Shawn Clover’s 1906 Earthquake Series

by Alexis on November 19, 2012

Most of the Anthology team met up in downtown San Francisco last Thursday night for our Anthology + Anthropologie DIY Event. (Thanks to any readers who attended—it was great to meet all of you!) I’d seen this series by Shawn Clover before, but walking past the U.S. Mint building after the event, which is the location of one of Clover’s photo studies, the magnitude of the images struck me again.

Clover‘s study of photographs of San Francisco’s great 1906 earthquake layers carefully taken photos from today with those taken in the days after the disaster. Intrigued after reading San Francisco is Burning, a book about the city’s response to the quake, Clover decided to revisit the sites of some of the most harrowing photos from 1906 and 1907. He spent hours and sometimes days lining up his camera, waiting for the perfect light, and selecting the right lenses and settings. The fastidiousness with which he approached the photos allowed him to selectively layer the original image with his own, with dramatic results.

{Images via Shawn Clover’s 1906 + Today Part I and Part II}

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