Reversed Volumes Leaves

by Joanna on July 30, 2014


PCM Design is a Madrid-based brand which showcases products by talented, young designers in Spanish schools. A great example is Reversed Volumes Leaves, by mischer’traxler. Each resin platter features the detailed imprint of a leaf. To make these platters, the designer made a mold of each leaf using casting material, thus capturing the texture of each individual leaf. The level of detail they were able to achieve is really quite striking. Each platter is hand-cast in Spain using food-safe resin.

anthology-mag-blog-Reversed-Volumes-Leaves-2 anthology-mag-blog-Reversed-Volumes-Leaves-3 anthology-mag-blog-Reversed-Volumes-Leaves-4

{ Found via The Design Ark }



I was recently introduced to the work of Oakland artist Jeremy Mayer, and ever since, I haven’t been able to get his sculptures out of my head. I learned how to type at a pretty young age … on a typewriter. Yes, a typewriter. I feel very lucky to make my living pounding away on a keyboard every day; and I still keep a typewriter in the house (my young nephews always marvel at this old-school device).

Mayer’s pieces, which are made entirely of typewriter parts, just speak to me. They’re only available by commission, so I’m saving up in the hopes that some day, one of his “typewriter assemblage scupltures” will also occupy a spot in my home.

jmayer2 jmayer7
jmayer5{ Images via Jeremy Mayer }




Song and Dance Design

by Joanna on July 16, 2014


I’m always on the lookout for new Etsy shops to obsess over and Song and Design Design is my latest find. Hailing from Philadelphia, artist and designer Andrea Fairservice dabbles in fine art, fashion, and hand lettering. My favorite works by far, though, are her crystal paintings. This series started as a late-night doodle session that quickly became her go-to subject. Andrea says that she finds drawing and painting crystals therapeutic, especially as she explores the translucency and detail of each facet. In terms of tools, she keeps it simple: often, she finds that she goes back to a set of watercolors given to her by her mother long ago.

anthology-mag-blog-song-and-design-design-2 anthology-mag-blog-song-and-design-design-3 anthology-mag-blog-song-and-design-design-4

{ Images via Song and Design Design }



Eye candy alert! Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Judy Kaufmann recently unveiled her latest project, Hello Pattern. With a wide breadth of clients such as Levi’s and Tattly, Kaufmann recently decided to try something new: She encourages the buyer of her patterns to apply them however they wish—for example, on textiles, paper, and walls—by selling non-exclusive licenses for each motif. (After you purchase a pattern, you receive a PDF with the artwork.) I especially love these prints as wallpaper for a kid’s room or even a collection of wispy scarves.

anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-5 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-6 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-1 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-2 anthology-mag-blog-Hello-Pattern-by-Judy-Kaufmann-3

{ Images from Hello Pattern via Bright Bazaar }


Matte Stephens

by Anh-Minh on July 9, 2014

mstephens_sf1I’ve been a longtime admirer of Matte Stephens’ work, and since I’m a sucker for city-centric art, about half a dozen of his limited-edition prints are high on my wish list right now. Of course, the San Francisco scenes, like the one shown above, are among my favorites. But I have such fond memories of time spent in other places that the New Hampshire-based painter depicts—including New York CityLondon, and Chicago—that I think a framed series is in order for my home office. You can check out his many city prints (and even some original paintings!) in various sizes in his Etsy shop.

mstephens_manhattanmstephens_london mstephens_chicago

{ All images via Matte Stephens }