Donut Time

by Kate on April 10, 2015


{ Warning: this is a propaganda piece about donuts. }

I can’t speak for my fellow editors, but for me there’s no better vehicle for decadent culinary pleasure than the donut. Donut versus cupcake? Donut. Donut versus pie? Donut. Ice cream? Waffles? Cake? Nachos? I choose donut, every time. Round, glossy, golden, puffy, colorful, textural … What’s not to love?

It only recently occurred to me that I could make my own donuts at home, and luckily there are so many great recipes online. The challenge is simply choosing which one. I’ve provided a variety of types here, as I know donut preferences may vary: cake or fluffy, baked or fried, creme-filled or sugared or glazed … You get the idea. There’s really no wrong option here, so pick one of these amazing recipes and make some donuts today.

{ Image above: ForYourArt’s 24-hour doughnut event at LACMA in 2012. Photo by David Gilbert }


 { Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts, via Broma Bakery }


 { Pistachio Baked Almond Donuts, via Gather & Dine }


 { Chocolate Hazelnut Long Johns, via O & O Eats }


 { Pink Strawberry Mini Donuts by Lexy Ward, via Proper }


 { 15-Minute Donuts from Scratch, via Cooking Classy }


 { Banana Chocolate Chip Baked Donuts with Caramel Pecan Glaze, via Twigg Studios }


 { Strawberry Glazed Brown Butter/Buttermilk Doughnuts, via The Kitchy Kitchen }


 { Passion Fruit Malasadas, via Use Real Butter }


 { Baked Donuts, via Design Love Fest }


 { Could donuts look more joyous than this? I doubt it.  Photo by David Paul Schmit }

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I came across this achingly beautiful entertaining spread while browsing the online wares of Spartan Shop, the impeccably styled and stocked boutique based in Austin, Texas. Entitled Sobremessa, this collaboration between Spartan and NYC-based clothing shop Apiece Apart celebrates that wonderful time after a meal when everyone lingers at the table, perhaps nibbling a few last bites and reveling in the pleasure of good food amidst good company.

Like the colors of a Dutch painting, the velvety greens, peaches and neutrals of these images are so rich and creamy—you can almost taste them. If you are feeing inspired to host a similarly elegant communal gathering, you’re in luck: All of the linens, tableware, and serving pieces are available for purchase through Spartan. Made of durable, timeless materials, these pieces will last you and your family a lifetime of sobremessa moments.



 { Images above: photographed by Currie Person and styled by Sarah Baker, via Apiece Apart }


{ Image above: some of the tableware pieces included in the spread, all available at Spartan Shop }


All Natural Skin Recipes

by Kate on March 24, 2015


After numerous discussions with my fellow Anthology editors about spas over the years, I can safely say we’re all on board for a little self TLC from time to time. I was very excited to stumble upon this collection of skincare recipes on the site of Austin-based design and event-planning firm Camille Styles—a treasure trove of beautiful tidbits. At first glance these look like the makings for delicious snacks, but they are actually a series of homemade treatments for cleansing, toning, and hydrating your skin. They were created by Adina Grigore, author of Skin Cleanse and the creator S.W. Basics,  who believes that the best ingredients for beautiful skincare are the exact same ones needed to feed a healthy body. 

Adina’s philosophy is one of simplicity, and all the products in her line are comprised of five ingredients or less. What I love about these recipes is that they are cost effective—made up of kitchen staples easily found in grocery stores—but also gentle, chemical-free, and easy to throw together in a few minutes. I know I’ll be taking a quick trip to the market and setting aside a little time tonight for one of these yummy treatments … How about you? 

{ Image above: Calming Aloe Cleanser recipe via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


 { Skin Feast Mask via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


{ Pumpkin Pie Glow Mask via Camille Styles; photography by Chaunté Vaughn }


Flowers of Visalia

by Kate on March 19, 2015


Is everyone else as excited as I am to welcome the Spring Equinox tomorrow? I am sure those of you on the East Coast are aching for a change of seasons, and I can’t say that I blame you. When I think about that magic of spring, it’s not simply the warmer weather and longer days: it’s the COLOR. I am a firm believer in the body’s emotional response to color, and I can already feel the shift happening when I look at these Instagram images of the botanical treasures the grow in and around the town of Visalia, California.

Browsing through this Instagram feed is like diving into paradise; like Gaugin’s first visit to Tahiti or when Darwin laid eyes on the Galapagos—a world teeming with sweet-smelling blossoms and lush green vines. The creator of these images, Sarah Speidel, is adept at capturing her subjects in abstraction, highlighting the often overlooked shifts in color and translucence that occur in each petal or plant leaf. These pattern-like images are a feast for the senses, and a perfect way to celebrate the change of seasons. Happy Spring!






 { All images via Flowers of Visalia on Instagram }


Cloud Iridescence

by Kate on March 5, 2015


After three decades of being on this earth, I thought I had seen every type of cloud there is. Puffy clouds; flat, pancake clouds; those incredible quilt-like clouds that often blanket the sky over the Bay Area. It’s incredibly refreshing to know that I haven’t seen them all yet, and I am now on a passionate hunt to witness this incredible phenomenon with my own eyes: iridescent clouds.

Caused by the diffraction and scattering of the sun’s rays through small water droplets or ice crystals within the cloud, this rainbow luminescence can only occur in certain types of clouds such as altocumulus or lenticular—or what I like to call layer cake clouds. It is fairly uncommon, but clearly worth keeping watch for.

As we stretch on through these cold winter months, it’s nice to know that there is the potential to spot a brilliant opalescent cloud in the sky. Keep your eyes out, and if any of you stumble across this lovely occurrence, please share it with us!  


{Image above by Darlisa Black}


 {Image by Jason Pratt}


{Image by Pennina Neumann}



{Two images above and lead image by See Shinn}