issue10coverOver the years, Anthology has provided Meg and I with the opportunity to work with a lot of people we’ve long admired. Among them is John Derian, whose Provincetown, Massachusetts, place was featured in Issue No. 10/Winter 2013. (His shop is always on my itinerary when I travel to NYC.) I love this shot of his white ceramics collection—look at all those Astier de Villatte pieces!—and it was an easy pick for the cover.

Below are additional images from our shoot with John in his lovely home. You can buy Issue No. 10 as well as all other available back issues right here.

Issue10-Spread-Derian-1 Issue10-Spread-Derian-2

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issue8coverAh, good ol’ Issue No. 8! One of my favorite things about our Summer 2012 release was the cover image, which wrapped around to the back as well. (It’s a shot of designer Erica Tanov in her home studio.)

This is among the back issues that we’re currently selling—but I should warn you that inventory on No. 8 is low. As you can see from the small sampling below, there are a number of beautiful interiors featured in the magazine, including Erica’s home.

Pure & Simple: The Los Angeles abode of photographer Meiko Takechi Arquillos


Lived-In Grandeur:The Berkeley house of designer Erica Tanov

Issue8-Spread-1 Issue8-Spread-2

Home | Work:The Seattle residence of the couple behind Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Issue8-spread-JeanLe-1 Issue8-spread-JeanLe-2

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issue4_coverIssue No. 4/Summer 2011 will always have a special place in my heart for several reasons, including: It marked the completion of our first year of publishing Anthology, and my home is featured in the magazine. Below are a few more spreads from the issue, and you can still check out a sampling on the content in our online preview.

If you’d like to purchase Issue No. 4, or any of our other available back issues, head over here, please.

The Life Aquatic: The houseboat that stylist, photographer, and author Pia Jane Bijkerk called home


Meet Me in Marfa: A travel dispatch from the west Texas townIssue4_Marfa-opener_600

Going with the Grain: The upstate New York home of the couple behind Blackcreek Mercantile & Trade Co.

Issue4_pages-2_600 Issue4_spread-1_600

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backissues_tuesOver the years, we’ve frequently received inquiries about back issues. We haven’t offered them in the past, but with the holidays approaching, we thought this would be a great time to do just that. We think they’d make an awesome gift for the Anthology reader who’s missing an issue here and there (whether that’s you and/or someone you know).

Now through the end of the year, we’re selling all available back issues. Please note that Issue Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 9 are completely sold out. And our current/final release, Issue No. 21/Fall 2015, is still available through most of our stockists.

The spreads featured here are just a sampling of the content from Issue No. 3/Spring 2011. In the coming weeks, we’ll share pages from some of the other back issues that you can still purchase. (I’m feeling so nostalgic as I browse through them!)

Profile on Nikole Herriott and her father, Lance, the Canadian duo behind Herriott Grace

Issue3_Spread-Herriott-1_600 Issue3_Spread-Herriott-2_600
SMALL WONDER: Feature on Emily Henson‘s Los Angeles home (the stylist and author has since moved back to London)

Issue3-Spread-1_600 Issue3-Spread-2_600
LOVING LAS VEGAS: Exploring the quieter side of Sin City, a highlight of which was the Neon Museum

Issue3-Vegas-1_600 Issue3-Vegas-2_600

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Blog Break

by Anh-Minh on October 30, 2015

buitoni1With the final issue of Anthology done—and shipped to subscribers and most stockists—Meg and I thought this would be a good time to take a brief break. Which means the blog will be a bit quiet over the next couple of weeks. It remains to be seen if we’ll really be able to stay away from this spot! (And we’ll probably still be sharing things on Twitter and Instagram.)

Since I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year, no doubt part of my break will be spent looking for recipes to try out with/for our house guests. I was browsing through Issue No. 11/Spring 2013 of Anthology—the theme of which was “Eat, Drink & Be Merry”—and thought I’d share one of my favorite spreads in the issue: A feature on Michele Platt and Francesco Buitoni’s upstate New York home and restaurant. (That fresh ricotta and chestnut honey bruschetta sounds so good!)

buitoni2 buitoni3 buitoni4 buitoni5 buitoni6 { Photographs by Susie Cushner | Styling by Raina Kattelson }