A Rum Fellow

by Joanna on September 29, 2014


Meet A Rum Fellow, an incredible online boutique based in London. Chock full of gorgeous textiles and upholstery, A Rum Fellow “celebrates heritage craft techniques in the creation of kaleidoscopic statement pieces.” This translates into some serious eye candy. The materials range from hand-loomed Guatemalan textiles to vintage tribal trims to hand-built wooden furniture to striking ceramics. The pieces themselves are made by experts and A Rum Fellow is committed to employing world-class artisans with whom they can grow.

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 { Images from A Rum Fellow }



by Anh-Minh on September 24, 2014

onefortythree_industrialI recently visited a friend who bought her first apartment last year, and she has been slowly decorating it ever since. When I saw her bedroom, I had to ask about the sconces flanking the bed; they were from Onefortythree. As soon as I got back to my computer, I started clicking around the site and found the perfect sconce for my home office. I had a very specific list of requirements and had been searching for quite some time, so I was thrilled. (I can’t believe I hadn’t come across Onefortythree sooner!)

Onefortythree started out as a blog by Logan and his wife Roxy. In the process of furnishing their own house (the street number = 143), he was making a bunch of cool stuff and documenting them online. That eventually led to an e-store with his handcrafted designs. In addition to lighting, he fabricates chairs and small-scale storage—all fairly simple and exhibiting clean lines that would work well in pretty much any interior. The pieces are made to order, so there may not be instant gratification, but it’s worth the wait.

onefortythree_tablelamps onefortythree_roxychair onefortythree_wallstorage

{ All images from Onefortythree }


José Aroda

by Joanna on September 23, 2014


Sometimes it takes a lot to excite me (especially in terms of portraitures), but these pieces by Madrid-based illustrator and graphic designer José Aroda really get me going. Not only is his style bold and graphic, but his color choices are equally over the top. Then there’s the subject matter—from Andy Warhol to Debby Harry to Bette Davis, Aroda’s prints, totes, and plates feature hyper-stylized portraits of some pretty famous people. They feel a bit tongue in cheek at times, but all are totally recognizable and awesome.

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French Press by Yield Design Co.

by Joanna on September 22, 2014


The last time we mentioned Yield Design Co., they were improving your outdoor dining experience with their Picnic Bag. Now designers Rachel and Andrew seek to improve your daily cup of coffee with this gorgeous new French press. Available in either white or grey, this 1-liter French press is made of ceramic, perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature through the entire brewing process. Keeping in line with Yield’s restrained design aesthetic, the pull features a simple, yet refined touch of copper. The result is a functional piece that you don’t mind gracing your countertops.

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{ Images via Yield Design Co. }

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by Joanna on September 17, 2014


Based in Brighton, England, StayGoldMaryRose is the Etsy shop of designer Abigail MaryRose Clark. Since 2004, Clark has repurposed vintage teacups into these oversized, fun bracelets. The teacups themselves come directly from the U.K.’s biggest manufacturer of china. By using seconds and damaged cups, Clark is able to give new life to pieces that would otherwise be tossed. The bangles have been featured in boutiques across the U.S. and the U.K., including Anthropologie. Don’t you just love the way each piece is cropped to showcase the traditional artwork in a modern way?

(Psst … Right now, with promo code SUMMERSALE15, everything in her shop is 15 percent off!)

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{ Images via StayGoldMaryRose }