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{Wandering Thoughts} Anne Sage

by Joanna on February 4, 2013

{This week we’re welcoming a new regular contributor to the blog: Joanna Hawley. In addition to writing for us here, Joanna is a housewares designer at Anthropologie and catalogs her creative inspiration at Jojotastic. Welcome, Joanna! —Alexis}

Today I am pleased to bring you the Wandering Thoughts of my dear friend, Anne Sage. An eternal Jane-of-all trades, Anne is a lifestyle writer, creative director, and social media consultant—and one of the wisest people I know. Ever ready to share new musical or reading finds, Anne’s got stellar taste to boot! Her style can best be described as nostalgic, simple, but certainly not boring, and tap dancing around the fine line between masculine and feminine. Since Anne recently relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles, nesting has been on her mind a lot. Here are her top picks for a soulful, peaceful retreat. Thanks, Anne!

  1. Quirky Animal Notecards from Le Canot Rouge. The website for this charming stationery company is intentionally vague. Who draws these cards? Who creates the characters and writes the stories behind each adorable creature? The details remain a mystery, but anyone who comes up with names like ‘Scruffles Wigglebottom Skunk’ is a person after my own heart.
  2. Materials + Process Earhart Carrycase. Let’s be real: New tech gadgets are just an excuse to shop for new tech gadget accessories. I’ve yet to pull the trigger on a case for the iPad that Santa left in my stocking. This butter-soft leather sack from my favorite under-the-radar San Francisco studio is the current front runner.
  3. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. If I one day write half as well as Cheryl Strayed, I’ll consider myself a success. This brilliant fiction and non-fiction author recently released a compiled volume of her once-anonymous advice column for The Rumpus. Tip: Read it alongside a box of tissue.
  4. D.S. & Durga My Indian Childhood Fragrance. This heady blend of patchouli and tobacco with tropical flowers summons memories of what I’m certain was my past life as a Vedic warrior princess. I spritz it on my scarves so that it swirls around me, and in my copy of Michael Ondaatje’s The Cinnamon Peeler so that I get a whiff with every page I turn.
  5. Arteriors Home Sabine Desk Lamp at Lamps Plus. I recently started fresh in a new apartment, and the move has made me realize how tacky 99.9% of lighting is. With its airy presence and memorable silhouette, this lamp falls into the 0.01% of options that don’t offend my delicate sensibilities.
  6. Crate & Barrel French Kitchen Collection. The je ne sais quoi of French interiors is just as elusive as that of French fashion. Do the elegant women in Marie Claire Maison inherit their marble platters and pedestals from their equally elegant mothers and grandmothers? I don’t know. But what I do know is that Crate & Barrel is offering up a darn good fromage dome lately, with no Gallic ancestry required.

{Top image by Anne Sage on Instagram}

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I’m thrilled to bring you the wandering thoughts of Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker, the wonderful couple behind Horne, one of the most beautifully curated online shops. I’ve long admired Ryan and Alissa’s great taste. I enjoy browsing their shop frequently and checking out their Behind the Bar series on Design*Sponge, where we are co-editors. Ryan and Alissa have been out and about this year, and their thoughts are subsequently filled with the scents, sounds, sights, and tastes that they gathered during their travels. Thank you for sharing, Ryan and Alissa!

  1. The Beginners. Everything about this movie was spot on: the score, set design, styling, and story—even the movie poster. It is currently hanging on our inspiration board.
  2. We recently went on a trip to Marfa, TX, and relished in the minimalism of Donald Judd and the artists of the Chinati Foundation. Donald Judd had beds in all of the various rooms of the “Block” (his home in Marfa) as he liked to lay in bed awhile sketching. Beds everywhere you say? That sounds like a pretty sweet life.
  3. While in Marfa, we took in the local talent of Mimi and Roberto Dopson—husband and wife potters, of Mimi y Roberto Pottery—who make beautifully minimalist pieces from their studio in Alpine, TX. We had the privilege of going to the Food Shark with the pair as we discussed a little bit of everything over a Marfalafal.
  4. While getting a private tour of Mimi and Roberto’s studio, we stumbled upon a ceramic piece they had collected from Teodora Blanco. Their piece was a beautiful clay female figure with intricate floral details.
  5. Tienda M carried work by Mimi y Roberto, handmade goods from Oaxaca, and the lovely designs by Christina Kim of dosa. I finally bought my first few dosa pieces and I am in LOVE!
  6. We are really digging the graphic artist Shepard Fairey and the work he did with indie rockers Death Cab for Cutie on their video for “Home Is a Fire.”
  7. Ryan and I just saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Mann Center here in Philly and we are loving their new album, Codes & Keys, especially the song, “You Are a Tourist.”
  8. We love the idea of a small curated shop that sells local and handmade goods. Tienda M in Marfa is one such successful example of how this idea can come to life.
  9. Traditional recipes from the heel of Italy’s boot: We can’t help ourselves but to work non-stop when we are in Philly, so the travel is not only appealing because, well, we get to travel but it also means some much-needed time away from Horne. We are heading back to France and Italy this month and Ryan has been cooking his way through the most fabulous cookbook, Flavors of Puglia, that I got him for his birthday last year. I purchased it from Rabelais book store in Portland, ME.  The recipes are all from the Puglia region in Italy and each one is better than the last.


We’re back with another set of wandering thoughts—this time from our friend and frequent Anthology contributor, the mega talented photographer Thayer Allyson Gowdy. Thayer’s sense of humor has kept us going on many a long day of shooting for the magazine, and it’s great to get a little extra peek into Thayer’s mind. With all the lovely and sweet thoughts she’s having this summer, I just want to dive into Thayer’s daydreams and stay there. Thank you for sharing, Thayer!

  1. Small sofas for my home. I love this one I ran across online and wish I could remember where I saw it. I love the clean modern pattern with the traditional turned legs in front.  Fun and timeless. (Pssst…Thayer, it’s available here!)
  2. I’ve been spending lots of time recently in Asia. Next time I visit,  I want to try the pretty colorful bao from Paradise Dynasty in Singapore.
  3. I really want a vintage car! I went to the Amalfi Coast recently and Fiats were everywhere. Oh please someone, my birthday is coming up! The idea of driving to Big Sur and car camping with this lover is dreamy. (photo from tumblr)
  4. Naps. I have never been a napper until the last few months traveling so often. I discovered napping and how delicious it is. Just woke up from one.
  5. I have been dreaming of a Morgan Parish clutch from General Store in the Sunset district. I was looking for a clutch for date nights. This one is not too girly, and I love the horsehair tassel.
  6. I am itching to go to the tree hotel in Sweden. I have never been to Sweden and its been on my list of places to go.  I loved sleeping in trees as a kid.
  7. Romance has been buzzing in my head a lot lately. Where to find it, how to give it, how to capture it. It makes everything shiny and I want to capture the glow. I have been in love with love lately :)
  8. My new custom Balinese oxfords. What to wear them with, how amazing they’ll get over the years. They make me smile.
  9. Loving this swimsuit lately from Princesse Tam Tam! Black is flattering and timeless. This retro number makes me want to be on a sailboat off the coast of Turkey.


{Wandering Thoughts}

by Kate on March 18, 2011

To quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” This statement rings so true sometimes, and here at Anthology we believe it can be extended to thoughts as well. Sometimes the random epiphanies and daydreams we have can have more value for us than all the things we’re “supposed” to be thinking about. They are certainly more fun. With that in mind, we’ve created a new recurring column to document some of our wandering thoughts.

In the midst of a cold and dreary week, as I begin to feel the pinch of approaching deadlines and the looming aches and pains associated with a huge spring clean I’ve got planned, this is where my mind is wandering off to:

1. Ginger Snaps – My father baked me some marvelous gingersnaps for my birthday last month, and after polishing them off in an obscenely short time span, I’m dreaming about making myself another batch.

2. Eden’s Outcasts – The book I’m currently reading, about the relationship between A. Bronson Alcott and his daughter Louis May, the author of Little Women. I have such a hard time putting it down, which is a shame because I have to.

3. Mamma Andersson – I still can’t get the mysterious and lovely paintings by Mamma Andersson out of my head. I’m hoping an exhibit of her work will fortuitously open soon in a nearby gallery or museum.

4. Suki Cheema Apron – I’ve been needing a new apron for months now, and I think I may finally take the plunge with this one.

5. My cat – It seems that my cat and I share an equally low tolerance for cold temperatures, which is somewhat pathetic considering he has a thick coat of fur. He’s been stationed by the heater 24/7 for the past couple of months now. He is cute, though …

6. Iacoli & McAllister pendant lights – I’ve seen these popping up here and there and I find them quite striking. They have a particularly lovely white version which is wrapped in multicolor thread.

{ Title image: The Day Dream by Dante Gabriel Rosetti }