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by Anh-Minh on November 27, 2012

As much as I enjoy buying handmade goods during the holidays, what I love even more is being able to make gifts myself. This year, I’m trying to set aside time for doing just that. My sewing skills are pretty basic—I can cut and stitch a straight line—so my DIYs tend to be simple. But I focus a lot on the fabrics that I use, because I think they can elevate even the easiest craft project.

The Band of Color pattern above is a bit of a splurge at $50/half-yard, but it’s handmade in New York by Mociun. And availability is limited; once it’s gone, that’s it for this gorgeous silk textile. (I’m considering it for a zipper pouch or small clutch.) Below are a few more fabrics I’ve had my eye on this season.

I’m crazy about Lina Rennell’s handprinted Ikat Cat, available in copper ($40/half-yard) and blue ($36/half-yard).

I like the idea of making sachet sets out of the offcuts bundles ($40 AUD) from Ink & Spindle.

C’est La Viv’s watercolor-like Tango pattern is available in three colors—tangerine, lavender, and turquoise—as well as a variety of materials, from cotton ($18/yard) to silk crepe de chine ($38/yard). I’m thinking these might work well for a pillow or tote, with Tropicana Ribbons used for the back of the pillow or interior lining of the tote.

Now I just need to make some decisions so I can get started on my holiday DIYs! If I have the time, I might even take things up a notch this year and make my own printed fabrics—following the tutorial by Yellow Owl Workshop that’s featured in our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.

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