Caroline Swift

by Alexis on February 5, 2013

This weekend we’ve got a shoot planned up for an upcoming issue and I’ve been busy hunting for props. I’ve been looking for a variety of vintage white containers and tableware, which led me to the beautiful work of Caroline Swift.

Caroline, a student of textiles and a knitwear designer, started her ceramics line out of a necessity; she couldn’t find plates for a book project she was working on. Her underlying design philsophy, which she applies to both textiles and ceramics is “to create products that are pure and natural with beauty and integrity.”¬†She chose bone china for its beauty and strength, and wanted to leave it unglazed to highlight the character of the material. Through a tedious process of hand-sanding the delicate, unfired pieces, Caroline was able to achieve almost unbelievable thinness. Once fired, the pieces become durable and surprisingly strong.

{Images via Caroline Swift}

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