House of Cardboard by Dosshaus

by Joanna on October 7, 2014


Meet Dosshaus, a collective formed by the imaginations of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly in 2011. One of their more fascinating projects is House of Cardboard. Employing cardboard, glue, and paint, Dosshaus constructed an entire home—even Taylor’s dress and shoes are made of cardboard! The details are pretty awe-inspiring. I am actually speechless.

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{ Found via Design Crush }


Jen Kuroki aka lovebugkiko

by Joanna on October 1, 2014


Jen Kuroki, aka lovebugkiko on Etsy, has one simple mission statement: to create ceramic objects for those who want to smile. Kuroki has a background in graphic design; but since stepping away from the computer 15 years ago, she has studied in Japan under two master potters and works on a special wheel called the Shimpo wheel. Her pieces have a bit of a Scandinavian vibe to me, and I love that even her quirkier ceramics feel modern and sophisticated.

anthology-mag-blog-Jen-Kuroki-2 anthology-mag-blog-Jen-Kuroki-3 anthology-mag-blog-Jen-Kuroki-4 anthology-mag-blog-Jen-Kuroki-5 anthology-mag-blog-Jen-Kuroki-6

{ Images via lovebugkiko; found via Justina Blakeney }


A Rum Fellow

by Joanna on September 29, 2014


Meet A Rum Fellow, an incredible online boutique based in London. Chock full of gorgeous textiles and upholstery, A Rum Fellow “celebrates heritage craft techniques in the creation of kaleidoscopic statement pieces.” This translates into some serious eye candy. The materials range from hand-loomed Guatemalan textiles to vintage tribal trims to hand-built wooden furniture to striking ceramics. The pieces themselves are made by experts and A Rum Fellow is committed to employing world-class artisans with whom they can grow.

anthology-mag-blog-a-rum-fellow-2 anthology-mag-blog-a-rum-fellow-3 anthology-mag-blog-a-rum-fellow-4 anthology-mag-blog-a-rum-fellow-5

 { Images from A Rum Fellow }


French Press by Yield Design Co.

by Joanna on September 22, 2014


The last time we mentioned Yield Design Co., they were improving your outdoor dining experience with their Picnic Bag. Now designers Rachel and Andrew seek to improve your daily cup of coffee with this gorgeous new French press. Available in either white or grey, this 1-liter French press is made of ceramic, perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature through the entire brewing process. Keeping in line with Yield’s restrained design aesthetic, the pull features a simple, yet refined touch of copper. The result is a functional piece that you don’t mind gracing your countertops.

anthology-mag-blog-french-press-by-Yield-Design-Co-1 anthology-mag-blog-french-press-by-Yield-Design-Co-3 anthology-mag-blog-french-press-by-Yield-Design-Co-4

{ Images via Yield Design Co. }


Quilts by Lindsay Stead

by Joanna on September 16, 2014


Traditional quilts haven’t always done it for me. True, there is a nostalgic, Americana vibe that is not to be denied. But design-wise, they just didn’t excite me—that is, until I discovered these incredible quilts by Lindsay Stead. Graphic and modern, these strike the perfect balance between traditional quilting techniques and a bold new approach. I am truly obsessed with the “scale, asymmetry, negative space and the use of solid colors.” Each quilt is entirely handmade in Stead’s Toronto studio, making the process very personal and time-consuming.

Be sure to also follow Lindsey on Instagram for behind-the-scenes shots!

anthology-mag-blog-Quilts-by-Lindsay-Stead-1 anthology-mag-blog-Quilts-by-Lindsay-Stead-2 anthology-mag-blog-Quilts-by-Lindsay-Stead-3 anthology-mag-blog-Quilts-by-Lindsay-Stead-4 anthology-mag-blog-Quilts-by-Lindsay-Stead-6

images via Lindsay Stead