The Protobooth

by Kate on March 8, 2012

It’s been a while since we’ve thrown an Anthology party, and frankly we’re itching to put on our dancing shoes and let loose a little. While there are no big party plans on the calendar right now, we can still tide ourselves over by dreaming up all the fun things we’d like to do. At the release party for our first issue in Fall 2010, we had tons of fun in our Smilebooth—I highly recommend them for parties. But an animated 3-D photobooth complete with paper mountain scenery and fun woodsmen props? I’ve never seen the likes of this before.

For their holiday party, the Seattle-based team at Digital Kitchen, a multi-city digital creative firm, whipped up this amazing set and rigged a series of cameras to make a three-frame animated GIF photo booth. Apart from looking like the funnest party ever, these animated gifs bring an awesome three-dimensional element to the quirky photos—not to mention the beautiful abstract and graphic set design. The DK team named this invention the Protobooth, and while they have no plans to mass market it, you can see a list of the equipment they used and some behind the scenes of how they made it by clicking here. Keep your fingers crossed, and by the next Anthology party we may have mastered this awesome idea!

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