Earth as Art

by Alexis on January 4, 2013

Like many people, I found myself on a few flights over the holidays. Leaving the midwest after a blanket of snow came down, the landscape below looked peaceful and serene—and completely transformed from the brown patchwork we’d seen flying in. It reminded me of these images from the USGS EROS Center, taken by various satellites. While the colors aren’t quite true to how we’d perceive them due to the different wavelengths captured, the textures and details are stunning. Rivers, streams, farm fields, glaciers, and mountaintops take on an other-worldy character.

I’m not planning any dramatic flights in the near future, but scanning through the galleries is like a mini-getaway. I found myself searching out more information about the locations of the images and imagining grand trips and adventures. If you’re looking for a little escape this Friday, visit the EROS Center Gallery where these images and dozens more are available to the public.

{Images via USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center}

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