by Joanna on February 17, 2015


Ever on the hunt for destinations when traveling, Spartan is at the top of my list for an upcoming trip to Austin. Partners with the San Francisco shop Voyager, Spartan is chock full of gorgeously designed goods that are each special in their own right. To me, this aesthetic has a modern bohemian vibe—rich, but casual, and definitely useful.

In their own words, Spartan seeks to offer objects that are practical, but “without straying far from our core inventory of reliable, classic items.” Everything in this shop is so beautiful, I’m going to need an extra suitcase for all the goodies I plan to buy.

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{ Images via Spartan }


Natalie Weinberger Ceramics

by Joanna on February 9, 2015


Natalie Weinberger, who started throwing clay in 2010 and is based in New York, is one of those rare talents who manages to balance simplicity and beauty. Looking at her work, is it any wonder why my ceramics wish list keeps growing? Her pieces are works of art that are also functional. If I had her coffee dripper and a set of her mugs waiting for me in the kitchen, that would definitely help get me out of bed on a cold and wet Monday morning!

For a peek at more of her ceramics and process, make sure to follow her on Instagram.


 { Images via Natalie Weinberger }


Art & Article

by Joanna on February 5, 2015


It’s often said that the beauty is in the details—something that clearly hasn’t escaped the founders of Art & Article. Established in 2012, this online boutique is brimming with gorgeous examples of Scandinavian and Japanese design. Truly, it is all about the special touches: a different type of weaving, the portions of wood to white or glass, even the color palette of natural hues.

The entire assortment in this shop is designed to be your “favorite,” the thing that you use often and well. For example, this hand-carved wooden utensil is both beautiful and totally functional for day-to-day use within my kitchen. Can you tell what I’ve got on my wish list?

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{ Images via Art & Article }


Weak End Club Ceramics

by Joanna on January 22, 2015


I consider myself a sucker for two things: great styling and gorgeous ceramics. Weak End Club encompasses both.

The Sydney-based studio is comprised of cross-disciplinary designers who are currently focused on functional ceramic pieces. The works range from planters to bud vases, bowls to dishes, even coin trays. The glazes are quite lovely and range from borrowed-from-the-’70s earth tones to Scandi whites and blues. Simply put: I’m in love.

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{ Images via Weak End Club; found on Trendland }

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Meg Callahan

by Joanna on January 20, 2015


For as long as I can remember, quilts were my favorite layer to add to my bed. Even as a kid, I would pile on the quilts just for the weight and coziness. And don’t even get me started about how to craft the perfect fort! When I discovered these truly gorgeous quilts by Meg Callahan, I had that sharp-intake-of-breath moment—they are actually pieces of art.

Callahan specializes in patchwork quilting and centers her studio on “creating objects that focus on the beauty of construction.” As I look forward to moving to a new apartment, I can’t help but set my eyes on one of her mad-to-order quilts—the perfectly cozy finishing touch for a new home.

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