Rinn Textiles by Erin Gilkes

by Joanna on October 14, 2014


Do you ever find something that you don’t know what to do with it or where to put it, but you just know you want to possess it? That is exactly how I feel about these pieces from Rinn Textiles by Erin Gilkes. The table tapestries are made of both wool and linen and totally handmade in her Hamilton, Ontario, studio. Each piece is totally one-of-a-kind, so the hardest part, really, is picking a favorite.

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Photographed by Sharyn Cairns, this dramatic Sea Art exhibition is the collaboration of hand knitter Jacqueline Fink and stylist/ceramicist Lara Hutton. Labeled as an “aesthetic convergence,” the show features massively oversized knits that are inspired by the delicate forms of natural sea treasures; even the muted tones draw inspiration from the sea. The pairing of each artists’ skills is really profound in this application and makes for a magical environment. I urge you to head over to Little Dandelion to see even more of this exhibit, as well as Fink’s other handknit work.

anthology-mag-blog-Oversize-Knitting-by-Jacqueline-Fink-and-Lara-Hutton-2 anthology-mag-blog-Oversize-Knitting-by-Jacqueline-Fink-and-Lara-Hutton-3 anthology-mag-blog-Oversize-Knitting-by-Jacqueline-Fink-and-Lara-Hutton-4 anthology-mag-blog-Oversize-Knitting-by-Jacqueline-Fink-and-Lara-Hutton-5

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House of Cardboard by Dosshaus

by Joanna on October 7, 2014


Meet Dosshaus, a collective formed by the imaginations of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly in 2011. One of their more fascinating projects is House of Cardboard. Employing cardboard, glue, and paint, Dosshaus constructed an entire home—even Taylor’s dress and shoes are made of cardboard! The details are pretty awe-inspiring. I am actually speechless.

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Diarmuid Kelley

by Joanna on October 6, 2014


Often I feel like a painter is great at portraits or still lifes, but usually not both. However, the work of Diarmuid Kelley is the perfect example of a painter who excels at both. His aesthetic is truly gorgeous and lifelike in a sort of dreamlike way. I especially love the way his work feels unfinished, as if he ran off to a dinner party in the midst of painting … but all the information is there and rendered in Kelley’s signature dashes and brushstrokes.

The youngest artist to be awarded the Nat West Art Prize at the age of 23, Kelley also studied fine art at Newcastle University and enrolled in a masters program at Chelsea College of Art and Design. His work has been shown at the National Portrait Gallery in London, as well as several group exhibits.

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zoebradley1Earlier this week, you may have seen the work of Zoe Bradley on our Instagram account. Liberty of London currently has a beautiful installation featuring the paper sculptor’s floral creations. Above and directly below are two images of Bradley’s “Flowers of Liberty” exhibit.

Of course, I was intrigued after seeing the Liberty pieces and had to find out more about Bradley, who has been sculpting in paper for nine years now. It all started with a hand-pleated paper dress she made for designer Michiko Koshino. Bradley’s own skills as a fashion designer come through in her current works—as she folds, cuts, and stitches paper. (I’m looking forward to the launch of her online shop, so I can hopefully bring one of her beautiful sculptures into my own home.)

zoebradley2 zoebradley3 zoebradley4 zoebradley5

{ All images via  Zoe Bradley Design }