Dale Frank

by Alexis on November 9, 2012

Nancy and I spent yesterday afternoon talking about color palettes for an upcoming project. Color can be such a tricky thing, so when I see a scheme I like, I try to bookmark them for future reference. Often a single image can be the perfect color study for a whole room, project, event, or photo shoot, and these paintings all have palettes that inspire.

Dale Frank, the Australian artist who created the pieces shown here, has a signature style involving pouring, drizzling, and blending paints that results in beautiful layered, mingling effects. I especially love the apparent translucency in some of the colors as they interact, like in the painting above, and the unexpected combinations of reds, pinks, corals, and purples in all of these. If you’re looking for color inspiration for a weekend project, I’d suggest looking through Dale’s gallery. His bold color palettes will kickstart any project.

{Paintings by Dale Frank via Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery}

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