{The Dig} Picasso’s Abode

by kate on March 2, 2012

Every creative person has a different style: organized, minimal, precise, messy, impulsive, excessive. It’s wonderful to see such variation in the methods of artists we know and love. I’m about to move into a new studio myself, and it’s caused me to step back and consider what my own working style is, versus what I might want it to be. I dream of working in a controlled, uncluttered way—but in truth I’m far too much of a chaotic pack rat for that kind of thing.

As these images of Picasso’s studio and home will show, sometimes there’s comfort and beauty in the mess, and the craziness. We tend to seek out a bit of clutter in the homes we shoot—not too much, of course—because often it has its own wonderful story to tell that perhaps a clean surface would be lacking. In the end, everyone has a way of crafting their own environment that works for them, spotless or not. I hope you have a highly enjoyable weekend, everyone—whether you spend your free time cleaning up a mess, or making one, or both!

{Images via The Autobiographical House}

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