Weak End Club Ceramics

by Joanna on January 22, 2015


I consider myself a sucker for two things: great styling and gorgeous ceramics. Weak End Club encompasses both.

The Sydney-based studio is comprised of cross-disciplinary designers who are currently focused on functional ceramic pieces. The works range from planters to bud vases, bowls to dishes, even coin trays. The glazes are quite lovely and range from borrowed-from-the-’70s earth tones to Scandi whites and blues. Simply put: I’m in love.

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{ Images via Weak End Club; found on Trendland }


Huntz Liu

by Joanna on January 21, 2015


Cut paper is one of those art forms that requires precision and patience. Those traits alone are impressive! But I was especially drawn to these because of the wonderful hues that the artist employs.

Huntz Liu creates multi-faceted, layered worlds of colorful paper—you almost can get lost in them. He is always adding more work, so be sure to follow him on Instagram to view (and marvel at) his latest pieces.

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 { Images via Huntz Liu; found on The Jealous Curator }




Meg Callahan

by Joanna on January 20, 2015


For as long as I can remember, quilts were my favorite layer to add to my bed. Even as a kid, I would pile on the quilts just for the weight and coziness. And don’t even get me started about how to craft the perfect fort! When I discovered these truly gorgeous quilts by Meg Callahan, I had that sharp-intake-of-breath moment—they are actually pieces of art.

Callahan specializes in patchwork quilting and centers her studio on “creating objects that focus on the beauty of construction.” As I look forward to moving to a new apartment, I can’t help but set my eyes on one of her mad-to-order quilts—the perfectly cozy finishing touch for a new home.

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Evelina Blomquist

by Joanna on January 14, 2015


These ceramics by Swedish artist Evelina Blomquist have a lovely sensibility about them: Modern, delicate, and simple, they gracefully merge function and form. Sweden has always been on my travel wish list and, now, at the tippy-top of the itinerary is a visit to Evelina’s pottery work space. Bonus: There’s a shop attached to her studio!

P.S. I was also thrilled to discover that she’s on Instagram. The images she shares are just beautiful.

anthology-mag-blog-evelina-blomquist-2 anthology-mag-blog-evelina-blomquist-3 anthology-mag-blog-evelina-blomquist-4 anthology-mag-blog-evelina-blomquist-5

{ Images via Evelina Blomquist }

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The Garden Edit

by Joanna on January 13, 2015


It seems like many parts of country have been experiencing a cold spell lately. If you’re feeling especially impatient for spring/warmer weather, there’s always the option of bringing the outdoors in and The Garden Edit is just the way to do so.

This online shop is brimming with everything you could possibly need to curate and cultivate a well-designed garden. Founded by John Tebbs, an English gardener, The Garden Edit has a gorgeous array of handmade planters, copper trowels, elegant watering cans, and more.

anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-2 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-3 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-4 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-5 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-6

 { Images via The Garden Edit }

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