Cassie Byrnes

by Kate on January 11, 2016

anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-4I checked my local forecast this morning and saw raindrop symbols for 14 days straight. Now this is excellent news for my drought-stricken state, but it also means that I’ll need to formulate a game plan for how to stay out of the doldrums. Art always has a way of lifting my spirits, and today I’ve decided to turn to the work of Cassie Byrnes for some much needed color therapy.

Based in Melbourne, Byrnes is a textile and surface designer with a fearless approach to print and pattern. Her designs are made through a variety of techniques, including painting and multimedia collage. There’s so much playful vitality and life in her work that I can almost feel the warmth coming off of them—which is perfect for keeping me energized and cheerful on the dreary days to come. You can purchase some of Byrnes’ designs through her online shop, Variety Hour.

anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-2anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-1anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-3anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-5anthologymag-blog-design-cassiebyrnes-6 { All images via Cassie Byrnes }


Home Adventures

by Kate on January 4, 2016

anthologymag-blog-design-homeadventures-1I’m always excited to see a home object—be it furniture, utensils, textiles, or anything of the sort—that blurs the boundaries between the functional and the sculptural. Home Adventures is a Barcelona based-design firm with a playful, inventive vision and knack for walking this line. Their newest series, called “Lines & Dots,” is a collection of lamps that are wonderfully abstract and kinetic, while remaining simple and functional.

“Lines & Dots” originated with dozens of ink drawings, which were then transformed into eight unique sculptural lighting designs and soldered by hand. It’s such a delight to get a glimpse of the whole process, from sketch to process to to finished piece. These lamps are beautifully geometric and have just the right touch of color. To see the full collection, click here

anthologymag-blog-design-homeadventures-2anthologymag-blog-design-homeadventures-3anthologymag-blog-design-homeadventures-5anthologymag-blog-design-homeadventures-4{ All images from Home Adventures }

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Encore! Jouets

by Nancy on December 22, 2015

anthologymag-blog-EncoreJouets-1I’ve had toys on the brain for the last three weeks. These days, my child is very much into superheroes, Legos, and anything camouflage (which is not particularly my kind of thing), but he also loves pretend-play with little people and animal figurines (which is more my kind of thing). So when I spotted these outrageously adorable toys by Encore!, I was in love.

Encore! was founded by Nina and Lionel Astruc, and is based in France. The toys are eco-friendly and made of solid beech woods, organic cottons, and non-toxic water-based paints. I especially love that everything can be tucked away nicely after play! The houses are multi-functional and can be used for storage or as a night stand. It looks like the company is fairly new and only ships in France, but I will jump at the chance to purchase a set when they begin international shipping.

anthologymag-blog-EncoreJouets-2anthologymag-blog-EncoreJouets-3anthologymag-blog-EncoreJouets-4anthologymag-blog-EncoreJouets-5{ Images by Encore! }

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Karen Tinney

by Kate on December 10, 2015

anthologymag-blog-design-karen-tinney-3One of my favorite color combos in winter is pale, icey, mint greens and snow whites paired with bright hues like orange and yellow. There’s something so viscerally refreshing about it, like a cold splash of water followed by a tangy burst of citrus. It’s this color pop that drew me to these images from the new collections of vessels and jewelry designed by Karen Gayle Tinney. Once I made my way to her site, I was hooked.

Tinney’s objects are a hybrid mixture of clay, rope, weaving, painting, wood, and more. The maximalist approach to these materials is excellent, and results in shapes that are strange, beautiful, and seductively tactile. Some of her amazing jewelry and vessels are still available for purchase through her site, and I recommend you check them out before they get snatched up … Maybe by me.


anthologymag-blog-design-karen-tinney-5anthologymag-blog-design-karen-tinney-6{ All images via Karen Tinney }


anthologymag-blog-JenniferYoungLisaWongCalendar-1Every year, I purchase three different calendars for our home: a large one for my office that I write notes on, another in the kitchen for the family schedule, and an additional one that I keep in our bedroom. For this last calendar, I usually try to find one that is both functional and decorative. So I was thrilled to learn that Jennifer Young and Lisa Wong Jackson of  Good on Paper decided to collaborate once again on a 2016 calendar.

Exhibiting Jackson’s signature clean and simple design, the calendar also showcases photographs from Young’s travels around the world. I love the natural imagery combined with the copper foil-printed captions on each page. Last year, there were only 100 copies made, and they sold out quickly! There are 250 copies of this special limited-edition calendar this year, and you can purchase them here or here.

anthologymag-blog-JenniferYoungLisaWongCalendar-2anthologymag-blog-JenniferYoungLisaWongCalendar-3anthologymag-blog-JenniferYoungLisaWongCalendar-4Print{ Images by Jennifer Young Studio and Good On Paper }