Anthology and Anthropologie: Happy Holi-DIY

by Alexis on November 21, 2012

Last Thursday we were able to collaborate with Anthropologie on a holiday DIY event at their downtown San Francisco location. Inspired by the wreath story we were working on for the Holiday Gift Guide, we enlisted the help of local interior designer Grant K. Gibson, who also made a wreath for the “Holiday Hang-Up” feature. We had a great time at the event, meeting readers, crafting, sipping Prosecco, and munching on miniature cupcakes.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event and want to make a wreath, check out the¬†instructions on how we made ours, along with templates for the felt flowers after the photos below.

- A styrofoam wreath form (we used the 12″ version of these)
- 5.5 yards of 1.5″ ribbon
- Straight pins
- A hot glue gun
- A few pieces of craft felt
- Berries from floral department
- Template for felt mums and holly or felt roses

Step 1. Pin the end of the length of ribbon to the back of the wreath form. Start wrapping the ribbon around the form, keeping the overlap on the outer part of the wreath to about 1/4″ to ensure you’ll have enough ribbon. You can pin or glue the ribbon occasionally to help keep it in place as you work. When you get to the end, secure the ribbon and create a hanging loop or trim off any excess.

Step 2. Using the template, create an assortment of felt flowers, leaves, or holly. The mums are made by folding a length of felt in half, gluing the long open end together, and then creating fringe along the opposing edge. Then simply roll the flower up, gluing occasionally along the bottom. The roses are made by taking a circle of felt, then cutting it into a spiral. (No need to make the spiral perfect, a little variation in the thickness will actually make the final rose more interesting!) Starting with the outer edge of the cut circle, spiral the felt in on itself, gluing occasionally, until you reach the center. To create a nice crease in the holly leaves, use a very low iron on a small bit of felt that’s been folded lengthwise before cutting your leaves.

Step 3. Attach the flowers and leaves, as well as any berries or other adornments you have on hand.

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