Jazmín Berakha

by Kate on August 26, 2015

anthologymag-blog-artwork-jazminberakha-4We feel very lucky to be located in the Bay Area; it’s a community rich with artists, designers, shop owners, restauranteurs, and creative folks of all kinds. One local gem is Little Paper Planes, a shop in San Francisco’s Mission District run by Kelly Lynn Jones. (She also maintains an online store.) I often turn to Kelly when I want to get in touch with a local designer or discover a new artist. I had never seen the work of Argentinian artist Jazmín Berakha before spotting it on the LPP blog, and now she’s one of my favorite artists.

Right now, Little Paper Planes is offering an edition of full color, archival prints of some of Berakha’s newest embroidery series. Berakha is interested in questions of domesticity, temporality, and the meditative process of embroidery work. This comes across clearly in these latest pieces, which feature abstract geometry and a soothing color palette of corals, peaches, and sunset fades. I could certainly stare at these for hours on end. You can shop the collection of prints here, and also be sure to check out more of Berakha’s embroidery on her site.


anthologymag-blog-artwork-jazminberakha-2{ Images via Jazmín Berakha and Little Paper Planes }


Miniature Calendar

by Kate on August 12, 2015

anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-1It doesn’t take long for people who meet me to learn about my undying love for miniatures. It began innocently enough when I was a child, but as I’ve grown into an adult with an income of my own to spend, it’s taken all of my willpower to limit the amount of tiny things I collect. When I saw this Miniature Calendar project, my heart leapt with joy to see miniatures put to such a fantastic and artful purpose.

The project was started in April 2011 by Tanaka Tatsuya, an art director and designer based in Japan. Each day for the past four years, Tatsuya has created a wonderful, whimsical miniature world and shared it online. I’m blown away by how diverse they are, and it’s a delight to see so many inventive, reimagined uses for everyday objects, and to see their texture and form given a whole new life. I’ve shared a few of my favorites here, but you simply must take a moment to visit the site and see them all—you will not regret it!

anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-2anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-3anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-4anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-5anthologymag-blog-artwork-miniaturecalendar-6{ All images via Miniature Calendar }


Sonia Cavallini

by Kate on August 10, 2015

anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-1I’ve come to believe that illustrators make some of the best patterns, and that the worlds of fashion and home decor should take note. This is not to say that digitally rendered patterns are not beautiful, but lately I’ve fallen in love with painterly patterns, and their wonderful wonkiness. This homemade character is especially visible in the work of Sonia Cavallini, who is a master pattern-maker, in my mind.

Cavallini is based in Lyon, France, where she creates drawings, patterns, wedding invitations, paper goods, graphic designs, and a host of other creative projects. She also has an Etsy shop, where you can pick up some of her lovely journals like the one pictured above. Before you do anything, though, be sure to visit her site to see all of her hand-painted patterns—they are truly inspiring! anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-2anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-3anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-4anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-5anthologymag-blog-illustrators-soniacavallini-6{ All images via Sonia Cavallini }


Maison Monade Masks

by Anh-Minh on August 6, 2015

mm_02I’ve got a couple of walls in my home that are decorated with art that is hung salon-style. Among the paintings, prints, and etchings, I like to display works that inject different shapes and textures to the overall arrangement. And if these objects also bring a smile to my face? Even better.

Which is why I’ve currently got my eye on these ceramic masks by Maison Monade. Each clay piece is handmade-to-order in Brooklyn, and comes with its own wonderful personality.

mm_01 mm_03 mm_04 mm_05

{ Images from Maison Monade }


Fred Fowler

by Kate on July 20, 2015


Recently a friend of mine was telling me about his involvement in a series of psychological studies that track people’s eye movements as they look at images. The purpose of the studies is to see how variations in color, composition, pattern, etc. affect the speed of our thoughts, mood, and behavior. Can looking at an image filled with lots of small geometric red shapes for a few seconds cause us to be more alert? Perhaps…

I was reminded of this discussion when I came across these paintings by Melbourne-based contemporary artist Fred Fowler, because when I first saw them, I could sense my eyes quickly dancing over the image, jumping from shape to shape to shape. I love the creamy greens and blues, and each painting feels like its own strange universe, brimming with life. Definitely take a peek at his other work here. Also,  you can read an interview with Fred over at the Design Files to hear more about his life and work. 



anthologymag-blog-artwork-fredfowler-6{All images via Fred Fowler}