Faux Real

by Kate on March 5, 2012

To celebrate putting the final touches on our next issue (which has a delightful theme: wit & whimsy!) we thought it would be fun to serve up a little surrealism on this Monday morning. I’ve always enjoyed mind-bending visual displays, and I would love to hop a plane and fly to Minneapolis immediately to visit the Walker Art Center and experience this in person.

These pieces are part of an exhibition entitled Lifelike. Featuring over 50 artists working in painting, sculpture,video, and more, the show centers on commonplace objects that have been taken out of their familiar context in various ways, rendering them strange, beautiful, and new.

If you are in the Twin Cities area you should rush to see this; the show is up until May 24th. Lifelike will also be traveling to other museums in other cities, so if you cannot make it to the Walker you may still be able to catch it. Click here for more information, and if you have any favorite surrealist artists or works you know and love—please share!

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