Tessy King

by Kate on June 25, 2015

anthology-mag-blog-ceramics-tessyking-1I stumbled upon the work of Australian artist Tessy King while doing some research for the upcoming issue. I was unfamiliar with the process of creating enameled ceramics (shown above), and now I’m fascinated by this technique, and utterly charmed by the peculiar shapes that King creates.

Her pieces remind me of puppets in a way; they have a very animated quality that I love. Even her functional sculptures, such as the “impossible-to-pour jug” (shown below), seem to me like little creatures waiting patiently for us to engage with them. The more I look at them, the more smitten I become by these cheerfully quirky objects. You can see and purchase many more of King’s creations from the Guild of Objects, an online shop I also recently discovered, which is well worth checking out!



Liz Robb at West Coast Craft

by Nancy on June 23, 2015

AnthologyMag-Blog-LizRobb1Seeing a weaver work is like watching a musician perform with a tactile outcome: The repetitive movements become rhythmic and the weaver creates a piece with patterns, motifs, and color. The imagery above caught my eye immediately when I walked the West Coast Craft show a couple Sundays ago, and was pleased to find a mini-exhibit of Liz Robb’s work.

Robb started her career as a fashion designer in NYC, but then switched gears and after obtaining her master’s degree in fibers. She wasn’t in her booth when I walked in, and I was so drawn and tempted to touch her artwork. I had to refrain myself and instead, I peered closely at the details of her work; the indigo, copper, paint, and what looked to be hundreds of wood beads. I love that her pieces have dimension, and are subtle with beautiful textures. I can’t wait to see more of her work in the future.



DSC06349{ All images by Lisa Wong Jackson }


Stuffed Hipster Emblems

by Nancy on June 4, 2015

Anthology-magazine-blog-MimiOChun1I can’t remember how I found Mimi O Chun’s website, but I immediately saved her link in my special bookmarks folder after being on her site for almost an hour. Mimi received her MFA in Graphic Design at Yale University, and has worked as the design director at General Assembly. She is currently working on “Stuffed Hipster Emblems“—plush replicas of  iconic goods built around craft. (The above grouping references Saturday mornings at the popular San Francisco spot The Mill.)

As I clicked through each soft sculptured good, I was amazed by all of the detailed stitching and texture. Every photo left me wanting to know more about her process.

Anthology-magazine-blog-MimiOChun2Anthology-magazine-blog-MimiOChun5Anthology-magazine-blog-MimiOChun6Anthology-magazine-blog-MimiOChun4{ All images by Mimi O Chun }


I’m a Piece of Garbage

by Kate on June 3, 2015

anthologymagblog-art-foundobject-lettering-1I try to keep my hoarding tendencies in check, but periodically my collection of random materials and knick-knacks gets out of control—usually in the spring when yard sale season is in full swing. Let’s put it this way: Right now, there are more than four (but less than 10) partially broken chairs sitting in my studio gathering dust. It never occurred to me, until spotting this cool project by San Francisco-based artist Annica Lydenberg, that I could potentially use them not as furniture, but as three-dimensional canvases.

For her “I’m a Piece of Garbage” project, Lydenberg has put her incredible talents to work transforming discarded items into objects with voices. My wish is that these go back onto the street once completed, so that passersby can stop in their tracks to admire these once-ignored remnants. Regardless, this is a wonderful project, and you should definitely visit Annica Lydenberg’s portfolio to read more about its wonderful back story.



anthologymagblog-art-foundobject-lettering-4{All images by Annica Lydenberg}


Steffie Brocoli

by Joanna on June 2, 2015


Simply put, French illustrator Steffie Brocoli has the sweetest style. Brocoli’s line of stationery, textiles, and even yo-yos is bright, cheerful, and downright effervescent. Her inspiration and style—from her compositions to her use of unexpected color combinations—channels her graphic design and engraving background.

anthology-mag-blog-Steffie-Brocoli-2 anthology-mag-blog-Steffie-Brocoli-3 anthology-mag-blog-Steffie-Brocoli-4

{ Images via Steffie Brocoli }