A Lovely Home in West Sussex

by kate on September 7, 2012

We have a few important shoots coming up, and we’ve been busy searching for the right interiors. Unsurprisingly, the more specific our needs are, the harder the quest becomes. Consequently, I have a newfound appreciation for people in the business of scouting locations, and even more appreciation for places like this home in West Sussex, a space reserved for the purpose of film and photography projects.

While it is a shame that such a gorgeous house would be vacant even for a minute, as a member of the group on the other side of the lens, trying to pull together a collective creative vision and needing just the right space to do so, I am thankful that such places exist. I spotted this home on the site of U.K. film location company Wilde & Watson, and it immediately leapt out at me, with its beautiful understated furnishings—and a treehouse in the garden!

I wish I could transport our whole crew to London, but in lieu of that, I’ll just admire the view from afar. If you have a moment this weekend, I highly recommend checking out all of the beautiful interiors on their site: it’s interior inspiration galore! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

{All images from Wilde and Watson}

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