by Kate on June 15, 2011

As you may have deduced from recent tweets, the Anthology team is out and about—not only working on several exciting photo shoots for the upcoming “The Great Outdoors” issue, but also soaking in the beautiful summer weather. Finally getting the chance to be outdoors makes me wish I could bring more nature into my home, and I would love to do that withVIVID, a furniture collection by Sara Roxana Melvinson. Each piece needs to be completed using objects from nature: a branch, a leaf, a patch of earth. It’s such a whimsical idea that it almost feels plucked from a fairy-tale—running out to fetch logs and moss so that I can make a stool. But her execution is so sophisticated, simple, and modern that I find myself absolutely loving it. Bringing nature indoors in a novel way and literally adapting your furniture for the seasons holds a certain kind of appeal, doesn’t it?

{via Yanko Design}

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