Exploded Flowers

by Kate on May 1, 2012

Okay, spring is really beginning to pick up speed in the Bay Area, and we’ve been having some fun. Issue No. 7 hit the newsstands, Anh-Minh and Meg attended the Kinfolk Magazine brunch held in San Francisco this past weekend, and Alexis welcomed the team into her home to shoot her first food article for the magazine! Through it all, it feels like spring is expanding everywhere around us, and I thought this Exploded Flowers series by Qi Wei perfectly encapsulated that feeling of spring’s energy.

Inspired by Todd McLellan’s Dissassembly series, in which machines and electronics are meticulously deconstructed and splayed out, Qi Wei turned her tinkerer’s eye to the world of flowers. Equally as complex as machines, these flora create their own unique dances outward under Wei’s guiding hand. Her compositions are orderly and simple, but with elegant subtleties that convey movement, and make this explosion stage seem almost natural for a flower. They give me a vision of how magical it would be if instead of wilting quietly, flowers died with a celebratory, synchronized burst—it would be a moment we anticipate, and gather together to observe with delight each year, like a fireworks display.

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