Knotwork LA

by Nancy on September 15, 2015

anthologymag-blog-knotworkla-1Ever since Issue No. 20, which has a Print & Pattern theme, came out, my eyes have been gravitating toward fun and beautiful patterns. Case in point: Knotwork LA’s vases and plates, which feature layers of pattern. I especially love the organic shapes and colors, and how the markings create textural interest.

Knotwork LA is a collaboration between Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor, and all of their products are hand crafted in Los Angeles. Both have full-time careers in design and architecture, but created Knotwork LA as an outlet for the ceramic work they do during their off-duty hours. And I think you’ll agree—it’s a pretty impressive line of products that Hsiao and Taylor have been creating in their spare time!


 { All images by Knotwork LA }


Cabrillo Glassware

by Kate on September 2, 2015

anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-1As Market Editor, I’m always on the lookout for good styling inspiration. Recently I was browsing online and when I made my way over to Quitokeeto, I was struck by their impeccable photography. Many of their photographs have this amazing painterly quality, and feel more like still life studies than images of products for sale.

I found myself particularly drawn to these hand-blown, California-made Cabrillo glasses. The patterned surfaces create beautiful refractions of light and color, and they seem like the perfect size and shape for any special drink you want to savor and appreciate in the moment. The glasses are on sale here, and while you’re there be sure to check out the rest of Quitokeetos’ collection of lovingly treated, well-made goods for kitchen and home.

anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-2anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-3anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-4anthologymag-blog-products-quitokeeto-cabrillo-glass-5{ All images via Quitokeeto }



I came across this achingly beautiful entertaining spread while browsing the online wares of Spartan Shop, the impeccably styled and stocked boutique based in Austin, Texas. Entitled Sobremessa, this collaboration between Spartan and NYC-based clothing shop Apiece Apart celebrates that wonderful time after a meal when everyone lingers at the table, perhaps nibbling a few last bites and reveling in the pleasure of good food amidst good company.

Like the colors of a Dutch painting, the velvety greens, peaches and neutrals of these images are so rich and creamy—you can almost taste them. If you are feeing inspired to host a similarly elegant communal gathering, you’re in luck: All of the linens, tableware, and serving pieces are available for purchase through Spartan. Made of durable, timeless materials, these pieces will last you and your family a lifetime of sobremessa moments.



 { Images above: photographed by Currie Person and styled by Sarah Baker, via Apiece Apart }


{ Image above: some of the tableware pieces included in the spread, all available at Spartan Shop }


Signe Yberg Ceramics

by Anh-Minh on October 10, 2014

signeyberg_jugSigne Yberg is a Brooklyn-based stylist who, about four years ago, started dabbling in clay. And I for one, am glad she did! On her website, she notes that she is “inspired by color and texture, and drawn to simple shapes, clean lines, and elegant proportions. I like to make functional pottery—pieces that I want to use in my own home—to add beauty to daily rituals and special occasions.”

Yberg’s handcrafted collection includes bowls, cups, vases, and other vessels. My favorite is the Glug Jug—shown above in coral, with gray and white stripes on the speckled buff stoneware. It’s large enough to hold the contents of an entire bottle of wine, and there are also matching cups … Well, when the pieces aren’t sold out, that is!

signeyberg_dripbottle signeyberg_jars signeyberg_carafe

{ All images from Signe Yberg }


Workaday Handmade

by Anh-Minh on August 15, 2014

workadayForrest Lewinger is the Brooklyn ceramicist behind Workaday Handmade, a collection of one-of-a-kind vessels. I was immediately drawn to the carefree nature of his patterns. And I became even more enamored with his work when I read the story of how he launched his business, as shared by Of A Kind (which is one of my favorite shops ever):

“A Georgia guy who moved to NYC in 2011, Forrest, who spends his days as a potter and production assistant for a high-end ceramicist, decided to commit his midday meal time to creating one original piece of artwork per day—clay creations, glazed blue, that he called lunch pots. After a few months at it in 2012, these projects began to take over his apartment—and friends asked to take them off his hands. … In fact, they were the start of his own company. Since those early days, he has expanded his scope to hand-thrown and -painted cups, bowls, and vases, has mixed up his color palette, has gotten a studio space, and has added some after-hours time to the schedule.”

Quite a few of his pieces are sold out on his site, but luckily, there’s a handy list of stockists so you can track down more of his work.

workaday1 workaday2

{ Images via Workaday Handmade }