{Off Shoots} Turntable Kitchen

by Alexis on December 19, 2012

In addition to simply wanting to share some more beautiful images from the Turntable Kitchen story that didn’t make it in Issue No. 9, there were three reasons I thought revisiting this story was a good idea this week. First, Turntable Kitchen’s Pairings Box would make a great last-minute Christmas gift if you’ve got a music or food lover on your list. In the box, you get a series of recipes and a few small ingredients, as well as a limited-edition vinyl record and a digital mix of music to enjoy while you cook and consume the meal.

The second and third reasons are two of the recipes Kasey and Matthew put together for the story. The Baked Mussels with Cilantro Butter dish is incredibly simple, but makes for impressive dinner party fare. If you’re planning to have friends over and searching for something to make that’s unexpected and tasty but won’t keep you in the kitchen all afternoon, I highly recommend this recipe. And the Pear, Honey, and Rosemary Galette is a great dessert to volunteer to bring to a friend’s. The rosemary-infused crust is perfectly wintery and delicious. Both recipes are part of the “Supper and a Sountrack” feature in Issue No. 9.

{Photographs by Thayer Allyson Gowdy}

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