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Masks by Abigail Brown

by Nancy on October 6, 2015

anthologymag-blog-abigailbrown-1I am pretty excited that Halloween lands on a Saturday this year, and now that October has arrived, the perfect costume is all I can think of. I usually make our family costumes, so they have to be simple, quick, and easy to make. While I was researching online for papier-mâché masks, I found these amazing works by artist Abigail Brown.

Based in London, Brown received her degree in Surface Decoration and Printed Textiles. Her unique and intricate masks are hand crafted and made entirely of newspaper. Brown uses acrylic paints and pencil crayons for color and texture, and each piece comes ready to mount on a wall. Although they are not made for wearing, I think they would make a fun decorative addition on my art gallery wall.



Art of Plants

by Nancy on October 1, 2015

anthologymag-blog-artofplants-1It looks like Kate and I both have greenery on our minds! (Earlier this week, she posted about Sarah Illenberger’s “Wonderplants” art series and Sretan Bor’s botanical murals.)

Every year, I deal with an unpleasant raid of ants that get inside our walls and come through the vents looking for water. And every year, a thick black trail of ants attack my plants. I love having plants around, but I’ve had to minimize the amount of potted plants in the house. Air plants have been a great solution, and these wooden sculptures by Art of Plants are perfect vessels.

Jenny Wong-Stanley frequently uses recycled or upcycled materials and remnants to create her planters. After the wood is heated with high-temperature steam, each piece is bent by hand. The end result looks modern, yet the curves also lend an organic sensibility.

anthologymag-blog-artofplants-2anthologymag-blog-artofplants-3anthologymag-blog-artofplants-4{ All images from Art of Plants }


Knotwork LA

by Nancy on September 15, 2015

anthologymag-blog-knotworkla-1Ever since Issue No. 20, which has a Print & Pattern theme, came out, my eyes have been gravitating toward fun and beautiful patterns. Case in point: Knotwork LA’s vases and plates, which feature layers of pattern. I especially love the organic shapes and colors, and how the markings create textural interest.

Knotwork LA is a collaboration between Linda Hsiao and Kagan Taylor, and all of their products are hand crafted in Los Angeles. Both have full-time careers in design and architecture, but created Knotwork LA as an outlet for the ceramic work they do during their off-duty hours. And I think you’ll agree—it’s a pretty impressive line of products that Hsiao and Taylor have been creating in their spare time!


 { All images by Knotwork LA }


People I’ve Loved

by Nancy on September 10, 2015


When I picked up People I’ve Loved‘s business-card version of the image above, I was intrigued. Then after taking a look at all of their greeting cards, I was hooked. There’s something about the illustrations and messages that is so honest and endearing, that I feel compelled to send them (for no particular reason), to friends and family. And that’s what artists Carissa Potter and Heather Van Winckle set out to do—as they put it, “to facilitate the communication between real, tactile people.” 

Potter and Van Winckle met in graduate school at the San Francisco Art Institute, and now hand print their goods together in Oakland, California. Their messages are so witty and humorous, that I literally laughed out loud while perusing them. I think it’s pretty safe to say that People I’ve Loved has really “Nailed It.”

anthologymag-blog-PIL-2anthologymag-blog-PIL-3anthologymag-blog-PIL-4anthologymag-blog-PIL-5anthologymag-blog-PIL-6 { Top five images by People I’ve Loved; last image by Lisa Wong Jackson }


Paperholm by Charles Young

by Nancy on August 25, 2015

anthologymag-blog-paperholm-1Are you familiar with that concept of trying something new for 30 days, and then it forms a new habit? I’ve tried it and honestly, my success rate has only been 50/50. But artist Charles Young initiated a project called Paperholm in August 2014, and he kept it going. Young set out to create miniature paper models and photographs a different one every day. He took a brief break this month, but I have a feeling that he will be starting up again.

The Paperholm gallery is quite an amazing feat. Each piece is made with watercolor paper and PVA glue, and are entirely hand-cut. The idea was to make something small every day and by documenting it on his blog, it would force him to make new things. Later on, he decided to start turning them into animated gifs using stop-motion photography. Eventually, Young hopes to display the entire cityscape, but in the meantime, you can view his entire gallery here.

anthologyblog-paperholm-2anthologymag-blog-paperholm-cityanthologyblog-paperholm-5{ All images from Paperholm }