Kat Hannah Art

by Joanna on June 8, 2015


A bit dark and moody, these paintings by Kat Hannah Art are some of my favorite discoveries of late. Each piece is painted atop Belgian linen and features her signature style that “merges fiction and reality, memories and dreams in a poetic vein.”

Her background is actually in sculpture—using found metal objects—but her work has evolved to focus on painting. She’s even collaborated with companies such as Crate and Barrel, Warner Brothers Studios, and Myriad Pictures, to name a few. To keep up with Kat Hannah’s newest creations and catch glimpses into her studio, be sure to follow her blog.

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{ Images via Kat Hannah Art }


Steffie Brocoli

by Joanna on June 2, 2015


Simply put, French illustrator Steffie Brocoli has the sweetest style. Brocoli’s line of stationery, textiles, and even yo-yos is bright, cheerful, and downright effervescent. Her inspiration and style—from her compositions to her use of unexpected color combinations—channels her graphic design and engraving background.

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{ Images via Steffie Brocoli }


Ceramics by Matthew D. Ward

by Joanna on May 28, 2015


Brooklyn-based ceramicist and artist Matthew D. Ward creates pieces that feel straightforward in form, but also very mid-century modern and also a bit Scandinavian. Ward is totally self-taught and believes in the daily practice of his art form, something which I wholeheartedly believe has helped to develop his personal style so nicely. In fact, he finds, “that the most reward from artistic endeavors comes from the act of doing.” One can only hope that he keeps producing such gorgeous pieces!

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{ Images via Matthew D. Ward }

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Kendyll Hillegas

by Joanna on May 27, 2015


Hungry? Well, soon you will be, thanks to these illustrations by Kendyll Hillegas! Naturally, my favorite pieces are the sweets.

Hillegas uses a layered mix of watercolor, colored pencils, and gouache to create these delectable, mouthwatering pieces. Often, the creations evoke a certain memory for her, with a hope that “it’s also approachable since we all have favorite foods and cherished objects.” She does such a great job of capturing the texture of each food that I’m suddenly craving pop-tarts. Funny how that works, huh?

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{ Images via Kendyll Hillegas }


Fringe and Fettle

by Joanna on May 20, 2015


Soft and playful, these ceramics by Fringe and Fettle are a sweet addition to any kitchen. Potter Joanna Buyert started making pieces about two years ago, quitting her day job and squirreling away in the north woods of Wisconsin to simply create.

She let go of the idea of making something that would sell and instead focused on making pieces that spoke to her. While in Wisconsin, she spent six months creating pots and honing her simple and functional style. Currently, Buyert works out of a  Minnesota studio that she shares with other potters.

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{ Images via Fringe and Fettle }