Issue15_Cover_loresFor spring, the newsstands tend to be filled with lots of vibrant covers. But for 2014, we decided to take a different approach and go with an image that’s moodier than you might expect.

When I look at this interior, it brings me a sense of calm and peacefulness. Maybe it’s because I know the photo was taken in Mexico, one of my favorite destinations for rest and relaxation. It was part of a story we did on artist Patricia Larsen, as well as her two daughters (the latter both live in Vancouver, Canada).

Below are a couple of spreads from the Larsen feature, which was a bit of an undertaking since we shot three homes and a shop/cafe for it (the daughters run the lovely Le Marché St. George). But it was well worth the extra effort. And Issue No. 15—which is available for purchase along with other back issues in our shopdid include some brighter stories. Like our piece on a trio of crowd-pleasing desserts that involve varying levels of baking skills. (How beautiful is that hand-lettering?)


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Issue14_Cover-loresWho knew you could love a photo of broken chairs so much? But I do. The imagery works so well with the theme for Issue No. 14/Winter 2014: Welcome Changes. Since the magazine was released at the start of a new year, it seemed like a great time to focus on people and places that were undergoing transformations. (If you don’t have No. 14, you can pick up a copy in our back issues shop.)

The picture above is from our “Conversation” shoot with Molly Andrews of Chairloom. Here’s another photo of her Philadelphia studio:


And one of the homes we featured was renovated with the help of an Anthology favorite—L.A. architect Barbara Bestor:


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Issue13_Cover_hiresIssue No. 13/Fall 2013—which you can purchase right here, along with other back issues—marked our third and final illustrated cover (No. 1 and No. 3 were the previous ones).

The sartorial-themed release featured an illustration by Samantha Hahn, whose work Meg and I were familiar with before we even started Anthology. So, of course, we were thrilled to have her on board for this issue, which was our chance to highlight people involved in the fashion industry—from the costume designer for hit shows like Orange is the New Black and Girls, to fashion and jewelry designers around the country. The below spreads are just a few that you’ll find in Issue No. 13.

Well Worn and Well Loved: By day, Levi Velvick works for a major retailer … but he also dabbles in decorating, and his own San Francisco residence exudes charm.


The Art of the Tart: Sure, you probably already know that Caitlin Mociun is a talented jewelry designer. Did you know that she also has a passion for cooking and baking? She shares some of her favorite sweet and savory tart recipes with us.


A Fashionable Fete: Fashion designer Erin Fetherston takes us into her stunning New York loft and shows us how to entertain simply and elegantly.


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Issue12_CoverThis is one of my favorite covers! I have actually considered blowing up the image and hanging it in my office. That’s how much I love it.

It’s the home of New Orleans-based artist Rebecca Rebouché, shot by Amy Dickerson (who also does our blog series One on One). Rebecca’s home is among several that we featured in our art-themed Issue No. 12/Summer 2013. Below are a few more spreads from the magazine. (And just a reminder that for a limited time, we’re offering sales of all available back issues, including No. 12.)

Conversation: Rebecca Rebouché discusses her art, home, inspirations, and love of New Orleans


Light and Lively: The Utah residence of Meta Coleman (of One More Mushroom) and her artist husband, Nicholas


Boston Uncommon: The creative couple behind Patch NYC take us inside their lovely home


Masterpiece Dessert: Blue Bottle Coffee‘s pastry chef, Caitlin Freeman, shares several recipes and the art that inspired them

freeman Issue12_Spread-Freeman

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Issue11_Cover_loresEvery time I look at the cover of Issue No. 11/Summer 2013, I crave cookies. I especially love that the styling by Alexis Birkmeyer and Tess Wilson makes the frosted hexagon-shaped cookies look like tiles—complete with “grout”!

With a theme of “Eat, Drink & Be Merry,” the issue focused on those in the food industry—for example, chefs and restaurateurs at home, work, and play. I’m pretty sure we ran more recipes in Issue No. 11 than any other release! (Which from a production standpoint, can be crazy, with all that recipe-testing that had to happen.) I love the range of recipes that were published, from Italian dishes and French fare, to treats from the culinary genius behind San Francisco’s Craftsman & Wolves. We also had cocktail recipes and even a wonderful illustrated cake recipe.

If you’re looking for new recipes to add to your cooking and baking repertoire in time for the holidays, now’s the time to grab a copy of No. 11 (as well as other back issues that we’re offering for a limited time). Below are just a few spreads from the magazine.

Conversation: Writer and cook Tamar E. Adler discusses her childhood food memories, go-to dishes, kitchen staples, Brooklyn favorites, and more.

Pages from Issue11_Conv_Adler Issue11_Spread-Conv_Adler

A Taste of the Good Life: Photographer Leela Cyd takes us to Cinque Terre, a stretch of fishing villages along the Italian Riviera.

Issue11-CinqueTerre-1Page 2 from Issue11-CinqueTerre

The Other City by the Bay:  Market editor Kate Pruitt shares some of the highlights of her adopted hometown: Oakland.

Issue-11-Travel_Oak-Opener Pages from Issue 11-Travel_Oak

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