anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-1Last week I shared a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate, and as it turns out, that tasty beverage turned out to be a slippery slope for me. Not only have I made it for myself and friends almost daily since discovering it, but I was inspired to hunt down more holiday-inspired hot chocolate recipes to try.

There are so many delicious ways to spice up ordinary hot chocolate, and with a quality cocoa as your base, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong. These are some of my favorite recipes, chosen not just for their taste, but for the lovely presentation. If you’re planning any gatherings in the coming weeks, I recommend serving one of these seasonal sweet treats. I can almost guarantee that the gesture will not go unappreciated.

{Image above: a beautiful and festive homemade dark hot chocolate recipe from The Farmer’s Daughter}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-3{Want a vegan, dairy-free treat? Try this Chai Hot Chocolate from Tasty Yummies}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-2{A yummy coconut milk hot chocolate recipe from She Wears Many Hats}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-4{Go herbal with this lovely lavender hot chocolate recipe from Chic Deco}


Recipe Roundup: Winter Cocktails

by Kate on December 1, 2015

anthologymag-blog-drink-recipe-roundup-wintercocktails-1This is such a hectic time of year, and there are often so many gatherings and parties that it can become stressful preparing for such a heavy social calendar. With that in mind, I wanted to round up a few simple recipes for holiday cocktails that can be made quickly and are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Cranberries are the perfect drink ingredient because they are such an incredible color; you can add them to simple carbonated water to make a delicious and beautiful refresher, or go a bit more in depth with one of these cranberry punch recipes. If a cozy drink is more your style, consider trying out the caramel apple cider recipe below. While these would all be great for a gathering, I hope you’ll consider making them just for yourself as well. Everyone deserves a little holiday treat with which to relax and unwind.

{ Image above: Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch from Say Yes }


 { Cranberry Cider Punch recipe from How Sweet It Is }


 { Caramel Apple Cider recipe via A Pastry Affair }


 { Sparkling Rum Cider recipe from Katie at the Kitchen Door }


 { A refreshing treat: Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria from The Kitchn }


Goods from Herriott Grace

by Anh-Minh on October 22, 2015

hg_kitchenbowlsWith the final issue of Anthology coming out this month, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic, thinking about the various people we’ve featured in the magazine over the past five years. In Issue No. 3/Spring 2011, we profiled Nikole Herriott and her father, Lance. They live in different cities in Canada—Toronto, ON, and Victoria, BC, respectively—and collaborate long-distance on a line of gorgeous products under the moniker Herriott Grace.

Since we published the story, Herriott Grace has expanded beyond wooden goods that Lance handcrafts, with wares from other talented makers as well. With the holidays—and entertaining season—fast approaching, I’ve got my eye on quite a few items. I mean, how awesome are the cloud cookie cutters?!


{ All images via Herriott Grace }


Grapefruit Rhubarb Cocktail

by Kate on September 3, 2015

anthologymag-blog-drink-rhubarb-cocktail-1I’m not usually much of a cocktail drinker, but I make exceptions. Summertime is my favorite season for enjoying cool, refreshing mixed drinks; and I also have a hard time resisting when the drink is slightly sweet, beautiful to look at, and packed with refreshing citrus flavors. This Grapefruit Rhubarb cocktail fits all of my requirements, and I cannot wait to make some of these for friends (and myself!) to enjoy over Labor Day weekend.

The basis of this drink is grapefruit juice mixed with a rhubarb syrup. Izy Hossack, a student of Food Science & Nutrition in London and the creator of the incredible food blog Top With Cinnamon, came up with the recipe. Hosack notes that the combination of the juice and the syrup yields a gorgeous cerise-colored mix that would be equally wonderful without alcohol. She suggests mixing it with a bit of sparkling water as a fizzy refresher, or swirling it liberally onto a bowl of plain frozen yogurt for dessert. I am going to try all of her recommendations, of course—plus a few ideas of my own, too.

anthologymag-blog-drink-rhubarb-cocktail-2anthologymag-blog-drink-rhubarb-cocktail-3anthologymag-blog-drink-rhubarb-cocktail-4anthologymag-blog-drink-rhubarb-cocktail-5{ All images and full recipe from Top With Cinnamon }

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Cabrillo Glassware

by Kate on September 2, 2015

anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-1As Market Editor, I’m always on the lookout for good styling inspiration. Recently I was browsing online and when I made my way over to Quitokeeto, I was struck by their impeccable photography. Many of their photographs have this amazing painterly quality, and feel more like still life studies than images of products for sale.

I found myself particularly drawn to these hand-blown, California-made Cabrillo glasses. The patterned surfaces create beautiful refractions of light and color, and they seem like the perfect size and shape for any special drink you want to savor and appreciate in the moment. The glasses are on sale here, and while you’re there be sure to check out the rest of Quitokeetos’ collection of lovingly treated, well-made goods for kitchen and home.

anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-2anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-3anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-4anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-5{ All images via Quitokeeto }