Otis & Otto

by Joanna on August 11, 2014


Always on the lookout for great online boutiques, I was a bit blown away when I discovered Otis & Otto. The shop itself offers a beautiful selection of goods, from hand-formed ceramics and baby Alpaca wool scarves to natural fiber weavings and hand-stitched rope vessels. The curation of these pieces is really quite lovely and aimed at “supporting artisans who champion intuitive objects that resonate warmth, beauty, and functionality through slow and thoughtful handmade processes.” Whether you’re in search of a gift or something special for yourself, this is a shop you’ll want to bookmark.

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{ Images via Otis & Otto }


Lena Corwin X UO

by Anh-Minh on July 31, 2014

lenacorwin1I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch of Lena Corwin’s collection with Urban Outfitters, and was excited to see it hit the retailer’s website this week. There are about a dozen pieces in the collaboration with the textile designer, illustrator, and author. (By the way, I love her books, Printing by Hand and Made by Hand.)

One of my favorites in the UO line is the California pillow, shown above in the middle of the bed. (Corwin grew up in San Francisco and recently moved back there from New York.) I’ve also got my eye on the Confetti throw blanket—and I love that it’s reversible! Ditto for the Ladder and Sticks + Sky floor pillows. Decisions, decisions …

lenacorwin2 lenacorwin3 lenacorwin7

{ All images via Urban Outfitters }

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Caroline Gomez

by Joanna on July 1, 2014


Soft and simple, these home decor pieces by Caroline Gomez are a tribute to craftsmanship and materials. Her work feels uniquely feminine, but in the best way possible. Maybe it’s her restrained, washed out color palette or gently curved shapes, but mostly I just love how sweet everything feels. In the spirit of Gomez’s creative spirit, each limited-edition piece is made by hand in France.

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{ Images via Caroline Gomez }


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Rebel Walls

by Joanna on June 30, 2014


These days there are so many wallpaper options out there, usually in the form of repeating, all-over pattern. But when I came across the textural wallpapers and murals by Rebel Walls, they managed to stand out—for reasons that go beyond their beauty.

Founders Irene and Christopher share a deep love of wallpaper, and control the entire manufacturing process, from design to production. I especially love their line that’s based on materials and natural details. But my favorite things about the company? You can work with them to upload your own imagery for a custom wallpaper, and they donate a portion of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.

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{ Images from Rebel Walls via Trendland }


Rose & Fitzgerald

by Joanna on June 17, 2014

anthology-mag-blog-Rose and Fitzgerald-1

Meet Rose & Fitzgerald, an incredible online boutique and inspiring story hailing from Kampala, Uganda. Founded by a California couple, Courtney and Laren, they seek to share “the beauty of the indigenous materials and craftspeople they encountered in their adopted home of Africa.” The pieces are completely unique and not at all what you’d expect. From ethically sourced cow horn whisky tumblers to  hand-woven rugs made of vegetable-dyed wool, the collection takes its cue from the pieces Courtney found for their own home after first moving to Uganda. Inspired by the local makers, she decided to design her own wares and share the wealth of craft and skill she found in Uganda.

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{ Images via Rose & Fitzgerald }

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