by Nancy on September 1, 2015

anthologymag-blog-eskayel-1Just last week, I was on vacation with my family in Maui. We were sad to leave the island and I admit: I still haven’t fully unpacked our bags! So it probably comes as no surprise that when I was browsing through Eskayel’s website, I was quickly drawn toward images and designs that reminded me of our stay in Maui, and wishing we were still there.

Eskayel is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Shanan Campanaro, that carries a wide array of wall-coverings, fabric, carpets, accessories, and furnishings. Part of the design process begins with paintings on paper that are then saturated with water, letting the colors bleed into one another. Campanaro is inspired by nature and travel, and the ocean and colors of the sunset are the biggest influences in her work. It’s no wonder the designs made me miss the beach even more! I also love that the company is eco-conscious, using only natural linens, organic cottons, water-based inks, and recycled materials.

anthologymag-blog-eskayel-2anthologymag-blog-eskayel-3anthologymag-blog-eskayel-4anthologymag-blog-eskayel-5{ All images from Eskayel }


Mesh Suspension Lamp

by Kate on August 31, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-suspensionlamp-1It’s unbelievably exciting to see the way LED technology is revolutionizing the world of lighting design. Looking at some of the contemporary lamps and light fixtures on the market today, I’ve noticed a strong emphasis on lightweight materials, intuitive interfaces, and beautiful simplicity. This newly designed mesh suspension lamp by Francisco Gomez Paz is one of my absolute favorites.

Paz approached the design of this lamp “with the aim of giving each of these points of light its own independence,” he said. The lamp is super versatile, and users have the ability to adjust the intensity and pattern of illumination. It’s truly stunning, like a suspended galaxy, and I cannot wait to see one of these in person when it hits the market. Click here to watch it in action!

anthologymag-blog-design-suspensionlamp-3 anthologymag-blog-design-suspensionlamp-6anthologymag-blog-design-suspensionlamp-4anthologymag-blog-design-suspensionlamp-5{ All images via Luceplan }


Hanahzo Soaps

by Kate on August 24, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-1After running myself ragged the past couple months, I’ve realized that sometimes, no matter how busy I feel, I have to remember to schedule downtime to stay sane. It was right around this time that I came across these colorful handmade soaps from Korean brand Hanahzo. Their company motto, “pause your life,” spoke to me instantly of course, and I decided to investigate further.

Their highly appealing candy-colored abstract soaps look like miniature sculptures, or slices of cake. Hanahzo ships internationally, so if you’re looking for a small treat for yourself, consider picking up one of these bars. As you can see from the images, they cheer up a space just by sitting on the countertop. To see the soaps currently available for purchase, visit the Hanahzo site.

anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-2anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-3anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-4anthologymag-blog-design-hanahzo-soaps-5{ Images via Hanahzo }


DIY Floral Phone Case

by Kate on August 18, 2015

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-floral-iphonecase-1I recently attended the wedding of some very close friends of mine at the Headlands Center in Marin, and as one of the local guests I was allowed to take home a couple of the table centerpieces at the end of the evening. Designed by Studio Choo, the floral arrangements were spectacular, full of tea-colored roses and aubergine ranunculus. Had I discovered this awesome floral phone case tutorial from the Etsy blog a bit sooner, I would have certainly used the leftover flowers to make a few of these cases. Alas, those bouquets have since perished, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be trying this project immediately.

The steps are wonderfully simple, and this would make the perfect project for a party or gathering with friends. The most challenging part is also the most enjoyable: creating the botanical arrangement. In my opinion, the best designs are the ones that utilize the negative space of the white case, but it’s hard to make a wrong decision here. To see the full project and find links for purchasing supplies, visit the Etsy blog here. Happy crafting!

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-floral-iphonecase-2anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-floral-iphonecase-3anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-floral-iphonecase-4anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-floral-iphonecase-5{ All images and full tutorial found via the Etsy blog }


Pop & Scott Workshop Cooperative

by Kate on August 17, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-1It may be winter in Australia right now, but the home furnishings offered by Melbourne-based workshop Pop & Scott evoke a dreamy, sand-worn summerscape.  Not only would I be thrilled to own one of their beautifully crafted furniture pieces, but I would gladly move into this showroom, with its sunny color palette and unfussy styling.

Simple and sturdy, each Pop & Scott design is clearly built to become a classic, timeless object that will last for generations and remain effortlessly stylish throughout its lifetime. You can view the whole collection and make inquiries into purchasing pieces through their online shop, and be sure to check out their blog as well for a better glimpse behind the scenes at this exciting new addition to the Australian design world.

anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-2anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-3anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-4anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-5anthologymag-blog-design-popandscott-6{ All images via Pop & Scott Workshop Cooperative }