Ted Meuhling for E.R. Butler & Co.

by Alexis on April 3, 2012

At Anthology, we love sharing stories that bring together two artists in a collaboration that allows them to create something greater than the sum of their parts. For example, Herriott Grace, which we featured in our Spring 2011 issue, is a father-daughter endeavor that has resulted in some beautiful kitchenwares.

I recently came across another amazing collaboration on a trip to Boston, when I wandered into E.R. Butler & Co—which is primarily a maker of fine hardware. They have the most wonderful storefront on Charles Street, filled with jewelry, housewares, and other beautiful objects. In fact, it was a glimpse of Ted Meuhling‘s Biedermeier candlesticks through the windows that drew me into the shop.

Inspired by a vintage piece he found at a flea market, Meuhling designed the candlesticks over a decade ago. It was prototyped, but traditional lathe techniques limited production of the delicate pieces. When Rhett Butler of E.R. Butler & Co. saw the prototypes at Meuhling’s studio, he suggested employing the precision computer-controlled lathe Butler used to manufacture his hardware. The collaboration was a success.

The candlesticks are all combinations of three basic shapes: an egg, an attenuated rod, and a trumpet. Rearranging these shapes yields the 17 variations that make up the collection. They are unbelievably thin and elegant, and remind me of jewelry for your tabletop.

{All photographs via E.R. Butler & Co.}

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