Laura Slater

by Nancy on November 19, 2015

anthologymag-blog-lauraslater-1After the brief break from the blog, my eyes were ready to find something that popped out at me. Pairing simple items with bold patterns is an easy design trick, and Laura Slater‘s prints fulfill that bold pattern criteria. Slater graduated from the Royal College of Art, and currently resides in West Yorkshire. She creates, draws, and then screen prints layers of shapes and patterns onto fabric. Slater is able to blend playful and structured concepts in her designs, and her home accessories are works of art.

Her new collection, Grid, is inspired by the considerable presence of grid lines in textiles. Branching out from textiles, the new Grid line includes kitchen ware and planters. You can find her latest products here.

anthologymag-blog-lauraslater-4anthologymag-blog-lauraslater-3anthologymag-blog-lauraslater-2anthologymag-blog-lauraslater-5{ Images by Laura Slater }


Blog Break

by Anh-Minh on October 30, 2015

buitoni1With the final issue of Anthology done—and shipped to subscribers and most stockists—Meg and I thought this would be a good time to take a brief break. Which means the blog will be a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks. It remains to be seen if we’ll really be able to stay away from this spot! (And we’ll probably still be sharing things on Twitter and Instagram.)

Since I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, no doubt part of my break will be spent looking for recipes to try out with/for our house guests. I was browsing through Issue No. 11/Spring 2013 of Anthology—the theme of which was “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”—and thought I’d share one of my favorite spreads in the issue: A feature on Michele Platt and Francesco Buitoni’s upstate New York home and restaurant. (That fresh ricotta and chestnut honey bruschetta sounds so good!)

buitoni2 buitoni3 buitoni4 buitoni5 buitoni6 { Photographs by Susie Cushner | Styling by Raina Kattelson }


Heather Levine

by Nancy on October 21, 2015

anthologymag-blog-heatherlevine-ojairanchoinn1With a background in photography and ceramics, Heather Levine knows how to work with and manipulate light. She operates out of her studio in Los Angeles, and is inspired by the California landscape, vintage jewelry, and ceramics. It takes her an average of four hours to carve each of her lamps, and she changes the texture with a light sanding afterwards. Levine also employs ceramics to create one-of-a-kind wall hangings; my favorites are the ones strung on branches, yielding a balance between modern and rustic.

Whether functional or decorative or both, her handmade designs will stand out in any room as statement pieces.

anthologymag-blog-heatherlevine-wildwoodrestaurantanthologymag-blog-heatherlevine-roomanthologymag-blog-heatherlevine-wallhanging1anthologymag-blog-heatherlevine-wallhanging2{ Images from Heather Levine }


Mineral Workshop

by Nancy on October 13, 2015

Anthologymag-blog-MineralWorkshop-1For me, fall is the busiest season of the year. There’s a sharp increase in juggling schedules, and the sudden arrival of the holiday season throws me for a loop. At the end of the day, I like to retreat into my bedroom to decompress, so I make sure to decorate that space with relaxation in mind. These hand-dyed paintings by Mineral Workshop are definitely the perfect pieces to bring ease and calm to any environment.

Artist Carrie Crawford uses the shibori technique to create layers of indigo in her artwork—binding and folding fabric, and then dipping them into dye. I especially love her paintings, and how they look so fluid and organic. Crawford uses only natural indigo and other plant-based dyes that she makes in her studio in Fairfax, California. Much of her inspiration comes from landscape and earthen features, and I find the rich depth of colors in her paintings dramatic, yet very comforting.

Anthologymag-blog-MineralWorkshop-2Anthologymag-blog-MineralWorkshop-3Anthologymag-blog-MineralWorkshop-4Anthologymag-blog-MineralWorkshop5{ Top image from Sarah Deragon; second image from Leo Cesareo; bottom images from Mineral Workshop }


DIY Plywood Floor Mirror

by Kate on September 25, 2015

anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-2Mirrors are one of those home purchases that I am reluctant to make; they are often overpriced, and a lot of the designs I see are beautiful to be sure, but also a bit impractical. I love this simple floor mirror tutorial by Caitlin over at The Merry Thought because it’s attractive in an unfussy way, and super functional.

The full tutorial with images of the steps can be found on Home Free, and you can see more images of the finished design here. I’ve noticed Caitlin is an expert with simple wood projects, and am also a huge fan of her other floor mirror project and this simple daybed design. If you need inexpensive furniture pieces and like to do a bit of woodworking, she should definitely be added to your go-to list for inspiration.

anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-5anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-6anthologymag-blog-diy-amerrythought-7{ All images and full project from The Merry Thought }

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