The Pontine Islands

by Alexis on June 28, 2012

{Image above: AmeliaPS via Flickr}

In Issue No. 8, there’s a story featuring a beautiful island that has me thinking about island vacations. While the story isn’t about a tropical destination, it re-ignited my island wanderlust, which I previously revealed when I posted about the Faroe Islands. The Pontine Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea off of Italy’s west coast, seem like a hidden destination out of a dream. The rocky coastline is dotted with grottos, both natural and man made. And the pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets look like the makings of a perfectly relaxing getaway.

The Pontine’s are an archipelago made up of six islands, the largest of which is Ponza. The islands have a romantic and ancient history—they were used during the reign of Caesar Augustus as a retreat from city life, then as an exile, then abandoned, and finally re-colonized in the 18th century.

But perhaps one of the most charming parts of a trip to the Pontine Islands would be getting around by boat. Rather than renting a car on the island, you can pick up a small boat for about the same cost. You only need a driver’s license, and you’ll get a basic lesson in boating. Then you can zip up and down the coast, getting the best views of the cliffs, bays, and ancient grottos, and visiting beaches only accessible by water.

Doesn’t that sound like a dreamy way to explore?

{Images above from top: ucsertemed via Flickr; AmeliaPS via Flickr;
AmeliaPS via Flickr; Marite2007 via Flickr}

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