Kim Baise Mobiles

by Anh-Minh on October 16, 2014

kimbaise_mobile1Los Angeles artist Kim Baise‘s work appeals to me on an aesthetic and a nostalgic level: one of my earliest memories involving decorative objects is my childhood mobile (it was a polka-dotted umbrella with animals suspended from it), and I can’t even tell you how many elementary school projects I did that involved papier-mâché (a reindeer for a holiday scene stands out).

Back to Baise: How ridiculously cute are her ice-cream mini mobile strands (shown above)? Each one consists of five treats, among them an orange creamsicle with a bite taken out for extra whimsy. If you’re on the hunt for a cool mobile and already have a particular motif in mind, good news: Baise allows for customization. In addition to what she offers in her Etsy shop, you can see more of Baise’s creations on her blog.

kimbaise_mobile2 kimbaise_mobile3 kimbaise_mobile4

{ All images from Kim Baise }


Signe Yberg Ceramics

by Anh-Minh on October 10, 2014

signeyberg_jugSigne Yberg is a Brooklyn-based stylist who, about four years ago, started dabbling in clay. And I for one, am glad she did! On her website, she notes that she is “inspired by color and texture, and drawn to simple shapes, clean lines, and elegant proportions. I like to make functional pottery—pieces that I want to use in my own home—to add beauty to daily rituals and special occasions.”

Yberg’s handcrafted collection includes bowls, cups, vases, and other vessels. My favorite is the Glug Jug—shown above in coral, with gray and white stripes on the speckled buff stoneware. It’s large enough to hold the contents of an entire bottle of wine, and there are also matching cups … Well, when the pieces aren’t sold out, that is!

signeyberg_dripbottle signeyberg_jars signeyberg_carafe

{ All images from Signe Yberg }


Petra Börner

by Anh-Minh on October 9, 2014

pborner_autumnredI was in London last week, which explains why I’ve had UK-based designers and artists on my brain lately—including Petra Börner. Currently based in London, Börner hails from Sweden. And I think you can really see a Scandinavian influence in her beautiful illustrations. I love her bold and graphic interpretation of nature-inspired imagery.

In addition to prints—the above is entitled Autumn Red—Börner offers notebooks, textiles, and other paper goods in her online shop. I might have to pick up a copy of her sketchbook for myself (it includes 18 illustrations from her sketchbook), as well as a couple of coloring books as holiday gifts (yes, December will be here before we know it!).

pborner_winter pborner_thistlesnake pborner_sketchbook

{ All images from Petra Börner }


Shilo Engelbrecht

by Anh-Minh on October 3, 2014

sengelbrecht1Australia-raised artist Shilo Engelbrecht currently works out a studio in Cambridge, U.K., where she creates oil paintings that are later digitally printed on home textiles such as tablecloths, napkins, and pillows. I love the vibrancy and sense of movement that her pieces exude.

The hand-finished housewares are available in limited editions as part of her Älv line. You can even purchase her fabrics by the meter for interior projects like upholstery and drapes. Engelbrecht also does custom work, so you can have her textiles made in whatever color you desire.

sengelbrecht4 sengelbrecht2 sengelbrecht3

{ All photos via Shilo Engelbrecht }


zoebradley1Earlier this week, you may have seen the work of Zoe Bradley on our Instagram account. Liberty of London currently has a beautiful installation featuring the paper sculptor’s floral creations. Above and directly below are two images of Bradley’s “Flowers of Liberty” exhibit.

Of course, I was intrigued after seeing the Liberty pieces and had to find out more about Bradley, who has been sculpting in paper for nine years now. It all started with a hand-pleated paper dress she made for designer Michiko Koshino. Bradley’s own skills as a fashion designer come through in her current works—as she folds, cuts, and stitches paper. (I’m looking forward to the launch of her online shop, so I can hopefully bring one of her beautiful sculptures into my own home.)

zoebradley2 zoebradley3 zoebradley4 zoebradley5

{ All images via  Zoe Bradley Design }