Stella Maria Baer

by Joanna on March 26, 2015


New Haven, Connecticut-based artist Stella Maria Baer may just be my new favorite painter. Her super-detailed paintings of moons, planets, and celestial bodies actually took my breath away when I first saw them.

A native of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Baer draws inspiration from her memory of the desert—”the lines, the color, the space.” Plus, with a background that includes assisting Titus Kaphar, it’s clear that Baer has a knack for creating the beautiful.

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 { Images via Stella Maria Baer }


Jackie M. Graham

by Joanna on March 23, 2015


Hungry yet?? These watercolors from San Francisco-based artist Jackie M. Graham are sure to do the trick. Her food pieces veer toward the realism spectrum of things, which I totally love, particularly when it means elevating the pop-tart to artform status. Graham believes in bringing joy to her audience with “fun and quippy” artwork. The amount of detail Graham captures is truly remarkable—and definitely makes my mouth water.

anthology-mag-blog-Jackie-M-Graham-5 anthology-mag-blog-Jackie-M-Graham-2 anthology-mag-blog-Jackie-M-Graham-3 anthology-mag-blog-Jackie-M-Graham-4

{ Images via Jackie M. Graham }


Christian Ruiz Berman

by Joanna on March 18, 2015


Just like fashion, I sometimes wonder if art also follows the ebb and flow of trends. Lately, artforms like weaving and painting are on my radar big time, but what about sculpture? I just haven’t seen much of it. Perhaps this is why I was so jazzed upon discovering these mixed media sculptures by Christian Ruiz Berman.

Not only is his work absolutely gorgeous, it’s deeply personal—reflecting a journey that includes being removed from his homeland at a young age. He parlays this experience into his art, asking “What is the role of the tribal, the communal, and the artisanal in a society where the click of a button can connect you to the rest of the world, and global media conglomerates dictate the styles and cultural norms of millions?” Berman’s pieces feel raw, compelling, and vibrant. My favorite part? His use of feathers, which he states act as “brushstrokes” and juxtapose nicely with the man-made materials he also incorporates.

anthology-mag-blog-christian-berman-2 anthology-mag-blog-christian-berman-3

 { Images via Christian Ruiz Berman; found on Trendland }


Danielle Kroll

by Kate on March 17, 2015


One of the things we at Anthology love most about the editorial process is the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world. It’s been a treat to see so many talented illustrators and designers develop their ideas from a simple sketch into the final image for the printed page. Some of my favorites include Chloé Fleury’s paper-cut cover of Issue No. 6, the illustrated movie scenes in our recurring feature “Screen Play” column, and Beth Hoeckel’s stunning collage-work for Issue No. 16.

I am always excited to see a blend of 2D and 3D elements in illustrative work, and when I came across the portfolio of Brooklyn-based artist Danielle Kroll, it was love at first sight. She has a wide range of projects under her belt, from illustrations to textiles to book designs. Her use of exuberant color and mixed media is simply delightful—I’ve noticed while looking at these that my eyes want to dance around the image again and again and again, discovering surprising new details at every turn. 

Who are some of your favorite artists/illustrators? If you think there is someone we should collaborate with for the magazine, please share!






 { Images above by Danielle Kroll }


Carter Asmann

by Joanna on March 13, 2015


As a creative, I’ve often found myself working late nights. And that can lead to coffee stains on (usually) important papers, my desk, even my own artwork. Which is why I was so drawn to the ingenious idea that artist Carter Asmann came up with: He’s turned his coffee-ring strains into artwork.

He embraces the coffee stain—maybe even sometimes creating extra?—and uses intricate graphite pencil drawings to complete the piece. To purchase prints, head here.

anthology-mag-blog-carter-asmann-2 anthology-mag-blog-carter-asmann-3 anthology-mag-blog-carter-asmann-4

{ Images via Carter Asmann; found on Honestly WTF }