends, via Design Milk }