anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-1Last week I shared a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate, and as it turns out, that tasty beverage turned out to be a slippery slope for me. Not only have I made it for myself and friends almost daily since discovering it, but I was inspired to hunt down more holiday-inspired hot chocolate recipes to try.

There are so many delicious ways to spice up ordinary hot chocolate, and with a quality cocoa as your base, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong. These are some of my favorite recipes, chosen not just for their taste, but for the lovely presentation. If you’re planning any gatherings in the coming weeks, I recommend serving one of these seasonal sweet treats. I can almost guarantee that the gesture will not go unappreciated.

{Image above: a beautiful and festive homemade dark hot chocolate recipe from The Farmer’s Daughter}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-3{Want a vegan, dairy-free treat? Try this Chai Hot Chocolate from Tasty Yummies}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-2{A yummy coconut milk hot chocolate recipe from She Wears Many Hats}

anthologymag-blog-drinks-hot-chocolate-recipes-4{Go herbal with this lovely lavender hot chocolate recipe from Chic Deco}


DIY Roundup: Holiday Wreaths

by Kate on December 21, 2015

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-1As the year winds down and the storms begin to bluster outside, I find myself happily ensconced indoors, tackling my long awaited list of everyday tasks. I finally did a bit of “spring” cleaning—only six months or so past the season—and am now readying myself to do a few craft projects before the holidays.

I decided to round up some of the loveliest holiday greenery projects I could find: nothing too complicated, because I don’t want to explode over my newly organized home with a lot of supplies. These simple, elegant wreath designs are just the right type of project for the coming weeks. They are all easy enough to be party-appropriate, and are the perfect activity for cultivating a cozy holiday spirit on a cold winter afternoon. Enjoy!

{ Image above: Copper & Twig Wreaths by Erika Rax }

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-2 { Alyssa Hoppe’s Unique Holiday Wreath tutorial via Design Love Fest }

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-3 { Festive Wreath Making, via Freckle and Wulff }

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-4 { DIY Wooden Bead Wreath from Bildschoenes }

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-5 { Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath tutorial, via Treasures & Travels }

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-wreath-roundup-6{ Simple green mini-wreaths to dress up your presents, via Frolic Blog }


DIY Holiday Potpourri

by Kate on December 17, 2015

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-holiday-potpourri-1December has its drawbacks: cold feet, dwindling sunlight, the occasional bone-chilling wind. However, I will happily endure these minor setbacks if it means I also get to enjoy the best parts of the season: the convivial gatherings, the cozy sweaters, the scents of the holidays. Cinnamon, citrus, pine, cardamom—I go into a blissful state just naming all the delicious spices and aromas that accompany the season, which is why I am head over heels for this simple holiday potpourri tutorial from Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest.

Gerard’s put together a lovely DIY potpourri recipe that’s both a visual and olfactory delight. All you need are a few simple, fresh ingredients and a plain glass jar or natural cloth sack for storage. These potpourri pouches would make perfect gifts, but I highly recommend making one or two for your own home as well.

anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-holiday-potpourri-2anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-holiday-potpourri-3anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-holiday-potpourri-4anthologymag-blog-projects-diy-holiday-potpourri-5{ All images from Half Baked Harvest }


anthologymag-blog-fathersDay-fermeapapierI love finding gifts for my family and friends, but I’m always stumped when it comes to finding a Father’s Day gift for my husband. To top it off, it wasn’t until two days ago that I realized it was fast approaching and I hadn’t gotten him anything yet!

So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been madly hunting for fun and playful Father’s Day gifts. If you’re still searching for a present, hopefully this roundup will be of some help.

{ Image above: R&R Fishing Father’s Day card by Ferme á Papier }

anthologymag-blog-FathersDay-WelcomeStrangerWelcome Stranger is a menswear line based in San Francisco. They have two storefronts (San Francisco and Berkeley) as well as an online store which carries their goods along with other brands. I picked up a couple of these matching Adventure adult and kid’s t-shirts in their booth at the West Coast Craft show this past Sunday.

{ Adventure Graphic Tee from Welcome Stranger }

anthologymag-blog-FathersDay-BirdofVirtueI actually bought this tie clip by Bird of Virtue for a family member that has to wear a lot of suits to work. He’s not really a suit-and-tie type of guy, but he loves wearing this clip with every tie. The Striped Skinny Tie Clip is made by using a laser cutter and then hand-painted. The Circle Cuff links would also be nice to tie a whole outfit together!

{ Striped Skinny Tie Clip and Circle Cuff Links by Bird of Virtue }

anthologymag-blog-FathersDay-HellaSlingshotsThese items from Hella Slingshots are all about getting outside with the kids and playing a few games with dad. These are classic outdoor activities that will bring fun and maybe even a little bit of mischief!

{ Images from left to right: Tree Swing, Neon Orange Slingshot, Classic Wooden YoYo, Frescobol Set by Hella Slingshots }

anthologymag-blog-FathersDay-AultaA watch that won’t break the bank: The Aulta watch collection is the perfect combination of casual and sporty. These 100-meter water-resistant timepieces are built to last.

{ Images from left to right: The Seaward Nylon, The Leeway Leather, The Leeway by Aulta }


Carin’s Paper Party

by Joanna on December 15, 2014

carinspaperpartyAre you one of those people who sends out cards every holiday season? I always try to be, but it seems like my intentions get the best of me. That’s why I was delighted to discover the Etsy shop of my college friend Carin, called Carin’s Paper Party. Not only are her adorable holiday cards available in paper form, but they are always available as a download!

Here’s what that means: You can save on shipping time by downloading her awesome Hanukkah artwork and printing it yourself. Perfect for all those last-minute people out there (read: me). Oh and my personal favorite? The adorable doxie menorah design shown above.

carins paper party 1carins paper party 2 carins paper party 3carins-paper-party-6

{ Images via Carin’s Paper Party }