by Nancy on September 1, 2015

anthologymag-blog-eskayel-1Just last week, I was on vacation with my family in Maui. We were sad to leave the island and I admit: I still haven’t fully unpacked our bags! So it probably comes as no surprise that when I was browsing through Eskayel’s website, I was quickly drawn toward images and designs that reminded me of our stay in Maui, and wishing we were still there.

Eskayel is a Brooklyn-based company founded by Shanan Campanaro, that carries a wide array of wall-coverings, fabric, carpets, accessories, and furnishings. Part of the design process begins with paintings on paper that are then saturated with water, letting the colors bleed into one another. Campanaro is inspired by nature and travel, and the ocean and colors of the sunset are the biggest influences in her work. It’s no wonder the designs made me miss the beach even more! I also love that the company is eco-conscious, using only natural linens, organic cottons, water-based inks, and recycled materials.

anthologymag-blog-eskayel-2anthologymag-blog-eskayel-3anthologymag-blog-eskayel-4anthologymag-blog-eskayel-5{ All images from Eskayel }


Adelene Simple Cloth

by Anh-Minh on August 27, 2015

adelene1I’ve been in my current house for about seven years now, and I have yet to figure out just the right combination of pillows in my living room. I’ve tried various patterns, solids, textures—but haven’t quite achieved that balance between comfort and visual interest.

Recently, though, I think I came across the answer to my decorating problem: Adelene Simple Cloth. The collection, which is handcrafted and sewn in Massachusetts, includes pillows with such lovely details, like tassels on the corners, fringed borders, and zippers done in a contrasting hue. The solids come in a range of colors, from subtle to vibrant. And the patterns are lively, yet not overwhelming so they don’t dominate the room. (I love that the Jailbird stripe is reversible!) Online purchasing will be available soon, so I’ll be checking in on the site frequently in the weeks to come.

adelene2 adelene3 adelene4

{ Top images by Rinne Allen. All other images from Adelene Simple Cloth }


Skinny Wolf

by Nancy on August 13, 2015

anthologymag-blog-skinnywolf-quiltI love looking through old issues of Anthology to find design inspiration, re-read stories, and catch up on people we’ve featured. Back in 2012 in Issue No. 6, we featured Leila Sanderson’s home and I immediately remembered thinking how clever her hanging headboard was. I read her story again and was curious to see what she had been up to over the past few years.

Sanderson opened an online shop in 2014 called Skinny Wolf, which carries her handmade wares. I particularly love her teepees made from recycled sailcloth, and her rosettes that are made using an 18th-century millinery technique. With her use of whimsical patterns and colors, you can tell that Sanderson’s inspiration is rooted in her childhood. What I like most of all is how versatile her creations are, and that they can fit in any girl’s or boy’s room.


anthologymag-blog-skinnywolf-pillow{ All images by Skinny Wolf }

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Hôtel Henriette

by Kate on August 11, 2015

anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-1With the rise of Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and other lodging apps popping up around the world, the hospitality industry has certainly experienced a massive shift in recent years. I am thrilled to know those alternative methods are available to me when planning a trip, but I am also happy to see that unique, beautiful, and reasonably priced hotels are still thriving. The Hôtel Henriette Paris is one of the most charming and appealing hotels I’ve come across in recent years, and I would book a stay there in a heartbeat.

There are 32 rooms in this boutique hotel, all expertly designed by Vanessa Scoffier of Les Nouveaux Decorateurs. The vibe of each room is so welcoming and laid-back, yet also full of delightful and surprising visual touches: a two-toned contrast wall, a well-worn leather headboard, am elegant vintage wallpaper. It’s situated in a great spot, located on a brick-paved side street and just a 10 minute walk from the lovely Jardin des Plantes botanical garden. If you can pull yourself away from this hotel’s magical rooms, I think you’ll find it’s the perfect place from which to explore the city. To book a room, or to simply admire more of the hotel’s stunning interiors, visit their website here.  

anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-2anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-3anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-4anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-5anthologymag-blog-travel-hotel-henriette-6{ All images via Hôtel Henriette Paris }


Maison Monade Masks

by Anh-Minh on August 6, 2015

mm_02I’ve got a couple of walls in my home that are decorated with art that is hung salon-style. Among the paintings, prints, and etchings, I like to display works that inject different shapes and textures to the overall arrangement. And if these objects also bring a smile to my face? Even better.

Which is why I’ve currently got my eye on these ceramic masks by Maison Monade. Each clay piece is handmade-to-order in Brooklyn, and comes with its own wonderful personality.

mm_01 mm_03 mm_04 mm_05

{ Images from Maison Monade }