Textiles by Susan Connor

by Joanna on July 29, 2014


New York-based textile designer Susan Connor has long had a passion for what she calls “authentic luxuries.” The self-taught designer and artist debuted her collection of softly-hued and relaxed textiles in early 2014. The collection is made in limited quantities, which allows Connor to expand her creative repertoire by constantly creating new designs. Inspired by merging decorative arts with a casual simplicity, the pieces have a touch of Bohemia while also feeling modern. Connor uses linen for the pillows and throws, making the pieces durable, yet lightweight and luxurious. Lastly, the motifs that adorn each piece are hand-printed in Brooklyn, lending a natural variation to the artwork.

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{ Images via Susan Connor }



Jay Street Block Print Co.

by Joanna on July 22, 2014


As a big fan of textiles both personally and professionally, I’m always on the lookout for new twists on my favorites. Upon discovering Jay Street Block Print Co., I realized I had something special on my hands. Designed in New York and made in India, these textiles are all about bringing attention to the traditional arts of handicraft and manufacturing. Most of the motifs are done using hand-carved, hand-placed printing blocks. The pieces that aren’t block printed are made with screens as a way to reduce fabric waste.

Jay Street Block Print Co. also participates in the Craftmark initiative, which “helps denote genuine Indian handicrafts, develop sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as a handicrafts product, and increase consumer awareness of distinct handicraft traditions.” This alone proves just how deeply Jay Street has considered their manufacturing process while also creating beautiful textiles.

anthology-mag-blog-Jay-Street-Block-Print-Co-1 anthology-mag-blog-Jay-Street-Block-Print-Co-3 anthology-mag-blog-Jay-Street-Block-Print-Co-4

{ Images via Jay Street Block Print Co. }


Bunglo by Shay Spaniola

by Joanna on July 7, 2014


Based in Austin, Texas, Bunglo is the brainchild of artist and designer Shay Spaniola. Taking inspiration from colors and patterns found in Eastern religions, worldwide travels, and foreign cultures, Bunglo textiles have an eclectic yet modern feel. The colors pair well together across collections, while the artwork is truly unique in its mirroring and scale. Each pillow is handmade using fabrics produced in the United States.

anthology-mag-blog-Bunglo-by-Shay-Spaniola-2 anthology-mag-blog-Bunglo-by-Shay-Spaniola-3 anthology-mag-blog-Bunglo-by-Shay-Spaniola-4

{ Images via Bunglo }

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New Friends for Anthropologie

Rugs … They certainly tie a room together, and these beauties from New Friends are no exception. Created in collaboration with Anthropologie, the Silvered Prisms collection features gorgeously woven wool rugs in a variety of bold hues and lush textures. In case you’re not familiar with New Friends: based in Brooklyn and founded in 2012, Alexandra Segreti and Kelly Rakowski design and create weavings, rugs, and textiles. With a focus on “combining the rich history of textiles and contemporary visual culture,” New Friends uses a wide range of materials, such as metallic threads and locally sourced wools colored with plant-based dyes. 

New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie New Friends for Anthropologie anthology-mag-blog-new-friends-for-anthropologie-7

{ Images from New Friends, via Design Milk }


Barrington Blue

by Joanna on May 27, 2014


Vintage textiles are having a moment right now and these pieces from Barrington Blue are a beautiful reminder of why that is. Started by Carrie Olshan, this online shop features a truly gorgeous selection of vintage fabrics reimagined as pillows and furniture. From kilims to suzanis, Carrie handcrafts each piece in Los Angeles with a mission to “breathe new life” into these textiles.

anthology-mag-blog-barrington-blue-4anthology-mag-blog-barrington-blue-1  anthology-mag-blog-barrington-blue-3

{ Images from Barrington Blue }