Recipe Roundup: Frozen Souffles

by Alexis on May 31, 2013

{Above: Frozen Passionfruit Souffle from Australia}

I just wrapped up some recipe testing for an upcoming issue and the line up was full of icy treats. (Watch for them soon—they’re all amazing!) The testing reminded me how much I love homemade frozen desserts and also of a recipe I’d bookmarked over the winter to try in warmer weather. It didn’t take anything more than the description of frozen souffles as “ice cream that’s lighter than air” to convince me I wanted to make one.

Unlike traditional souffles that have to be timed perfectly, which make them less than ideal party fare, these can be held in the freezer until just the right moment. Most are some combination of whipped egg whites, italian meringues, light custards, and whipped cream, folded together and then frozen into towering treats. The variations from there seem limitless. I’m not sure which recipe I’m going to try first, but I suspect I’ll be making more than one of these this season.

{Above: Frozen Lemon Souffle and Frozen Green Tea Soufflés from Martha Stewart}

{Above: Maracuja Souffle from Pastry and Sports}

{Above: Iced Lime Souffle with Poppyseeds from La Tartine Gourmande, Frozen Praline Souffle from Gourmet}

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