Get Back Stay Back

by Anh-Minh on July 17, 2014

getstay1In producing 16 issues of Anthology—No. 16 will be out soon!—our team has met a lot of wonderful, creative people. Among them is Joseph Conway; he and his wife Jenny shared their story about relocating from San Francisco to Portland, Maine, in Issue No. 10 of the magazine. Joseph, a writer, penned the piece, entitled “Coast to Coast,” himself. And earlier this year, he completed a much larger writing project: his first book!

Get Back Stay Back features 13 families in Maine, representing a new generation of farmers and homesteaders who have embraced the back-to-the-land movement.  The book includes essays by Joseph and photos by Mark Yaggie, as well as sweet images from family archives. I love that Joseph chose to highlight two generations of the movement, so it’s also a compilation of family histories. It’s a fascinating read, especially, as Joseph puts it: “Some ideals unravel and others endure.” (The book is available in print and in electronic format.)

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The Yellow Table Cookbook

by Anh-Minh on July 2, 2014

AWCNew York-based private chef and food writer Anna Watson Carl has been contributing to Anthology for a while now, and I always enjoy working with her. So when I found out that she was self-publishing a cookbook, which shares a name with her blog, The Yellow Table, I was thrilled for her—and excited to see what she was going to put together. I love that she’s documenting the creation process at The Cookbook Diaries.

Last month, Anna embarked on a cross-country road trip, co-hosting gatherings along the way while also promoting the project. She launched a Kickstarter campaign—which ends July 15— to hopefully fund a fall printing. Knowing how delicious Anna’s food is, and seeing these photos from the cookbook, I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful addition to any cookbook collection!


{ Black and white portrait by Eric Ryan Anderson; all food photography by Signe Birck }



This Is Oakland

by Joanna on June 25, 2014


This past weekend, I attended the launch party for This Is Oakland, a joint effort by Melissa Davis and Kristen Loken. The newly released guidebook is chock full of recommendations, from great eateries and shops to interesting things to see and do. For an out-of-towner like myself—I live across the bay in San Francisco, and only recently moved there—the event was a fantastic introduction to Oakland. I was totally enamored with the setting: historic, quaint Old Oakland (see my recap of the party here).

Since I’m always on the lookout for new foods to try or the perfect gift,* I’m sure I’ll be referring to This Is Oakland quite a bit as I continue to explore the Bay Area. Since picking up a copy of the book on Saturday, I’ve already flipped through it a bunch of times!

*How amazing are those floral heels in the Mercy Vintage Now feature below?

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{ Book spreads via This Is Oakland }


Jordan Buschur

by Alexis on May 29, 2014

anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-01 Buy Some Damn Art, the online shop and gallery curated by Kate Singleton, is one of my favorite places to stop in to discover new artists. On a recent visit, I came across the work of Jordan Buschur and was immediately charmed by her paintings of books. I started looking a bit more into the story behind these compositions and loved them even more.

Before this series, Jordan was focusing on figurative painting. In a serendipitous moment, Jordan set a few of her paintings in libraries, and it became clear to her that she wanted to pursue painting books. And after a a stack of books perched in her studio became a painting, things coalesced, and the series developed from there. Jordan composes the stacks which serve as the basis for the paintings. As Jordan describes them, each acts as “a stand in for one person’s accumulated knowledge and memories.” And each series of books often has a deeper meaning—or even small poem—hidden among the words on the covers and spines.

anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-02 anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-03 anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-04 anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-05 anthology-mag-blog-artists-buschur-06

{ Images via Jordan Buschur }


Remember that scene in the diner in The Catcher and the Rye? Well, designer and writer Dinah Fried does. In fact, it made such a strong impression on her that she decided to recreate and photograph it—along with 49 more memorable meals from literature. From Moby Dick to The Great Gatsby, and even Alice in Wonderland, Dinah has laid out some seriously iconic tables to photograph.

The project started while she was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design. She photographed five meals, and then decided to continue the series after graduation. Dinah’s attention to detail when styling is unparalleled. She’s got a very strong eye and makes sure everything from the utensils to the table linens are very much of the time periods in the books, making you feel as though you’re actually stepping into your favorite novels.

{ Images via Fast Company }