Kendyll Hillegas

by Joanna on May 27, 2015


Hungry? Well, soon you will be, thanks to these illustrations by Kendyll Hillegas! Naturally, my favorite pieces are the sweets.

Hillegas uses a layered mix of watercolor, colored pencils, and gouache to create these delectable, mouthwatering pieces. Often, the creations evoke a certain memory for her, with a hope that “it’s also approachable since we all have favorite foods and cherished objects.” She does such a great job of capturing the texture of each food that I’m suddenly craving pop-tarts. Funny how that works, huh?

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{ Images via Kendyll Hillegas }


Fringe and Fettle

by Joanna on May 20, 2015


Soft and playful, these ceramics by Fringe and Fettle are a sweet addition to any kitchen. Potter Joanna Buyert started making pieces about two years ago, quitting her day job and squirreling away in the north woods of Wisconsin to simply create.

She let go of the idea of making something that would sell and instead focused on making pieces that spoke to her. While in Wisconsin, she spent six months creating pots and honing her simple and functional style. Currently, Buyert works out of a  Minnesota studio that she shares with other potters.

anthology-mag-blog-fringe-and-fettle-2 anthology-mag-blog-fringe-and-fettle-3 anthology-mag-blog-fringe-and-fettle-4 anthology-mag-blog-fringe-and-fettle-5

{ Images via Fringe and Fettle }


Ash and Anchor

by Joanna on May 19, 2015


Craving some pattern? Ash and Anchor is the place for you. From scarves to trays to pillows, these patterned pieces are a bit bohemian, a bit eclectic, and a gorgeous layer to add to any home. The artwork is created in the New York City studio of Nina Pace, and has been since 2011 when she made a departure from her traditional fine arts background. Pace then refocused her work on the highly detailed backgrounds of her paintings, making those the focal point instead. Her highly detailed, bold artwork now adorns many gorgeous pieces, but I’ve got my eyes on the textiles line.

anthology-mag-blog-ash-and-anchor-2 anthology-mag-blog-ash-and-anchor-3 anthology-mag-blog-ash-and-anchor-4

{ Images via Ash and Anchor }

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Recreating the Cosmos

by Kate on May 15, 2015

anthology-mag-blog-loop-cosmos-2I love living in the Bay Area, but sometimes I wish there were more visible stars. It’s easy to acclimate to the local night sky, but every time I manage to take a trip south to the Mojave Desert, I am blown away by how insanely awesome the view can be—so much more vast and dense with stars than I remember.

OSMO is a project that attempts to recreate some of the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos, and I would love to be able to see this in person. This giant 9-meter inflated sphere was devised by the London-based firm and designed for people to enter and explore from within. Inside, the mirrored space is a recreation of thousands upon thousands of stars, which are created with laser beams bouncing off the mylar film. As this video shows, there is also an incredibly strange and appealing ambient soundscape within the space.

It’s pretty wonderful that such an other-worldy experience can be conjured with such simple materials. While I know it won’t be nearly as spectacular, I’m inspired to purchase some emergency blankets, portable fans, and LED lights to try a DIY version at home! Anyone with me? 



anthology-mag-blog-loop-cosmos-4{ All images by Loop.pH }


La Casa Decotó

by Joanna on May 14, 2015


Ever on the lookout for pieces to finish my loft in Seattle, I practically comb Etsy on a daily basis. My latest discovery is perfect for adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, while also providing guests with extra seating.

La Casa Decotó was founded by maker Montse and specializes in just that: small-batch rugs, ottomans, pillows, and other textiles. Some pieces are hand-crocheted by Montse in her Barcelona studio, and exhibit a heavy influences from North African crafts. Other pieces in the shop are vintage and truly one of a kind, making this shop a go-to as I get settled into my new place.

anthology-mag-blog-La-Casa-Decoto-2 anthology-mag-blog-La-Casa-Decoto-3 anthology-mag-blog-La-Casa-Decoto-4 anthology-mag-blog-La-Casa-Decoto-5


{ images via La Casa Decotó }