Mia Christopher

by Joanna on April 27, 2015


Typically, a main reason that I’m drawn to a particular artist is their use of color. And this is especially true when it comes to the expressive work of Mia Christopher. I love her use of unexpected palettes, varying texture, and mixed scale of elements.

Christopher’s background includes a BFA in painting from California College of the Arts and a recent solo exhibition at Little Big Space in Albany, California. Currently based in San Francisco, she describes herself as “an enthusiastic viewer of landscapes who never tires of shifting perspectives.”

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Anna Valdez

by Kate on April 22, 2015


After ogling those incredible textiles Joanna recently posted, I was hungry for more luscious colors and textures—this time, in two dimensions. I know from my own attempts at capturing textile patterns in paint that it is no easy feat, and artist Anna Valdez  does it like no other I’ve seen.

Her paintings are explosions of pattern; I especially love the way she layers the textures on top of one another in such as way that it skews your sense of depth and perspective. It’s refreshing to see so much fun and warmth brought to the classic still life—I can practically feel kinetic energy radiating from these paintings! If your eyes have danced around these and you find yourself wanting more, check out her entire portfolio of work here.







anthology-mag-blog-artwork-anna-valdez-6{ All paintings and studio images by Anna Valdez }


Kate Pugsley

by Joanna on April 15, 2015


Chicago-based illustrator and painter Kate Pugsley is a woman after my own heart. She expertly mingles gorgeous colors, bold washes of hue, and abstracted forms. Her work feels totally unfussy and perfectly casual—great for my new home. I love her use of blank space, as well as filling pieces with small bits of pattern. The result is work that feels a bit modern, but also a touch vintage. It’s just a wonderful balance, don’t you think?

Pugsley sells high-quality giclees, original paintings, as well as hademade screenprints via her Etsy shop and gives peeks into her process and inspiration on Instagram.

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{ Images via Kate Pugsley }



Since 2009, Eindhoven-based designers Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters have also played the role of exhibition designers and curators. They believe in “the poetry they find in nature, history, color, and landscape,” using this as a basis for all of their works.

A project which I am especially drawn is entitled Herbaria; it has existed since 2006. The design duo would collect vegetables from their own garden and flatten them. Each piece is made up of several layers: fabric, plants, then glass. Finally it’s fastened with a wooden clamp. The collection is widely exhibited around the world and available for purchase from Thomas Eyck.


{ Images via Studio Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters and Thomas Eyck }


Guy Yanai

by Kate on March 31, 2015


As someone who has a love/hate relationship with my messy workspace, I get a real thrill when I get to peek inside the studios of fellow creatives. I rarely care about the furniture, or the books and tchotchkes—although those do say a lot about a person and are fun to snoop around. In truth, it’s the mess I love: the paint spills, the stray marks, the piles spilling over tables … that’s the good stuff.

Before I saw the paintings of Guy Yanai, a young artist currently living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel, I saw this image of his studio. I was instantly drawn to the space, and the millions of colored smears on the walls and floors. Their expressiveness provides such a stark contrast to the tidy, linear brushstrokes in his paintings. It’s always a treat to sneak a glimpse of how a work of art is made, and the space an artist inhabits. I hope you enjoy this look into his studio as much as I do, and I highly recommend taking the time to check out more of Yanai’s alluring, candy-colored paintings on his website








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