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Anthologymag-blog-BTS-Issue11-1Do you recognize the cookies in the photo above? These were the cookies Tess Wilson made for the cover of Issue No. 11, our food-themed issue. One of my favorite things to do during shoots is take behind-the-scenes pictures with my camera phone. Most of the time the images don’t come out super fancy, but they serve as documentation of the process and the work involved in these shoots. Wilson baked 92 hexagon-shaped cookie “tiles,” and the “grout” was made of white frosting. The smell of the sweet vanilla frosting filled the room, and if it weren’t for the fact that four different people were arranging the cookies, we would’ve eaten them all up after the last shot.

While the cover was being styled, there was another station of people working on the Market Report. Seventeen different products were styled on a white tabletop, and we had one person toasting 84 slices of bread and another baking 48 biscuits. All were either devoured or equally divided and taken home. It was pretty rewarding to see everything come together in the end! This was one of my favorite issues to work on, and it has many memorable recipes that I refer to regularly.

Anthologymag-blog-BTS-Issue11-4Anthologymag-blog-BTS-Issue11-2Anthologymag-blog-BTS-Issue11-3{ All images by Nancy Cho }


Issue20_Cover-loresThis cover story brings back such great memories! It is one of my favorites to write because it involved three very talented individuals: interior designer Chloe Redmond Warner, whose dining room is captured on the cover; photographer Laure Joliet, who was an Anthology contributor from day one; and stylist Miranda Jones, who was also a regular in our pages over the years.

I especially love looking at this feature right now because it is so dark and gloomy outside! It’s been a stormy week here in the Bay Area, but flipping through Issue No. 20 is an instant pick-me-up. If you don’t already have a copy, you can purchase one in our back-issues shop (which, by the way, now carries Issue No. 21). And below are a couple more homes that appeared in our pattern-themed edition.

BALANCING ACT in the Netherlands Issue20-Spread-AMS-Uitjittewaal-1 Issue20-Spread-AMS-Uitjittewaal-2 Issue20-Spread-AMS-Uitjittewaal-3

BOLD PLAY in Brooklyn

Issue20-Spread-Floto-Warner-1 Issue20-Spread-Floto-Warner-2

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Issue19_Cover-loresFor our last blog post of the year, we’re going back to spring and taking a closer look at Issue No. 19. This bright and cheery cover—which shows the living room of event designer David Stark and artist Migguel Anggelo‘s Miami living room—always puts a smile on my face. And it’s an especially welcome sight on a cold winter morning! Below are a couple more spreads from the issue, which you can purchase—along with other back issues—right here.

Ready, Set, Go! Melina Hammer shared a trio of recipes that are perfect for making and taking on the road. These are the recipes you need for your next potluck or tailgate!

Issue19-Spread-Hammer-ReadySetGo-1 Issue19-Spread-Hammer-ReadySetGo-2

Pride of Place Interior designer Niya Bascom of Ishka Designs gave us a tour of his Brooklyn residence, which is appointed with so many beautiful travel mementos.

Issue19-Spread-NiyaBascom-1 Issue19-Spread-NiyaBascom-2

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As many of you know, 2015 is the final year of publication for Anthology. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading the magazine and the blog. It’s been a pleasure sharing so many creative people and places with you over the past five years. We’ll still be posting here from time to time, but with less frequency since our team is embarking on new projects.

Happy New Year to you and yours.


Issue18_Cover-loresIn case you didn’t receive the back issues that you’re still missing from your Anthology collection … Our back issues shop is still open for business!

Issue No. 18/Winter 2015 is one of over a dozen magazines currently available in the shop.

Shades of Beauty:This is one of my favorite photo essays that we published over the years.


Vivid Imagination: As you can see, James Aguiar and Mark Haldeman’s Brooklyn home was perfect for the color-themed issue!

Issue18-Spread-Aguiar-1 Issue18-Spread-Aguiar-2

Prized Possession: Theresa Canning Zast of Kate Spade shares a photograph that she treasures.


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Issue17_Cover_loresThis is probably the most modern cover we ran during our five years, and it’s the living room of one of my favorite local interior designers: Catherine Kwong. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of writing about her work for other publications, but it was a real treat to tour her own place and get to know Catherine a little better.

The pages of Issue No. 17/Fall 2014, which you can purchase in our back issues shop, were filled with people whose work I’ve long admired. Here’s just a few of them …

Conversation: Architect Barbara Bestor showed us around her bright and contemporary Los Angeles home.Issue17-Conv-Bestor-opener Issue17-Conv-Bestor-2

Creative Confections: Chocolate Editions shares recipes for fun and fantastic sweets.

Issue17-Food-Matson-opener Issue17-Food-Matson-spread

Agents of Change: We tour the loft of one of the brothers (Evan Haslegrave) behind the design firm hOmE.


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