Collaboration Celebration: The Curiosity Shoppe at Target

by Kate on August 24, 2012

On Wednesday night, we had the pleasure of helping sponsor a party at San Francisco’s Stable Cafe. And there was certainly a great reason behind the celebration: The Curiosity Shoppe has teamed up with Target to design a collection of home goods. The partnership is part of The Shops at Target, a new series of collaborations with awesome designers like Patch NYC, Odin, and our talented pals Derek and Lauren.

We were able to get a sneak peek at the pieces during the party, and let me tell you: they are adorable. In fact, I spent most of the night camped out in the pop-up shop that was installed at the back of the courtyard—after all, it was the ideal place to avoid the wind, mingle, sip sangria, chow on lobster rolls, and admire the goods. From the delicious food, supplied by graffEats, to the lovely decor and gifts and marvelous company, it was a wonderful time.

To see more photos, please visit the event’s Facebook page. Thank you again to everyone who attended the party, and congratulations to Derek and Lauren and Target for a such a successful collaboration! We can’t for you all to see their designs when they hit the shelves at Target stores everywhere on September 9th.

Derek and Lauren of The Curiosity Shoppe: super sweet, remarkably talented, creative couple extraordinaire!

The courtyard at Stable Cafe, all decked out and ready to go for the night’s event.

Sangria in glass jars, and a server from graffEats in a custom designed question mark tee-shirt.

Delicious charcuterie served on a cutting board from The Curiosity Shoppe at Target collection.

A few more pieces from the  collection—I love those salad severs!

Hand-painted arrow signs directing guests towards the fun.

A few props for the photobooth, and a few more pieces from the collection.

A group of partygoers compare photostrips—can you spy our copyeditor Kate Woodrow in there?

A pair of cookies rest atop a miniature glass of bourbon milk. The mini fruit pies and freshly toasted s’mores were delicious, but this was was my favorite dessert of the evening.

(Photographs by Nikki Ritcher)

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