Joël Penkman

by Alexis on June 4, 2013

{Milk-Plus by Joël Penkman}

When we were looking for contributors for “Screen Play” in our food issue, Joël Penkman was an obvious choice. Joël’s favorite medium is egg tempera—paints which she grinds and mixes herself from pigments and egg yolks. Like a great meal often is, the paints are time consuming to produce, but the process is worthwhile.

But the reason we were most excited to have Joël on board for this particular column was her Fictional Food series. In her signature style, Joël’s captured food from many classic stories. The Milk-Plus painting above is from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Below she’s created Paddington Bear’s favorite marmalade sandwiches, the 50 eggs referenced in Cool Hand Luke, Holly Golightly’s famous breakfast, and Edmund’s Turkish delight from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We love the paintings on their own, but especially that they are a nod to many beloved films and books.

{Paintings by Joël Penkman}

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