anthologymag-blog-MelissaSonico-1{ Melissa Sonico’s San Mateo Necklace for Poketo }

My son’s first grade teacher, Miss Marti, is about 20 years my senior, and she’s got style in spades. Every weekday morning at drop off, I watch her roll up in her Fiat wearing black browline sunglasses. Her stark white hair is always in place, and she wears the perfect shade of red lipstick. She also dons a bright, beaded chunky necklace to go with her minimalist and super-hip attire.

Inspired by Marti, I have purchased two beaded necklaces that complement my own everyday attire. When I’m running out of the house in a pair of plain jeans and a sweater, I throw one of these on to inject some color and punch to my outfit. They are the perfect last-minute accessory that perk up any ensemble. With the holidays quickly approaching, these necklaces are fun statement pieces that would make excellent gifts. Here are a few of my favorites …

anthologymag-blog-rkitekt2{ r-ki-tekt‘s Jaid and Wednesday Necklace }

anthologymag-blog-emilygreen3{ Emily Green‘s Rosetta and The Cindy Necklace }

anthologymag-blog-maslo4{ Chock A Block Gold-Black Necklace and Chock A Block Gold-Black by Maslo Jewelry }

anthologymag-blog-TomPigeon5{ Totem Necklace in Coral by Tom Pigeon }


Moulton Jewelry

by Joanna on March 30, 2015


During a recent trip to Austin, I discovered the gorgeously simple Moulton jewelry. Designed by artist Jen Moulton, each piece feels perfectly minimal and balanced. She focuses on designing geometric pieces with a clear thought in mind: creating something that she would want to wear herself. I could wear these pieces every day, yet they also feel like they could be just the right finishing touch for a special occasion outfit.

Moulton believes in finding “beauty in simplicity” and that philosophy truly shows in her work. She works with a wide range of materials, from 14k rose gold to sterling silver and bronze.

(Interesting little side note: She is the fourth generation in her family to own and operate a small business.)

anthology-mag-blog-Moulton-Jewelry-2 anthology-mag-blog-Moulton-Jewelry-3 anthology-mag-blog-Moulton-Jewelry-4

{ Images from Moulton }


Warby Parker in Hayes Valley

by meg on January 30, 2015

Warby Parker Glasses

I first started wearing glasses in college—and wore them for about 3 years. One day they broke in half (I sat on them), and being an unemployed recent graduate at the time, I decided to forego getting a new pair right away largely because they were too expensive. Then a curious thing happened—after about year (yes, that is how long I waited) I went to get my eyes checked and I found out that, crazily enough, my vision had returned back to 20/20. I should have been happy, right? Despite the miracle of restored vision, I was actually a bit sad that I didn’t have to wear glasses. They were a cool…accessory.

That was 1998 and at the time the words cute and inexpensive were not usually conjoined in describing eyewear. Until of course, Warby Parker came along years later.

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the opening party for Warby Parker in Hayes Valley. (They’ve actually been open for about two months now, but their initial party date had the misfortune of landing on the inception of #Stormaggedon 2014—hence rescheduling.) We enjoyed the library-esque design: bookcases filled with hardcover titles that were organized by color, reading nooks with leather seating, reference desk signage over what might normally be a service counter (it was a DJ station and bar last night). We also instantly recognized the cityscape murals and art throughout the space as the work of local designers and illustrators, Lab Partners (the duo designed the cover for our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide).

Perusing the selection, I started thinking of wearing glasses again—partly for style but mostly as a cover-up for my allergy-ridden eyes in the coming spring months—and starting at $95 a pair; it’s really a no brainer.

Hmmm, maybe I should get two.

Warby Parker Hayes Valley

Warby Parker Reference Desk

Warby Parker Reading Nook

Warby Parker Lab Partners

{Photographs by Lisa Wong Jackson}


Micaela Greg at West Coast Craft

by Nancy on December 16, 2014


When I first walked into Micaela Greg‘s booth at the West Coast Craft show, I was oohing and aahing over their soft and beautiful knitwear for women. Then out of the corner of my eye, I found a table with their kids’ line. I brought along my friend, Lisa, to take pictures at the show, and we just about fell over when we saw these adorable sweaters and sweatpants for babies and toddlers.


Micaela Greg is founded by two sisters, Marie and Karen Potesta, and all of their clothing is made in California. They use the softest Italian yarn—the kind that you want to wear all day and just live in. The kids’ sweatpants have modern and cute geometric patterns, and coordinate perfectly with their striped sweaters!



{ All images by Lisa Wong Jackson }



One of my favorite things to give (and get!) is jewelry. So when I saw the Myers Collective booth at West Coast Craft, I was so excited. At first glance, displayed on the table, the jewelry looked very structured. But once I picked them up, I was amazed by the delicate movement of each piece.

It turns out, Jenny Myers, the designer of these handmade creations, is also an architect. Her jewelry incorporates sleek, clean lines with elegance and femininity.


My favorite piece was Jenny’s necklace combo, Line 01A/01B/01C. Made with Japanese silk cord and brass, they come in three different sizes which you can wear separately or all together. I love how versatile they are, and that they can easily go from day to night.



anthology-mag-blog-meyers-collective2{ All images by Lisa Wong Jackson }