by Joanna on April 30, 2015


Ever on the lookout for more decor to add to my new loft, Enhabiten came across my desk (read: screen) and I got really, really excited. Created by New Hampshire-based designer Liane Tyrrel, Enhabiten features gorgeous home goods, plus a few other great pieces like jewelry and accessories.

I’m especially drawn to the home textiles for their bohemian, casual vibes. Each piece is dyed in small batches with natural dyes, which are locally sourced. Many of the textiles are vintage, but given a new lease on life with Tyrrel’s silhouettes and applications. With so many gorgeous pieces, I don’t even know where to start!

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{ Images via Enhabiten }


Le Animalé by Laura Johnston

by Joanna on April 28, 2015


Le Animalé is the shop of artist Laura Johnston, which includes what she refers to as totems. Each totem is modeled after an animal, either real or fictional, and are meant to “inspire positive thinking, self-discovery, and happiness.” They can provide comfort to the owner and maybe even a form of identity. Each piece measures approximately 1.5 inches and is made by hand. I like to think of it as exploring what your spirit animal is. Me? Well, I’m kinda digging Le Super Fat Cat.

New totems are posted every Wednesday, but you can also see what Johnston is working on via her Instagram.

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{ Images via Le Animalé }


Mia Christopher

by Joanna on April 27, 2015


Typically, a main reason that I’m drawn to a particular artist is their use of color. And this is especially true when it comes to the expressive work of Mia Christopher. I love her use of unexpected palettes, varying texture, and mixed scale of elements.

Christopher’s background includes a BFA in painting from California College of the Arts and a recent solo exhibition at Little Big Space in Albany, California. Currently based in San Francisco, she describes herself as “an enthusiastic viewer of landscapes who never tires of shifting perspectives.”

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Anne Ten Donkelaar

by Joanna on April 21, 2015


Floral design has always been an interest of mine, but lately, I feel like the trick is to figure out a new and fresh way to explore the medium. These pieces by Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar are a great approach. Anne graduated in 2007 with a degree in 3-D product design and has since applied this knowledge to a multitude of forms, but my absolute favorite are her flower constructions. Each work is a 3-dimensional collage composed of pressed flowers, branches, and cut out photos of flowers. Like a true 3-D designer, Anne has arranged the pieces with pins to create depth within each frame. For this project, she posits, “Weeds become poetry, each unique twig gets attention, nature seems to float.” The result is a totally unique work of art that feels like a breath of fresh air.

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{ images via Anne Ten Donkelaar }



by Joanna on April 20, 2015


I have a confession to make: Despite the plethora of weavings and woven wall art lately, I haven’t been able to commit to any one style or piece for my home. Well, that is until I recently discovered these pieces by Jujujust. Bright, bold, and three-dimensional, these weavings have my name written all over them. They are just so amazingly impactful, I can’t help myself.

Each piece is handmade by Judit Just, an artist residing in Asheville, North Carolina, but originally from Barcelona. Growing up, she first explored sewing and crafting in the footsteps of her mother, and even made clothes for her dolls. Then, after studying fashion design, Just craved the ability to make something with her hands and thus explored sculpture. These weavings are clearly an amazing marriage of her two disciplines in the best way possible!

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{ Images via Jujujust }

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