Jim Darling

by Joanna on October 22, 2014


There’s something so exciting and romantic about the act of traveling, especially when you’re lucky enough to snag the window seat. This could possibly explain why I am so in love with these paintings by artist Jim Darling. Darling treats airplane windows as the perfect portal with which to view the world. So, whether it’s the skyscrapers of New York City or the green patchwork of the midwest, these works inspire thoughts of travel and adventure.

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Kim Baise Mobiles

by Anh-Minh on October 16, 2014

kimbaise_mobile1Los Angeles artist Kim Baise‘s work appeals to me on an aesthetic and a nostalgic level: one of my earliest memories involving decorative objects is my childhood mobile (it was a polka-dotted umbrella with animals suspended from it), and I can’t even tell you how many elementary school projects I did that involved papier-mâché (a reindeer for a holiday scene stands out).

Back to Baise: How ridiculously cute are her ice-cream mini mobile strands (shown above)? Each one consists of five treats, among them an orange creamsicle with a bite taken out for extra whimsy. If you’re on the hunt for a cool mobile and already have a particular motif in mind, good news: Baise allows for customization. In addition to what she offers in her Etsy shop, you can see more of Baise’s creations on her blog.

kimbaise_mobile2 kimbaise_mobile3 kimbaise_mobile4

{ All images from Kim Baise }


Petra Börner

by Anh-Minh on October 9, 2014

pborner_autumnredI was in London last week, which explains why I’ve had UK-based designers and artists on my brain lately—including Petra Börner. Currently based in London, Börner hails from Sweden. And I think you can really see a Scandinavian influence in her beautiful illustrations. I love her bold and graphic interpretation of nature-inspired imagery.

In addition to prints—the above is entitled Autumn Red—Börner offers notebooks, textiles, and other paper goods in her online shop. I might have to pick up a copy of her sketchbook for myself (it includes 18 illustrations from her sketchbook), as well as a couple of coloring books as holiday gifts (yes, December will be here before we know it!).

pborner_winter pborner_thistlesnake pborner_sketchbook

{ All images from Petra Börner }



Photographed by Sharyn Cairns, this dramatic Sea Art exhibition is the collaboration of hand knitter Jacqueline Fink and stylist/ceramicist Lara Hutton. Labeled as an “aesthetic convergence,” the show features massively oversized knits that are inspired by the delicate forms of natural sea treasures; even the muted tones draw inspiration from the sea. The pairing of each artists’ skills is really profound in this application and makes for a magical environment. I urge you to head over to Little Dandelion to see even more of this exhibit, as well as Fink’s other handknit work.

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House of Cardboard by Dosshaus

by Joanna on October 7, 2014


Meet Dosshaus, a collective formed by the imaginations of Zoey Taylor and David Connelly in 2011. One of their more fascinating projects is House of Cardboard. Employing cardboard, glue, and paint, Dosshaus constructed an entire home—even Taylor’s dress and shoes are made of cardboard! The details are pretty awe-inspiring. I am actually speechless.

anthology-mag-blog-house-of-cardboard-1 anthology-mag-blog-house-of-cardboard-2 anthology-mag-blog-house-of-cardboard-3 anthology-mag-blog-house-of-cardboard-5

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