Tiny House Swoon

by Alexis on September 27, 2013

{ Above: ÁPH80 at Tiny House Swoon }

In putting together issues of Anthology, we get to see some pretty amazing interiors, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything quite on the scale of these spaces. The site Tiny House Swoon is a cache of micro-scale homes. Some are full-time residences, some are vacation spots, and some are even mobile. Steven of Tiny House Listings started Tiny House Swoon as a way to create an inspirational compendium for people looking to downsize. It’s incredible to see how beautiful, peaceful, and functional such small homes can be. Through reader submissions, Tiny House Swoon has grown into quite a catalog—you could spend hours looking through the archives.

These three spaces are a few of my recent favorites. ÁPH80 (featured above) is a 290-square-foot transportable home designed in Spain by Ábaton. The modern lines and huge expanses of glass keep the space feeling crisp and airy. Next up is La Arboleda, a house built entirely of reclaimed materials in Texas. It’s cozy, warm, and inviting, plus it takes advantage of the outdoors with a porch that runs the length of it. Then there’s Hank’s Bus, an old schoolbus retrofitted by an architecture student to function as a cabin for family getaways, as well as a home on the road for up to 12 friends. The space is seemingly infinitely reconfigurable, with panels and cushions shifting from sleeping spaces to tables to sofas with ease. And hidden storage keeps the space spare enough that a big crew really could travel comfortably. There’s so much visual inspiration at Tiny House Swoon, it might just have you considering a smaller place.

{Above: APH80 at Tiny House Swoon}

{ Above: Le Arboleda at Tiny House Swoon }

{ Above: Hank’s Bus at Tiny House Swoon }

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