by Anh-Minh on January 26, 2015

dupenny_openerI’ve been in Park City, Utah, the past few days and while I know that the Sundance films are the big draw in town right now, I have to admit: Among the things I’ve been most excited about are the wallpapers at the Lululemon on Main Street. Each of the dressing rooms is lined in a different hand-printed pattern by British illustrator Emily Dupen, a.k.a. Dupenny. I wasn’t previously familiar with her work, so was thrilled to discover the collection.

Dupenny also sells fabrics, art prints, and other decorative accessories—such as lampshades and pillows—with her graphic and, at times, whimsical designs. (That’s 1920s Glamour up there.) And, I’m happy to report, her shop offers worldwide shipping AND now through January 31, all regular-priced merchandise is 25 percent off (with code “fahabulous”).

dupenny_strongmanStrongman (also available in a color version)

 dupenny_splashSplash (also available in a black-and-white version)

dupenny_potionsPotions (also available in a black-and-white version)

{ Images via Dupenny }


The Garden Edit

by Joanna on January 13, 2015


It seems like many parts of country have been experiencing a cold spell lately. If you’re feeling especially impatient for spring/warmer weather, there’s always the option of bringing the outdoors in and The Garden Edit is just the way to do so.

This online shop is brimming with everything you could possibly need to curate and cultivate a well-designed garden. Founded by John Tebbs, an English gardener, The Garden Edit has a gorgeous array of handmade planters, copper trowels, elegant watering cans, and more.

anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-2 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-3 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-4 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-5 anthology-mag-blog-the-garden-edit-6

 { Images via The Garden Edit }

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Ace&Jig Bazaar Home Collection

by Anh-Minh on January 12, 2015

ace&jigLately, whenever I go on a trip, among my must-pack items is a pair of Ace&Jig pants that are made of a super-soft patterned fabric that’s both dressy and comfortable. (Bonus: They have an elastic waistband, so they’re perfect when I’m going out to a big dinner.) If I could wear those pants every day, believe me, I would. So I was happy to learn that the brand’s founders, Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson, have launched a home collection called Bazaar. Now I can truly surround myself with their wonderful textiles!

As they do with their clothing line, they work directly with weavers to craft custom yarn-dyed fabrics, all of which share a motif: the stripe. Bazaar includes pillows, bedrolls, quilts, and flags. I’ve definitely got my eye on a quilt right now, especially as the weather has gotten colder.


ace&jig_1And if you’d like to take a peek at how the Ace&Jig textiles are made, Of A Kind has a feature about the process.


{ Product images via Ace&Jig. Process images via Of A Kind. }



Studio Joo

by Joanna on January 7, 2015


Brooklyn artist Elaine Tian’s past experience in graphic design clearly informs her beautiful porcelain pieces. The washes of glaze feel like the tabletop equivalent of bold typography. Even the simple shapes are graphic in feel. Tian, of Studio Joo, draws her inspiration from the wabi-sabi aesthetic, as well as the beauty of simplicity.

anthology-mag-blog-studio-joo-2 anthology-mag-blog-studio-joo-3 anthology-mag-blog-studio-joo-4

 { Images via Studio Joo }

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Sackcloth & Ashes

by Joanna on January 6, 2015


January is sort of an odd time when it comes to home decor. In my mind, it’s really the snuggliest month, especially after the hullabaloo of the holidays. Personally, I use it as a time to reassess my home with a focus on my bedding. After all, it’s chilly outside and the perfect time to layer on the blankets.

A recent discovery of mine is Sackcloth & Ashes, a company that sells high-quality blankets. They donate a fleece blanket to a homeless shelter whenever you purchase one. The blankets are offered in three different fabrications: alpaca, plush fleece, and Southwestern-inspired stripes. The entire concept was inspired by founder Bob Dalton’s mother, who found herself homeless after moving across the country to start over. It seems especially fitting then to feature Sackcloth & Ashes now, as we kick off a new year and look forward to fresh starts.

anthology-mag-blog-sackcloth-and-ashes-2 anthology-mag-blog-sackcloth-and-ashes-3 anthology-mag-blog-sackcloth-and-ashes-5 anthology-mag-blog-sackcloth-and-ashes-4

{ Images via Sackcloth & Ashes }