DIY Abstract Botanical Art

by Kate on May 5, 2015

anthology-mag-blog-projects-leaf-art-5From my years of creating DIYs, I know that the best projects produce a certain effect upon viewing—a moment that contains flashes of recognition, comprehension, inspiration, and delight, all at once. It’s instantly obvious what disparate elements have been pulled together to create something new, but also how it was done. And a project with only 2-3 materials? Even better.

This leaf art project was sparked by the creator’s fortuitous find of a simple frame from Copenhagen-based designer Moebe, which is just two pieces of plexiglass held snugly together by four pieces of wood and a rubber band. The abstract design created by folding and weaving the leaves is equally clever, simple, and lovely—a perfect match for the spare frame. Any project that takes a few minutes to make but provides endless viewing pleasure, wins large in my book. To see the step-by-step instructions for creating this project, click here.




anthology-mag-blog-projects-leaf-art-1{ All images via Monster Circus }


Project Roundup: DIY Cacti

by Kate on April 17, 2015


My love of trompe l’oeil objects runs deep. I cannot tell you how exciting it was for me as kid to visit the Boston Children’s Museum and peek in the cubby holes at little Colonial dioramas starring tiny costumed mice, and fake food, all fake food, was just the BEST thing I had ever seen. This is something all kids love I imagine, and sticks with us forever. Have you ever met an adult who didn’t delight, even just a tiny bit, in seeing objects recreated out of other materials?

Fake plants also hold a special place in my heart, right up there with fake food. Longtime readers of this blog may remember I wrote about indestructible plants a few years ago, but there have been so many amazing fake cacti projects as of late, I couldn’t resist sharing more. What I love most about these objects is that they are simple and inexpensive, and they reuse materials to create something fun and beautiful. Making these as gifts, or just as little pick-me-ups, would do the mind and body good. I’m going to try one this weekend. I hope you join me!

{ Image above: These adorable card cacti made by Catherine at Little Glowing Lights, using the tutorial in Beci Orpin’s book Home }


 { Colorful paper cacti you can make in a minute: The Port-a-Plant from Chronicle Books }


{ Learn how to make a clever abstract version of faux cacti on The Jungalow }


 { A painted rock garden would be a great version to make with kids, but is also a perfect solo craft. }


 { You can’t go wrong with a cushy cactus! I love this little pincushion version from Anna Evers }


{ Need a fun home project for spring? Cover your couch with these cactus pillows from Everything Emily. }



by Kate on April 8, 2015


In our minds, whatever print publications and hand-written letters may lack in digital instantaneousness, they more than make up for in their real-time, tactile, text-in-hand joy. So I hope it comes as no surprise that we here at Anthology are enthusiastic supporters of Write_On: a campaign to promote joy, creativity, and connection through hand-written correspondence.

Write_On was launched in April 2014, when Egg Press founder Tess Darrow teamed up with Eunice and Sabrina of Hello! Lucky to create correspondence kits and encourage their friends and family to write 30 letters in 30 days to celebrate National Letter-Writing Month.  The campaign was a huge success. They gave away more than 2,000 kits and received thousands of written letters, shoutouts, and images. 

This year, they’ve created a website hub for the campaign, where people can order letter-writing kits and find letter-writing ideas all year long. They’ve also partnered with great brands like Paper Source, Sakura, and independent boutiques nationwide. Click here to grab a kit, scout some inspiration, and get writing!  


anthologymag-blog-writeon-challenge-1{ Images via Write_On }


All Natural Skin Recipes

by Kate on March 24, 2015


After numerous discussions with my fellow Anthology editors about spas over the years, I can safely say we’re all on board for a little self TLC from time to time. I was very excited to stumble upon this collection of skincare recipes on the site of Austin-based design and event-planning firm Camille Styles—a treasure trove of beautiful tidbits. At first glance these look like the makings for delicious snacks, but they are actually a series of homemade treatments for cleansing, toning, and hydrating your skin. They were created by Adina Grigore, author of Skin Cleanse and the creator S.W. Basics,  who believes that the best ingredients for beautiful skincare are the exact same ones needed to feed a healthy body. 

Adina’s philosophy is one of simplicity, and all the products in her line are comprised of five ingredients or less. What I love about these recipes is that they are cost effective—made up of kitchen staples easily found in grocery stores—but also gentle, chemical-free, and easy to throw together in a few minutes. I know I’ll be taking a quick trip to the market and setting aside a little time tonight for one of these yummy treatments … How about you? 

{ Image above: Calming Aloe Cleanser recipe via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


 { Skin Feast Mask via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


{ Pumpkin Pie Glow Mask via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


Summertime DIY Round Up

by Joanna on July 17, 2013

Summer is the perfect time to tackle some DIY projects; the kids are out of school and bored, the days are longer, and it’s just a bit too muggy outside to tend to the garden. I like to think of it as time to finally dig into all those projects I pin! Here are a few easy-to-follow home decor DIY projects sure to inspire and excite.

Up-cycle and update mason jars with the Gold Dino DIY kit from Darby Smart, shown above. I love the idea of making tons of these to hold dried herbs from my garden. Picture them all in a row along a kitchen counter …

Set the table with these two DIY projects: Dip Dye Tassel Napkin Rings from Hank & Hunt and Block Printed Napkins from Everything Golden. Talk about a great way to spruce up any tabletop on a budget!

Lastly, stay connected in style with this Gold Leaf iPhone Case project from Oh Happy Day. This DIY project really takes the whole customized phone case thing to a new level!

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