Monster Skin Rug

by Joanna on April 6, 2015


It takes something extra-special to capture my eye, particularly when it comes to Kickstarter these days. Perhaps that’s why I’m so blown away by the Monster Skin Rug by Joshua Ben Longo.

Longo’s inspiration is simple: He’s obsessed with monsters and has been since he was a boy. Now that he’s a full-fledged designer, he’s able to execute his dream in the way of super cute furry monster-creatures, like this rug. With a background that includes a bachelors degree in industrial design from Pratt, as well as several years of experience designing for the home decor industry, Longo has the talent to back up his love of monsters. All of this adds up to a rather interesting and informed rug design. In this video, he addresses how the rug is made, what the limitations are, and all the help that he needs to make his dream come true. I couldn’t help myself—I backed the monster rug and truly hope it is produced one day!

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{ Images via Joshua Ben Longo }

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Martina Thornhill

by Joanna on April 1, 2015


Be still my heart. These ceramics by Martina Thornhill are quite good, don’t you think? The speckled stoneware is really special, lending a casual vibe that is so perfect for lazy Sunday (or Wednesday) morning coffee.

Thornhill is a self-taught ceramicist out of Portland with a background in fiber arts. Her preferred method is slab building, with inspiration from primitive folk crafts, abstract art, nature, and cross-country travels.What’s especially interesting about her work is that she describes her process as being similar to working with fabric, developing “patterns, fusing seams, and using hands to create drape and flow.” With such a fresh approach to ceramics, it’s no wonder her pieces are so appealing.

anthology-mag-blog-martina-thornhill-2 anthology-mag-blog-martina-thornhill-3 anthology-mag-blog-martina-thornhill-4

{ Images via Martina Thornhill }


Kat and Roger Ceramics

by Joanna on March 11, 2015


Talk about ceramics eye candy … Meet Kat and Roger ceramics. The first time I laid eyes on their pieces, I was browsing a San Francisco boutique and was immediately blown away by how California they felt. Everything was what I envision the ’70s in California to be: golden hues reminiscent of sunlight; chunky, bold forms; even the bumpy surface texture reminded me of the sand at the beach. Each piece is made of hand-thrown and then hand-painted stoneware.

Based in the Mount Washington neighborhood of L.A., Kat Hunter and Roger Lee met in grad school while studying painting and ceramics. While their work isn’t strictly inspired by California, it’s clear that they have a dedication to the artists’ life after settling in Los Angeles.

anthology-mag-blog-kat-and-roger-ceramics-2 anthology-mag-blog-kat-and-roger-ceramics-3 anthology-mag-blog-kat-and-roger-ceramics-4 anthology-mag-blog-kat-and-roger-ceramics-5

 { Images via Kat and Roger }

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Get Yourself to Bali

by Kate on March 10, 2015


Lately I’ve been quite the devoted homebody: any daydreaming I sneak in during work hours usually involves gardening projects or home-cooked treats. But it took only a minute or two of reading “Tropical Punch” in our current issue, and ogling Paola Zanconaro’s colorful, open-air Balinese abode, for me to change my tune, pick up my computer, and obsessively begin planning a dreamy Balinese adventure.

Much to my surprise and delight, it turns out there are some very affordable flights to be found to Indonesia—particularly in the off-peak season, which coincidentally is now through May. I was inspired by the casual, intimate charm of Paola’s home, and I thought I would search for villas that share a similar blend of modern minimalism, bold color, and traditional Indonesian flourish.

These Balinese sanctuaries were some of my favorites, and I would happily ensconce myself in any one of them tout suite. I highly recommend taking a moment to dream about Bali— imagining yourself surrounded by the warm, fragrant air can ease a day’s stress like you won’t believe. And if you are really buried under work, then all the more reason to dream, and perhaps go the extra step and plan a trip to paradise. Your mind and body will thank you for it.



Bring some friends with you for the journey and share this luxurious, eco-conscious, family-friendly villa in Ubud for just $355 a night.



 Nestled in a sleepy town in Northwest Bali, this secluded Jeda Villa has views of all forms of paradise: tropical gardens, mountains, the open sea…




Perched on the edge of the Ayung river valley, this four-level villa, known as the Sunrise House, is made entirely from bamboo and accommodates 9 guests! While it’s unlikely I’ll ever be traveling in such a large group, I couldn’t resist including this spot. Nothing is off limits when you daydream! 


Wirely Home

by Joanna on March 9, 2015


Now that I’ve officially taken up residence in an old loft space in Seattle, I feel like my interior design choices are becoming more and more important—almost like I have to do the space proud! I still want the space to have a boho vibe, but now I’m leaning towards a touch of the mid-century modern, too.

Enter Wirely Home.

The online shop perfectly merges those two aesthetics. The addition of tons and tons of plants to most spaces lends that bohemian note, and then placing them on MCM-inspired surfaces yields a wonderful mix. These plant stands and table tops are inspired by the wire hairpin legs of the Knoll butterfly chair and are made of powdercoated steel. The table is comprised of modular plywood and works well as a plant stand. I also like the idea of a series of the side tables that can stay put or move around as needed.

anthology-mag-blog-wirely-home-2 anthology-mag-blog-wirely-home-3

 { Images via Wirely Home }