{Sketches Exclusive} Grace Lee – Week Four

by Nancy on July 5, 2012

This is the last week of the Sketches Exclusive series with the talented Grace Lee. We have enjoyed sharing her talent with you! Grace’s sketches this week are inspired by storefronts in her neighborhood. She captured great details for each shop, like the tiles and sidewalk pattern for the barbershop, the climbing vines and flowers for the restaurant Cibot , and the pink and blue tiles for the Chinese restaurant. Don’t they make you want to see these places in person? Thanks again Grace, for sharing your wonderful new illustrations with us!

This is the barber shop at the end of my street. I love all the little details: the tiles, the arched window, and the little aqua stripes on the square pot plant boxes out front.

My friend Ebony’s boyfriend told me about this place, Cibot. It’s actually on the other end of my street. They make the best Ragu, sometimes with hand made pasta! I love the details of the vines on the walls and the bottles out the front. Really, really cute.

I’ve never eaten here, but it’s on the other side of Shimokitazawa, (where I live). It looks like a Chinese restaurant from the outside. The pink and blue tiles on the side are what I like most about it.

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