Coco Carpets

by Joanna on November 26, 2014


Anyone who’s ever shopped for a rug knows one thing: it is quite the challenge to find The One. You know, the one that goes with everything you’ve already got, but still brings a level of newness and excitement to the room. Enter Coco Carpets, the latest and greatest from Caroline and Jayden Lee, otherwise known as Woodnote Photography (oh, and Elephant Landing).

Coco Carpets specializes in one-of-a-kind, vintage berber carpets, including boucherouite rugs. Berber carpets refer to rugs made by the women of the Berber tribe located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Traditionally, rugs like this were made of wool and cotton and used in the maker’s own home. Each is about 20-30 years old and a totally perfect addition to any home (read: my home).

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{ Images via Coco Carpets }



Kerri Rosenthal

by Joanna on November 25, 2014


Talk about impactful. These paintings by Kerri Rosenthal are just plain gorgeous. Rosenthal’s background is in fashion and communications, which I think lends an interesting slant to her work. These pieces rely so strongly on the movement and the colors that it’s all you really need. According to Rosenthal’s site, her works “are inspired by her amplified interpretation of the colors she experiences on her daily travels passing through the vistas of the Saugatuck Valley as well as the beach areas of Long Island Sound.” With such a strong color palette, it’s tough to pick a favorite, isn’t it?

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{ Images via Kerri Rosenthal }



by Joanna on November 24, 2014


Launched in 2013, LaLouL is the interior design label of Corinne van Havre. Based in Antwerp, LaLouL is inspired by a variety of influences such as architecture, fashion, craft production, and “noble materials” like metal and glass. While LaLouL is focused on objects and lighting, van Havre is also a jewelry designer and it shows in her works. Each mobile and mirror feels like adornment for the wall, especially with the draping and oversized elements. Each piece is handcrafted by European artisans and totally unique.

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 { Images via LaLouL }


Lighting by Michael Anastassiades

by Joanna on November 19, 2014


The lighting collection by Michael Anastassiades walks a very fine line between art and design. The pieces are all about composition and balance, materials and minimalism. Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 with a focus on product design, furniture, and environmental design. He believes in “objects that are minimal, utilitarian and almost mundane, yet full of vitality that one might not expect.” What I find especially interesting about his work is that his background is in civil engineering, which could explain an approach that veers more functional than aesthetic. Yet they are clearly appreciated for the latter, too: His designs are part of permanent collections at the MoMa, Craft Council in London, FRAC Centre in New Orleans, and more.

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{ Images via Michael Anastassiades }


Beanie on Helina

by Joanna on November 17, 2014


The minute I saw these cloud-shaped potholders, I sort of held my breath. They were just too good. These darling yet modern pieces are available in the Etsy shop of Beanie on Helina. In general, textile designer and illustrator Kaisa’s aesthetic is playful and sweet. Perhaps it’s her Finnish roots, but these pieces also reveal a very precise level of restraint, lest anything get too sweet.

Kaisa learned to sew at the age of six. With a background in textile design, as well as communication studies, her work strikes a really interesting balance. She also believes strongly in sustainability, using linen (which is biodegradable) as much as possible.

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 { Images via Beanie on Helina }